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Feedback from the March 12th 2022 Classes For Success:

Feedback March 12th 2022. Classes for success.

“I like coming to class because of the teacher. The way he teaches makes it so easy to understand the questions and the fact that he’s always there to support us. I liked it all. Friendly people amazing teacher and I would definitely recommend the course. He does an amazing job. I would like to thank the teacher for the amazing job teaching us. He’s been so good to me. Will always be a pleasure talking good about him.”” it was a phenomenal experience and I please let me know when you get it. Thank you if you need any help let me know and please don’t and please don’t forget to fill the survey definitely benefited from it.”” I appreciated the teacher’s constant support and direct approach and I would recommend the course to my friends I. I have better navigation of the codebook and I wouldn’t change a thing.” this course is already known to be the go to source for exam prep and I like the fact that you can get complete support until you pass. The in person teaching and the ability to get help with questions you don’t understand right away is what made this course stand out. Now able to navigate the code and answer a lot of questions off the top of my head saving me time looking them up. I like the amount of information given and the different ways we are taught to approach the questions and the problems. It’s an excellent course and I wouldn’t change anything.”” With this course I wanted to nail down the basics and this course is focused on exactly what you need and concentrates on what’s important. I would recommend this course to everyone that is preparing for the electrical license exam. It’s perfect.”” no I have a better understanding of the codebook and motors. I heard a lot of great things about the class and it’s true. all the information presented was great. I feel 1000% more confident than I did before taking this course.”” I like the fact that the code book has been explained from scratch and that we learned about motor calculations box conduit conductor sizing very good straightforward approach explanation with good teaching techniques to memorize material very punctual and organized and I wouldn’t change anything about the course it’s perfect.”” it’s no writing thinking about the exam Sam helped us understand the book better and where to go for simple ways to remember certain things within the code book. We learn how to do basic math since we haven’t done this is basic. Many people in large companies recommend this course and send their apprentices there. The environment was student friendly and everyone was there to learn together and help one another out. Now I feel more confident with the codebook. It’s very interactive between the students and Sam’s teaching it. Lots of conversation and trying to figure out as a class.”” I like the in-person experience. Now I have easier time with the code questions. I was surprised about how fast time went by specially because we were enjoying the course. I like the knowledge and the pace of the course and I would recommend it to anyone out there that’s getting ready for the exam.”” I’ve learned how to use the index, box fill. I like the tiny tips and tricks given in class.”” I learned about this class from word of mouth and how many people swore that Sam is a genius with the code. Everyone was right about Sam being a genius and he’s wired for teaching now I have confidence when going through the code book instead of stressing out.”” I decided to come to class because I heard good things from people who have taken the course before. Now I recommend this course. no I’m faster at finding things in the codebook and more confidence in answering questions and I liked how thoroughly we go through each question and the accessibility that we have accessing the questions online. It’s an excellent course.”” I came to class for help and direction. Now I have a better understanding and knowledge on how to read the given questions and use the codebook. It was a very informative class. I would highly recommend it.”” my co-worker recommended this class to me. I had no idea about the exam outline or how to use the codebook properly and I wanted to get my license. Coming into class, I learned a lot. It was very informative, and I would highly recommended it.”” It feels good being in class again and I built up a lot of general trade knowledge and experience by coming to class. It’s an excellent learning experience for me and good value. I like the amount of material we went through. I would definitely recommend it.”” I spoke with Mr. Sam and I decided to come to class and it was a great learning experience. I loved everything about it. How it was organized and laid out and taught. Everything was perfect, the instructor is perfect and the course is awesome.”” I joined the class and managed to better understand the material in an effective way. I liked the amount of material given and in class and online support. I would highly recommend this course.”” I was recommended by my friends to take this class. I was surprised about how much material that is a part of the exam preparation. This course is easy to follow. The teacher is excellent. I highly recommend it. No I wouldn’t change a thing.”” I had a friend of a friend that took the course before and passed and swore that this is the best course to take out there. I honestly think everyone in the trade should take this course before writing their exam. Trade school does not teach/prep their students for the CFQ. It’s a totally different course outline and 11th week doesn’t work. I learned the assumptions when they ask you certain questions and how to read the question properly and decipher the important information from the question and what they’re thinking about when they ask you the question. So, I learned how to pick apart a question to find out what it’s really asking me. I highly recommend this course. It is done honestly and with lots of effort and thought put into it. It is custom designed for the students that come to class to get you to absorb the information that you need most to pass your exam.”” I’ve heard of this class for years so after being unsuccessful on my own I decided to give it a try. I had someone I was working with used your course and helped them pass. And seeing how the course helped others hoping it would do the same for me and I like the in-person experience. I feel like I have a much better understanding of how they phrase and ask the questions. I liked how thorough and direct the course was. It didn’t add anything that was not relevant. I was happy with all aspects and highly recommend this course and I wouldn’t change a thing.”” I decided to take this course because I knew that the instructor is very knowledgeable, and I wanted to figure out where I’m going wrong learning on my own. I love the course material and all in all it was a great course. It was worth the drive to the course on the weekend. I wouldn’t change a thing and I highly recommend it.””

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