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Welcome to the Canadian Electrical Licence
pre-exam course.

Thank you very much for all your support and help. I passed with a 91%. Thank you again.
Date of Posting: 25 April 2018
Posted By: Johnathan H.
A proud IBEW/JAC member who challenged the 309A Construction and Maintenance electrical licence exam, Georgetown, Ontario
Would like to inform you that I have passed the cfq thanks to your assistance.

Your website is very informative which makes understanding everything a lot more successful.

Thanks for your time and help.

Mark M.
Date of Posting: 24 April 2018
Posted By: Mark M.
Challenged the 309A 2015 Canadian electrical licence exam, Markham, Ontario
I PASSED! the 442A. I ended up scoring 76% . Thank you.
Date of Posting: 24 April 2018
Posted By: John M.
Passed the 442A 2015 electrical licence exam, Brantford, Ontario
I wasted my money buying books and apps. There was only 20% of the app on the real exam. The books were out of date and off the mark. I like your online course. It is more accurate and tremendous help already. Thank you very much for being there.
Date of Posting: 19 April 2018
Posted By: John D.
Current subscriber - 309A Construction & Maintenance, Toronto, Ontario
I passed with an 85% the first time. I have recommended your course to a couple of my friends. Thank you very much.
Date of Posting: 18 April 2018
Posted By: Matt. M.
A proud JAC/IBEW member who challenged the 309A Canadian Electrical Licence Exam, Toronto, Ontario
thanks for all the help! I just passed with 82% thanks so much for everything you did and still do!!
Date of Posting: 16 April 2018
Posted By: Ogyen D.
Passed the First time- the 309A 2015 electrical licence exam after attending classes, Toronto, Ontario
I passed my exam. I scored a 70% on the dot. Communication systems was an area I did not score well on. But all is good. I am an electrician now and that is all that matters.

Thanks for your help. Have a great day!!

Date of Posting: 10 April 2018
Posted By: Graham S.
Challenged the 442A 2015 industrial electrical licence exam and passed the first time. , London, Ontario
After sitting down with you and going through your training, it worked. I passed with an 87%. Thank you so much. I really appreciate it.
Date of Posting: 06 April 2018
Posted By: Hassan C.
Challenged the 309A 2015 electrical exam , Ottawa, Ontario
I took the C of Q and passed with a 75. Thank you so much for your help. Without your course I'm not sure I would have got it.
Date of Posting: 05 April 2018
Posted By: Josh w.
Challenged the 309A construction and maintenance electrical license exam, Domersville, Ontario
Please copy and paste this link into the URL and watch his inspiring story. He passed his electrical exam with an impressive 87%- The First Time. Congrats.
Date of Posting: 03 April 2018
Posted By: Richard Gorman
Hear his inspiring story, Ireland


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