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Welcome to the Canadian Electrical Licence
pre-exam course.

I wrote my CofQ last Monday. Got marks back and scored an 83%. Thanks a lot. Your program really helped and I'll be telling people about it for sure. Much appreciated
Date of Posting: 29 September 2016
Posted By: John H.
Challenged the 309A Construction & Maintenance electrical exam. A proud IBEW/JAC member, Claremont, Ontario
I am happy to tell you that I passed my electrical exam industrial - the first time with 85% using your course and support. Thank you so much. Your course was really good and easy to follow. Thank you.
Date of Posting: 28 September 2016
Posted By: Imran S.
Challenged the 442A electrical industrial licence exam and passed the first time in Quebec 85%, St. Hubert, QC
Here is some of the feedback from students who attended the September 8th, 2016 class. "Easier way of Learning","Stream lined", "I would not change a thing about this course", "Very satisfied with the course. Thank you.", "I learned much more than I thought I would.", "I liked the setup and the instructor", "I learned a lot in this course-much more than I expected", "I would absolutely recommend this course to my friends", "I liked the explanation and friendly environment", "Simple and well explained", "the instructor is good and makes you enjoy the course and will tell everyone about it", "I liked the explanation of the code book", "Everything was great", "It was clear and inquisitive, engaging by making us open code book, showed us little tricks to navigate through the book quicker", "I liked the presentation, explanation in detail & techniques. Always took time to ensure everyone was on board and understand each question/answer", "Very thorough & Effective", "Simplified", "I liked everything about the course", "I liked the logical set out of the course. The explanation of the theory and the spacing over 3 weeks- The course was perfect", "Crystal Clear, Very Happy, Will Recommend", "Well organized", "My knowledge base increased a lot", "For sure I would recommend this course to my friends", "Clear & right to the point. No filling your head with useless knowledge", "I liked the clarity & the amount of knowledge".
Date of Posting: 26 September 2016
Posted By: Feedback from the Sept. 8th, 2016 in class session
Feedback from students enrolled in the 309A Construction & Maintenance electrical exam prep course Sept. 30th, 2016, Mississauga, Ontario
Thanks. I can not express what an excellent course and support you are providing, first class. Thanks. Amazing. I can learn this in five minutes from you. Good Show. I am happy. Thanks I looked over rule 12-712 for aluminum wire and get it , thank u for such professional help, this course is set up great and will for sure help me get the extra marks I need and refine my skills in the field, good show thanks.!

Oct. 25, 2016 I finished the modules, and have to thank u for all the help, and for putting this course together in such a proffessional and descriptive and intelligent manner.
I started questions and already have made peace with a lot of questions I got wrong . Thank u .
Date of Posting: 23 September 2016
Posted By: Salvatore I.
Currently enrolled in the 309A Construction & Maintenance electrical exam course, Gormley, Ontario
Your course was really good. Material and support. I passed the first time. I already told a friend of mine. Thank you so much. I appreciate your help.
Date of Posting: 20 September 2016
Posted By: Luis G.
Challenged the 442A Industrial Electrical Licence in Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta
Thanks a lot for all your help. Especially with some of the more challenging questions that I needed extra help with it ended up going a long way. I have already started recommending it to my friends. You are great.
Date of Posting: 16 September 2016
Posted By: James C
Challenged the 442A industrial electrical exam , Halifax, Nova Scotia
I passed my exam, thank you for your help. I wouldn't have been able to pass without your study tools.
Date of Posting: 15 September 2016
Posted By: Daniel O.
Challenged the 309A Construction & Maintenance electrical exam and passed the First Time., Okaville, Ontario
Thanks for the course - it was very helpful I passed first time with a 76% very happy it is all over and done with thanks again
Date of Posting: 14 September 2016
Posted By: Jordan S.
Challenged the 309A Construction and Maintenance electrical licence exam , Keswick, Ontario
Awesome course content and u explain really well thx! I'll be referring a bunch a railway guys for sure. Thx again.

Sept. 17, 2016 another great class. Thank you
Date of Posting: 08 September 2016
Posted By: Brian M
Currently attending classes, Georgetown, Ontario
Good morning, just wanted to say thank you ..I got my results last week and I passed with an 86 % - First time.

Date of Posting: 07 September 2016
Posted By: Marc S.
After coming to class, he challenged the 309A Construction and Maintenance electrical licence exam, Mississauga, Ontario


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