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Welcome to the Canadian Electrical Licence
pre-exam course.

Thanks a lot for all the help.
Date of Posting: 20 December 2014
Posted By: Tim V.
Challenged the Industrial electrical exam and passed the first time, Langton. Ontario
The students have really enjoyed your skill, experience and diligent teaching. Thank you.
Date of Posting: 19 December 2014
Posted By: Craig G.
HR manager- needed an industrial electrical preparation course to prepare his staff for the industrial electrical license exam., Guelph, Ontario
I came back from vacation and opened up the envelope from the test centre and I passed. I am very happy. What a relief. I thank you for your help. It was a great experience.
Date of Posting: 12 December 2014
Posted By: Brandon C
Challenged the 309A Construction & Maintenance, Brampton, Ontario
Its Chris from your last class.. So got my mark and indeed I passed all thanks to your class, again I would like to extend my appreciation to you and your class. Without it I would have struggled and most likely not passed thank you so much I appreciate all you have taught me!!

GTK that!! Haha

Chris H
Date of Posting: 11 December 2014
Posted By: Chris H
Challenged the 30th Construction and maintenance electrical exam, Toronto, Ontario
Thanks for the study material, the course helped me to have a better understanding in overall. This course is a must for future candidates who would like to write the electrical exam!
I thank you for your assistance during our calls and for staying on top with my "file".

I further more promoted the course. It seems like new electricians would have to do your course first before they will be allowed to write the exam.
Date of Posting: 30 November 2014
Posted By: Theunis P.
from Calgary- Wrote the Construction & Maintenance electrical exam, Calgary , Alberta
Today I got results from OCOT , and very happy to inform you that I passed the Industrial Electrician exam with 73%-the first time. Before I lost my confidence. But your exam training course helped me to be prepared confidently and successfully to pass the exam. Thank you very much."
Date of Posting: 18 November 2014
Posted By: Surmala
Challenged the 442A Industrial electrical exam and passed the first time, Etobicoke, Ontario
I passed 78% first time. Thanks so much for the course. I was well prepped.
Date of Posting: 14 November 2014
Posted By: James W.
A proud Jac & IBEW353 member who challenged the 309A Construction & Maintenance electrical exam, Richmond Hill, Ontario
I have learned a lot from your course and I am glad I prepared for my electrical licence using your expertise and support. Thank you for answering my questions. I really appreciate your help.
Date of Posting: 10 November 2014
Posted By: Matt L.
Challenged the 309a Construction & Maintenance electrical exam, Brampton, Ontario
I just killed that test and all thanks to you!! I got the verdict today and I got 82% on the electrical exam. Thanks for all your help. I would not have done it without you.
Date of Posting: 30 October 2014
Posted By: Brian D.
A proud IBEW and JAC member who challenged the Construction and Maintenance licence , Brampton, Ontario
Your course really helped me in passing the first time. A friend recommended your course to me and I listened to him and to you and your expert guidance. You have answered my questions and the general trade module really helped me on the exam. Thank you very much
Date of Posting: 23 October 2014
Posted By: Shane D
A proud JAC & IBEW member who challenged the 309A electrical exam, Dundalk, Ontario


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