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Feedback from the Oct. 2nd 2021 Classes For Success:

“I was excited to start the course I was trying to understand the calculations I like the success rate and I would recommend this course to my friends I talked to Sam and he’s very approachable I was happiest when I came to class and gained the knowledge that I needed now I can better interpret the codebook I’m more confident in writing exam the detailed explanation and the understanding is what I like the most about the course and I have no dislikes.” “I want to get an understanding on using the code book and I managed to come to the class and learn how to use the codebook properly from the index and I would recommend this course to my friends and family I like the way the exam preparation was professionally done and it boosted my confidence in learning how to use the codebook and learning how to navigate it. I have no complaints.”” before I came to class I was little rusty and I talked to my friends and they pointed me to the right direction to come to this course with great reviews and if they took the course themselves it was a good refresher and I learned some tips and tricks I know how to approach the exam properly.”” before I came to class I knew I was not ready to write the real exam without proper training so I talked to my friends and they recommended this course which I would recommend myself now I like all the help on the resources that it offered and little learning tricks on how to read the questions and answer the questions properly and it increased my depth of understanding of how the exam is set up and I managed to increase my score in block C so I wouldn’t change anything about this course and I would highly recommend it.”” I had difficulty understanding the codebook and trying to figure out code calculations so I started searching online and I like the great feedback and the high pass rate and the fact that most of the teaching is original and only exclusive to this course and can’t be found anywhere else so by coming to class I got to ask questions and was helped exactly in the area that I needed now I can use the codebook easily and my calculations has improved significantly. The great explanation of the questions so that they all makes sense to me is what exceeded my expectations and the whole course is straight to the point.”” I was trying to get clarification about the confusion of handling the test and what approach to use the best so I searched online and I like the way Sam explains the topics it made my studying easier. I was exposed to new information that I never knew before Sam is a great teacher and there’s nothing to improve in this course.”” before I came to class the only knowledge I had was from trade school and the general trade knowledge that I was able to experience and I was trying to solve the better understanding on how to use the codebook and understanding general trade knowledge that I had not experienced so my friends told me about this course and it has a good reputation in the trade so simplifying information formulas and the easy way to get to the correct answer is what I like the most and so I started completing more difficult questions efficiently and correctly. I like the support, the ease of understanding more complex problems and I liked the good information. It is easy approach to learn and there’s nothing I don’t like about this course.”” I graduated from school couldn’t focus enough on the code I was trying to get the feel of the exam question and get extra practice from an expert. I heard from a word of mouth about this course my uncle and a friend took this course before and they loved it I like the fact that this course strictly focuses on code then there’s always room for improvement in code I like the intake of this course it works out great for me I like to practice for my upcoming exam. I learned more information that will help me on the exam and now I feel more confident in different style of the questions all the worksheets are very helpful for me to look back in reference to. I like the 1 on 1 training as a class finding ways to look up information faster it’s a lot to learn in a short period of time but I wouldn’t change a thing. Sam is the most helpful person to launch this course and be successful.”” I was struggling to understand the questions and to get the correct answers so I was trying to solve the understanding the way the questions were asked but I think I now have a better understanding of the questions. Oon the Internet I was told about the course. It came highly recommended I also have done the online version. I liked the high pass rate as advertised on the website and the online course. Now I have a better understanding of the code the rules around the questions the knowledge that Sam has been able to share with me I really appreciate and the concise way that the content is taught to us so there’s nothing to change or improve about this course.”” before I came to class things were very difficult for me I need to know some keywords that shows me how to use the index properly and the tables. I would recommend this course to my friends for sure. I like the in class help and the call support. I like the fact that there are no distractions in class and I like going through the book and reading the question carefully plus going through a lot of questions would solidify my knowledge and preparation and there’s nothing to change about the course.”” I came to class to learn about motor and conductor sizing reading the