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I liked that we were given modules and questions to review ahead of time, made me feel more prepared. I wanted to find answers faster, voltage drop, and motors. My foreman told me about this class, said Sam was amazing and that I’d pass for sure if I used him. What stands out about this course is in class support, knowing if you have a question you can ask and you will get the answer you need. I liked the fact that I would know everything I needed to know to pass and understand. What made me the happiest about coming to class is after the first class I felt like I had learnt so much it made me feel more confident just in one day so I knew by the end of this class I would know what I need to know to pass this exam. I have learnt how to find what I need to find faster and I have seen how you need to read to understand the question that is being asked and the diagrams that come with the questions. I liked the confidence the class gave me and the knowledge I got from it. I don’t see an need for improvement.

Date of Posting: 30 July 2018
Posted By: Rebecca K.
Attended July 12th 2018 classes, Bowmanville, Ontario

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