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I am an Australian Electrician who just moved over on a working visa and wanted to obtain my Inter-Provincial Red Seal as a Construction Electrician. I did some searching online, found this website and gave Sam a call. It was exactly what i needed. I studied every day for a month and asked lots of questions and followed every step of the program. It allowed me to pass first time. Sam was brilliant, his support and level of service is second to none. I have never experienced anything like it. There are so many differences between Australia and Canada and i cannot imagine passing the exam without having done this course and following Sam’s program. I feel it also gave me a great introduction as a whole into the Electrical Trade here in Canada. If you are serious about preparing for your exam and making sure you pass first go, don’t think twice. This is an amazing resource. Thanks again for everything Sam.

Date of Posting: 19 January 2019
Posted By: Nicholas W.
Challenged the construction and maintenance electrical licence exam , Vancouver, British Columbia

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