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Mr. Neil V. from Bradford, ON has passed the 309A Construction and Maintenance IP Red Seal electrical licence exam after coming to classes with flying colours.

“I attended the classes and studied the way you taught us in class and managed to get a booking to write my exam in January 2022. I received my results back yesterday and guess what? I passed the exam and am now a certified 309A Electrician, Thanks to you for all your help and the knowledge that you gave me in order to be able to pass this exam. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and wish you every success with every student you teach, very much appreciated Sir. I will definitely spread the word for you…..we currently have 4 apprentices at work of which one is final year and he should write his exam around the middle of the year. I told him about your classes and he is also very keen to attend before he writes.”
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