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Based on the successful training seminars conducted by CEC® expert Sam Mallak, The Electrician’s Exam Prep Online Course For Success cuts through complex topics to help students pass Journeyman’s Electrician licensing exams- Guaranteed. Using clear, concise language, these Online Courses For Success take users through Step By Step Guide, explaining every needed CEC® topic along the way to guarantee a First Time Pass. Aspiring electricians will feel prepared after completing the Full Program For Success, addressing general electrical knowledge plus CEC® rules. A special feature identifies key Code sections for highlighting, to assist in studying and to carry in to exams where allowed and supplement the many missing information from the CEC® itself. Click Here For A Complete Course Outline.3 STEP SYSTEM FOR SUCCESS WITH FULL SUPPORT 24-7/Course Outlines Below – Electricalexam.ca

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Thank you so much. I passed. I’m a lucky guy because I found you and I listened to you. It wasn’t easy with English being a second language but I did it. I will offer electricalexam.ca for everyone who wants to become an electrician.Thank again” “I thank you for your help and guidance. Your support was excellent. I passed and a cloud hanging over my head is now gone. Now I can concentrate on taking care of my family and my career. Thank you.”

“I passed 80%. Thx a lot.”

“I wish to inform you that I have successfully completed your course and passed with a mark of 90% on my 309A-Electrician-Construction and Maintenance Ontario/Inter-provincial exam. I found the information offered through your courses to be extremely helpful to get a better understanding of how to use the code book. Again thank you for providing me the opportunity to pass and receive my Red Seal endorsement.

For sure, I will pass your name along to up and coming apprentices and experienced journeyman who are looking to upgrade and receive their red seal

Electricalexam.ca will be available for all your goals regarding Electrical IP Red Seal Challenge Exam refresher courses in New Brunswick. You’ll need the most innovative tools available, and our experts of qualified professionals can offer exactly that. We are going to use excellent electrical exam preparation materials and support to ensure that you will enjoy the best electrical exam preparation and support by far and at the best price. Contact us today by dialing (416) 841-1399, texting (416) 841-1399 or emailing info@electricalexam.ca and we will be ready to review your options, address the questions that you have, and guide to the first step in the right direction.

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Here at Electricalexam.ca, nothing is more essential than client satisfaction. We appreciate your goals and needs, and we are going to strive to make certain that you approve of our services. If you have concerns or questions, we offer advice. Our company is here to assist you. We anticipate all your questions and concerns, and we can deal with them when you call. We have the practical experience and knowledge to help you come up with the most suitable choices about your electrician’s exam training.

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At Electricalexam.ca, we are aware that you must stay in budget and reduce costs anywhere you’re able to. Yet, conserving money should not mean that you eliminate quality with electrical exam preparation in New Brunswick. We provide you with the best quality even while still helping you save money. We use the best solutions, content and expert support 24/7 to guarantee that you will pass – The First Time and cost less money with methods which do not modify the excellent quality of your electrical exam knowledge and skills. We can make this happen by supplying you with the best prices in the market and eliminating expensive errors. If you want to lower your costs, electricalexam.ca is the company to call. Our company is ready to take your phone call at (416) 841-1399.

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It is important to be informed concerning electrical exam training in New Brunswick. We will not encourage you to make unwise decisions, as we make sure you know exactly what to expect from us. That’s the reason that we make every attempt to ensure that you are familiar with the procedure and aren’t confronted by any sort of unexpected situations. The first step in the right direction is to call, text or email us to assess your situation. We are going to talk about your concerns and questions as soon as you call us and get you set up for a fast assessment. We are ready to work with you and get you the help that you really need. 

If you need your Electrical Certificate Of Qualification – Construction & Maintenance or Industrial in New Brunswick, go with electricalexam.ca

You have many good reasons to turn to electricalexam.ca’s experts to meet your requirements when it comes to electrical exam preparation in New Brunswick. Our course content and support is of the highest quality, our cash saving and advanced learning techniques are functional and efficient, and our customer satisfaction scores can’t be topped. We have got the knowledge and the skills that you need to pass the Cfq – The First Time. If you need electrical exam training in New Brunswick, get in touch with electricalexam.ca’s experts at (416) 841-1399 and we are going to be glad to help.