questions that apply to my exam and I was recommended from a co-worker to take this course which he took himself and passed the exam with no problems. What sold me on the course the fact that it forces you to pay attention and study no excuses I learned how to pass the test, possible tricks to lookout for now I managed to have a better use of using the codebook with keywords and learning how to use the index to find information in the codebook and learn not only to read the question carefully but how to understand the question and rephrase it. So I wouldn’t change anything about this course it’s perfect.”” before I came to class I find the exam to be complicated and the code book is hard to find answers in and I couldn’t understand the jargon of the codebook so a friend of mine who took this course before recommended this course for me so I managed to find the correct answers now and figure out the formulas I need for the exam. The price was fair and I like the fact that it’s only three weekends 48 hours. I liked the teacher’s personality and the information being simplified now I’m managing to navigate the codebook quickly memorizing hard to understand formulas much easier and I liked everything about the course.”” Sam mallak is a great teacher he slowed things down and explained that to me very clearly after finishing trade school which never explained things very well I like actually understanding the questions solving exam problems and I like the teaching being direct and confident it was very direct that helps you understand so I have no complaint it’s a great course.”” before I came to class I didn’t know where to start studying now I know how to navigate the codebook motors Transformers this course is very easy to get signed up I like all the material and everything is explained properly my understanding of electrical got much better and this course covers everything in the code book that you need for the exam the teacher is great and the price is fair so there’s no sense to gone anywhere on the Internet because there’s no match to this course and I’m glad I took it. It’s nice to come to a class with a teacher knows what he’s doing and has a lot of experience in his field and you can pass it on the students very easily and professionally with confidence”” before I came to the course I was stressed. Did not know where to start studying. I want to learn how to solve mathematical formulas so I was recommended by the joint apprenticeship council to take the course because of its success rate and the great feedback from other apprentices from the JAC. In class, we managed to breakdown and dissect the questions now I’m able to answer the questions and understand the questions so I like the way the course was set up and there’s no opportunity to stray away from the correct answer. I wouldn’t change anything about the course and I recommend it to my friends.”’ before I came to this class I had a lack of knowledge I wasn’t very confident about passing the test so I was recommended by my friends to take this course with a high pass rate I like the in person it provided way more than what’s online and simplified the use of the codebook and now I can find anything I’m looking for and I wouldn’t change a thing.”” before I came to class I was nervous and anxious I needed to find fast answers and quick results. I was looking for things in the section not the index and I heard a lot of good things for my friends and guys on the job site about this course I like the knowledge that was being taught a lot better than trade school now I can find answers easier and quicker and I’m not struggling anymore I like how quick and simple this course made things and how helpful the teacher and his knowledge are so there’s nothing to change about this course.”” before I came to class I wrote the CFQ twice and scored low both times so my coworkers recommended this course I want to finally pass my CFQ so now after taking the course I have better ways to find information in the codebook and things were explained to me much better than trade school now I can find information in the codebook much quicker and I liked the back to back weekends to stay on schedule so I can write my exam soon so there’s nothing I would change about this course.”” before I came to class it was taking too long to prepare for the exam trying to solve little details missed while studying alone I like to learn how to use the index a lot of my friends referred me to this course I like the fact that it comes with the online course plus the 8 bonuses now I can work on questions on my own without taking too much time and I like the patience that the teacher exhibited and the fast reply and the class was very interactive. Nothing to improve.”” I like the original techniques of this course and how we were taught how to use the index and the focus on how to avoid the trickery on the real test I want to pass my exam so I dragged myself here and gave myself at time slot to finish my preparation I like the free water bottles and Sam was very helpful with the question explanation very precise. It is right to the point with no extras it’s all appreciated and yes I would recommend the course to my friends or to anyone out there that’s preparing to write and pass their exam- no time wasted.”” before the class it was very stressful I’m trying to pass the test. good answers to my questions and solve motor questions the union hall recommended this course for me and I heard multiple good things about this course and this course was sold out I got lucky to have a space