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Feedback Oct. 5th, 2017, Classes For Success.

” I liked doing the questions together as a class.” “I learned about you from friends at work.” I liked everything about the course.” “I liked that we went through all aspects that will be on th exam. Showed us how to remember sections and tables off the top of our heads.”I liked notes and lesson relevant to the CofQ. Additional knowledge from stories was educational and cool.” “The instructor explains in the simplest terms I have ever come across. I have learned more than expected- very satisfied and happy and would recommend and already have to my friends.” “Very interactive with the instructor. After studying the online course, the content is clear. The instructor is very knowledgable and always helpful. Easy methods to remember.”A lot of info. Clarified a lot from exam. Content was direct, clearify a lot of unsure questions from the exam. Breaks every hour helped. Keep up the good work.” “This course teachs you how to write the electrical exam in general and key tips on how to pass Cfq specifically.” “I learned a lot and now easy to face exam. I feel happy.” “I liked how the code was simplified and the concept behind the questions.” “I liked the simplicity of how to use the code book effectively, the amount of info presented, knowledgable teacher, 24/7 support and contact. I thnk you got it locked down quite well. ” “I liked how simple the course is, atmosphere, great knowledge and lots of practice- All good-no complaints- very happy- my co-worker gave me your info.” “I liked how open the course is 100%, support is great, tips and GTKs. I learned about you from other electricians through a word of mouth.” “I liked how easy it is to understand the code book and find what the question is asking.” “I liked how the course shows how to pull keywords from the questions.” “GTK was increased as well as my ability to navigate through the code book.” “Straight forward and direct to the point. Uses the CEC as reference.”

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