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  • Mykon Electric.
  • Nadir Electric.
  • National Steel Car.
  • National Oilwell Varco.
  • Naylor Group Inc.
  • NewLine Electrical Services
  • Net Electric.
  • New Rubber Technologies Canada.
  • New Electric.
  • Narlee Electric.
  • Nathan Electric.
  • New 5 electrical inc.
  • Niagara Electric.
  • Nicholson Electrical Services
  • Nola Electric.
  • Nord Electric.
  • Northern Telecom.
  • North America Construction.
  • Northfield Electric.
  • Northern Transformer Corp.
  • North Country Electric Inc.
  • Novin Electrical.
    North Country Electric.
  • North Star Electric.
  • North Wind Solutions
  • Nortown Electrical Contractors Ltd.
  • Nortex Electric
  • NSW Electric Contractors.
  • Nuforce & Security Co. Ltd.
  • Nexus Electric.
  • Oconnor Electric.
  • OEC Canada Inc.
    O\’Brien LS.
  • Ohmax Electrical Incoporated.
  • Okey Lamp.
  • Olkamar Electric.
  • Omega Electric.
  • On and Off Electric.
  • Ontario Electrical Construction.
  • Ontario Electric.
  • Ontario Power
  • ONR Ontario Northland Rail
  • Orangeville Fire Equipment
  • Orion Electric Ltd.
  • Orlick Industries Ltd.
  • Ontario Power Generation (OPG)
  • Optimal Power Solutions Ltd.
  • Outback Electric.
    OZZ Electric Inc.
  • Onyx-Fire.
  • Optimum Electric
  • Opus Mechanical.
  • Panson Electric.
  • Parmalot
  • Patrick Sparck Electric.
  • Paynel Electrical Contractors.
  • Parkers Tea & Coffee Ltd.
  • Peace River Coal ( Anglo American ).
  • Pearson Electrotechnology Centre-Montreal.
  • Pepsi.
  • Perfect Renovations Group.
  • PCL Construction.
  • PCL energy.
  • PCS electric.
  • Pch Electrical
  • PHE
  • P.N.P Electric
  • Panson Electric Service Ltd.
  • Particular Electric.
  • Phasecorp Electric Ltd.
  • Phazer Electric.
  • Phase 1 Electric.
  • Phase4electric
  • Pine Valley Electric.
  • Pivot Systems
  • Alberta.
  • Pivot Systems Mississauga.
  • PLA Automation
  • Plan Group.
  • Platinum Electrical Contractors.
  • Platinum Electrical – Industrial
  • Plaza Electric.
  • PNP Electric.
  • Poirier Electric.
  • Polar Pak Inc.
  • Polycon Electric.
  • POS Electric Ltd.
  • Potash Corp.
  • Power Works Electrical Services.
  • Power Op.
  • Practical Electric Contracting Inc.
  • Precise Parklink Inc.
  • Presstran.
  • Prime Time Electric.
  • Procter & Gamble.
  • Pro-electric Contractors.
  • Pro-Plus Electric Inc.
  • Prophase Ltd.
  • Prodomax
  • Pro-Tek Electrical.
  • Protrades mechanical
  • Pro-Phase Electric.
  • Pros Electric.
  • Protec Installation Group.
  • PSE Services.
  • Pyramid Corporation.
  • Quartz.
  • Quantech Electric.
  • Quinte Trade Services.
  • Ramboll Appliance Services.
  • Ramalho Electric Ltd.
  • Ramsey Electric.
  • Rand Electric.
  • Randall Industrial Electric
  • Rainbow Electric.
  • Ragno Electric.
    Ramco Electric.
  • Rascan Electric.
  • Rayonier
  • RBI
  • RCN Electrical
  • RCE Electrical Contractors
  • Rectone Electric.
  • Read Controls and Energy Services.
  • Red Line Electric Inc.
  • Red Power Electric Company.
  • Regional Electrical Contractors Ltd.
  • Relamping Services
  • Renew Electric.
  • ResCo Energy.
  • Rexton Electrical Contractors.
  • Reynolds Consumer Products.
  • New Phase Electrical
  • Reid Electric.
  • Richview Electric Inc.
  • Richmount Island Gold.
    Rico Electric.
  • Rider Electric.
  • Riviera Electric.
  • RH Electrical.
  • Rite Solutions Electrical.
  • RPS Electrical.
  • Roberts OnSite.
  • Robertson Bright Inc.
  • Rock Electric.
  • Rockland Electric.
  • ROCKWELL Automation
  • Rockwool
    Rod Stoddart Electrical.
  • Rogol Electric Co Ltd.