since someone postponed their studies to a later date. I like the learning tips and tricks to have success on the CFQ now I’m better at motor calculations and remembering general trade knowledge information. Sam’s delivery doesn’t make it dry considering it’s an 8 hour a day it doesn’t feel overly long there’s nothing that would change about this course it was a great experience and I recommend electrical apprentices to take it before writing so they know what they’re talking about when they write the exam because of the techniques learned in this class which are not taught anywhere else.”” before the class I wasn’t confident and understanding the codebook so now I am more confident and I have more understanding of finding things in the code book. A friend of mine recommended this course to me and it contains lots of information before I struggled to find in the code book but now I’ve been able to navigate the code book and solve the math problems and deal with the information in a more effective manner without being stressed or overwhelmed.”” I came from overseas and I’ve never been to trade school and never been on the job site in Canada so it was an uphill battle for me to learn and acquire knowledge so this course was recommended from other people that I trusted. I’m always busy at work to come to class but this time I decided to come to class because of my friends So what I like about the course is the amount of knowledge you learn and how to find tables and use them now I’m feeling better honestly I’ve been taught from a point of view the nobody did teach me this way before which I liked I would recommend this course to my friends and I’m glad I came to class.”” before class, yeah I had no idea what to study. This course was recommended by the union hall. I like the direct face to face environment yes I would recommend this course I now have the notes and I know exactly what the study. I now can use the tables properly. I like the pace of the course and easy to understand and very exam oriented.”” before the class I was lost it’s hard to find information in the code book and what to focus on. I was recommended from a friend to take this course. I like the back to back weekends. I like the 24/7 response time and doing a ton of questions to prepare myself for the real exam. Sam works through the questions and help us solve them thank you highly recommended.”” before the class I was nervous about the CFQ I need a better understanding of the code and theory and navigating the code book people I know had taken the course it helped them pass the exam yes I would recommend the course and I like the review from people I knew saying it was very thorough covered all the material on the exam and after joining the class the material was covered in clear concise and easy to understand way now I’m able to navigate and use the code book much better understand and know the general trade knowledge. The course is well delivered made it easy to understand and learn necessary material for the CFQ and there’s nothing I would change about the course.”” I wanted to find a way to search and look up information easier in the code book I liked the willingness of the teacher to explain questions and concepts during discussions yes I would recommend this course I like the professional environment while keeping it light now I’m able to better understand the concepts and calculations the friendly nature in class was Sam and Peers. I like the course structure and repetitive questions to grasp the concepts. This course is awesome.”” before the class I was lost I was trying to solve many problems that I could be facing on the real exam so I start asking my friends about what they think and they recommended this course I like the teacher and the price and the way Sam addresses everything and the confidence about writing my exam has exceeded my expectations. I liked the way Sam addresses every question and his approach to solving problems clear and precise and to the point.”” before coming to class I was trying to organize my notes so I can tackle the real exam so I came to class recommended by my friends and learned how to use the codebook properly motors Transformers troubleshooting fire alarm as listed in the course outline I like the fact that we get a binder with all the information that we need and the fact is that concepts were repeated and reinforced for better understanding. Highly recommended to everyone.”” before the class I didn’t know as much. I was trying to figure out troubleshooting diagram problems motors so I searched and asked my friends on WhatsApp and they recommended this course I like the teaching the teacher knows too much and the experience and the knowledge of the teacher has been applied in this course and I wouldn’t change a thing I highly recommend it.”

Mrs. Elena K. from Bowmanville, Ontario has passed her 309A Construction & Maintenance IP Red Seal electrical licence exam after coming to classes Sept. 11, 2021

  • “Hope you had a great few weeks.
    Just wanted to take the time to say Thank You for your teachings and your course. Without a doubt it is why I passed my C of Q. I appreciate what you do. I can see you have a passion for your work and it shows. The two weekends I could attend helped me to understand all the information clearly, in a way never before. It was a great help to my success. The online course was easy to follow and understand. I am so thankful for the work that you do.
    Thank You again and have an amazing day.’
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