  • Romano Brothers.
  • Rondar Inc.
  • Rowley Electric.
  • Roxul Inc.
  • Rran Electrical & Automation Inc.
  • Ryfan electric.
  • Ryman Electric.
  • Rusco Electric.
  • Scan Electric Limited.
  • Safeway Electrical inc.
  • Sagebrush Environmental Systems.
  • Sandbank Homes.
  • Saundersons Electric.
  • SC Johnson.
  • SeasPan (Victoria Shipyard).
  • Siemens.
  • D.E.C. Systems.
  • Sentry Electric.
  • Set Point Building Automation.
  • SG electrical
    SGI electrical services.
  • Schneider Electric.
  • Signature Electric.
  • Silver Electrical.
  • Simcoe County
  • Contracting.
    Sims Recycling.
  • Simons Electrical & Design.
  • Smith & Long.
  • Sheridan College.
  • Shipman Electric.
  • SHOWTECH Power & Lighting.
  • Snowden Farms
  • Soft Wall.
  • Solda Poolsv
  • Solid Electrical Services.
  • Solo Electric.
  • Somal Construction.
  • Somerville Electric Ltd.
  • Sound Electric.
  • SouthPaw Electric.
  • Southview Electric.
  • Spark power.
  • Speedy Electric.
  • Spinic Manufacturing. (A Division of Linamar Corp.)
  • Star Electricals
  • Starlight Trade.
  • State Electric
  • Stackpole
  • Stevens & Black.
  • Stelco
  • Strak Holding Inc.
  • Strongman Electric.
  • St. Lawrence
  • Seaway Management Corporation.
  • Such Electromuch PVT Ltd.
    Sun Brite.
  • Sungrid Solutions.
  • Superior North Electrical and Communications
  • Shfty Inc.
  • Shockingly Good Electrical Controls
  • Shoreline Casino
  • Symtech Innovations
  • Synchrotech Electric.
  • Swiss Electric.
  • Sparkies Electric
  • Sotawall Electric.
  • Suzlon.
  • Synergy
  • Tam Electric.
  • Tarpon Electric.
  • Tagus electrical contractors
  • Taylor Electric
  • Teague Electric.
  • Tech3
  • Techmast Automation
  • Techelectric automation Inc.
  • Telus
  • Tembec.
  • TES Consulting.
  • TMB
  • TDSB.
  • The Electrical Company.
  • The Namco Group.
  • The wire guy.
  • Tony’s Property Services.
  • Thomson Power Systems.
  • Thorncrest Electric
  • Thor Global Enterprise.
  • TM3 Inc.
  • T.P. Electrical.
  • Top Line Electric.
  • Total Power.
  • Tornado Electric
  • Toronto Hydro Electric System.
  • Toronto Transit Commission (TTC)
  • Toronto Community Housing.
  • Toyota manufacturing Canada (Ontario) (TMMC).
  • Tracer Industries Ltd.
  • Trades Electrical.
    Trade electric DS.
  • TradeMark Indstrial.
  • Tradescope Electric.
  • Traxle Manufacturing.
  • Trench Electric.
  • Tri-City Voltage Inc.
  • Tri-Tech.
  • Tristart Electric.
  • Trini Electric Inc.
  • Trinity Electrical Solutions.
  • Tripple M Metal.
  • Trotter & Morton Group Of Companies
  • Tron Electric.
  • Trydan Systems Inc.
  • TSA Electrical Inc.
  • Tyson Electric.
  • Turnkey Modular Systems Inc.
  • Twiss Electric.
  • VA Electrical.
  • Vale
    Valco Electric.
  • Ventra Plastics
  • Windsor
    VEP Mechanical.
  • Vesco Electric
  • Visca Electric.
  • Vision Profile Extrusion
  • Vic Rempel Electric.
  • Volton Electrical
  • Vuteq Canada.
  • VTR Feeder Solutions.
  • Vytel Electrical Ltd.
  • Waltec Electric
  • Watt’s happening Electrical Services.
  • Westport Paving Inc.
  • Westwood Electric
  • Westmount Electric.
  • Wilmac.
  • Wire Rite Electrical.
  • Wirework
    Wilmac Electrical Contracting.
  • World Wide Electric Inc.
  • WSN Construction
  • W. S. Nicholls.
  • U Barton Mechanical.
  • US Steel Canada (LEW)
  • Unitech
  • Universal cleaning and painting.
  • uno Electric.
  • Urban Electric.
  • URCA Inc.
  • Xbase Electrical & Communication Inc.
  • YVDautomation Service Inc.
  • Yemen Drilling.
  • York Region District School Board.
  • Zap Electric.
  • Zed Electric.
  • Zerem Electric.
  • Zincor Electric inc.