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Here is the feedback on the 309A Construction & Maintenance classes- August 8th 2020 “I was lost and wondering in the dark. Afraid! Now because of this class, I have seen the light. Great program. I was trying to solve transformer calculations and Temperature column from table 2. JAC sent me an email. I took marvin’s course and failed. Process of elimination (Sam’s course). Nothing prevented me from joining this course. I would ABSOLUTELY recommend this course with 95% success rate. What made me the happiest is filling in the missing pieces of my knowledge base and having to give up 3 weekends of my life to sit in this class. I have been able to achieve a higher success rate on getting the answers to the questions correct, deeper undersatnding and knowledge. I exceeded my own expectations of myself. This cours is straight forward, laid out effectively and great feedback.” “Before this course, I failed the CFQ once. Tried other courses and never felt confident enough to write again. I was afraid to re-write the cfq. I was trying to solve box fill and size questions, fire alarm and using Appendix D. I was recommended by a friend. Sam offered quick tricks and shortcuts for the exam to cut your overall time down. I would definitely recommend thsi course. I liked the ability to ask questions and get logical and thorough answers. I was happiest when learning the fast tricks on the exam. I was able to expand my general trade knowledge. What exceeded my expectations is the amount of GTK that I learned in class that I can apply at work. I liked how the course is condensed and straight to the point on what is needed to pass.”.”Before the class, my knowledge was very limited. I was trying to bridge the gap since I never attended trade school in Canada. I liked your success rate and Sam is extremely knowledgeable. There was no obstacle that prevented me from coming to class. I would recommend this course yes, I have learned tons and with the practice questions, I feel i am well prepared. I was happiest when learning and being shown how to arrive at the answer. I was able to achieve a greater understanding of how the question is asked and what the assumptions are. I liked how this course increased my knowledge abse and everything that I was taught. Sam, you are a true master in this field.”.”Before this class, I was unsure and unprepared. Through the hall and google, I found this course. This course has good reviews. I liked the expert support that it comes with. I was happiest gaining knowledge for my career. I learned how to use the code book properly and effectively. Now I can find what I am looking for. No need to memorize the book. I appreciate the extra help and the knowledge of the instructor. “.” Before this class, I was not doing very well on the cepe. I wanted to learn motor calculations. Friends and fellow electricians recommended this course. This course has positive reviews from other people who had been in my shoes before in this class. Sam is the man. I wanted to improve my cepe score. I liked the simplicity of the teaching. Sam’s teaching method.”. “Before this class, I was consuming time to look up codes. I was trying to figure out motors and transformers. This course was recommended by other electricians on the job. I am super busy and I travel a lot for work but that did not stop me from coming to a good course. YES, I would recommend it to my friends and family. It has a high % of passing students. Very informative and priced well. Now I am able to use the code book more efficiently and apply what I learned in class to the workplace. The course is very impressive and the explanations are detailed.”.”Before the class, I needed a refresher before writing the real exam. I know trade school does not prepare you to write this exam- even the 11th week course. This is JAC recommended. I liked the depth of knoweldge of this course. Now I gained new knowledge about the code book fo the exam.”” I heard goog things about Sam. My friend also took this class and got 85% first try. I was happiest learning the book better and getting ready to write the real exam. Now I have gotten better reading the code book. The course was good. Sam made it easy to understand the book and lots of questions to practice on. Everything was good. The course was very detailed.””Before the course, I was searching for the right one and Sam got back to me very quickly & explained the course process clearly. I think I knew I needed to force myself to sit and study. I had a problem of commitment so I took this class to use the self directed study method. I have heard good things through friends at work specifically jessie S., Nick P., and Monique P. . I liked the plenty of questions. My brain is waking up again. Tons of visual aids. I liked learning new things and this course is great for that. Thank you for the info and moral support.””Before this class, I only had knowledge from trade school code course. I wanted to find out about the GTK and how to use the code book. I find out about this course from work. Everybody was talking about it. They had nothing but good reviews and recommendations. I was sold on knowing others took this course and passed good reviews. Now I feel confident about writing the cfq. I learned to navigate through the code book with ease also know when to use the code book and when not to. What exceeded my expectations is the knowledge i have attained. I liked how very accessible help is and support on every question about GTK and code.”.”Before the class, I wanted to clarify some things. my english is not that good. I wanted to find out about the calculation for the motors and transformers. I was recommended by a friend. I was taught the important things that need to be taught. Thank you.”.”I was sold on the additional help and tips to write the actual test. I like the work that we do in class and being better at the preparation.””Before the class, I was confused and want to pass the first time so the JAC told me about Sam Mallak. The class was God sent. I learned how to properly answer the questions and read between the lines. I am glad the class was on the weekend and not after work and I learned what they are thinking when they ask me the questions. The course has been taught in detail. No issues and no obstacles.””Before this class, I wrote the exam before once but did not know what to expect now I am learning tricks on what & how to go about handling the exam. I knew Sam years ago when I first began my journey to become an electrician. He was my instructor years ago and heard about him throughout my apprenticeship. I recommended this course in the past to other electrical apprentices and will in the future. I liked the 95% success rate and knowing that I am not the only one having difficulty writing the exam. I liked the tricks on solving problems the easy way that is more practical for the field and a time saver on the exam. TLC, TRV, 1039, 360. I am happy.””Before this class, I was confused and needed to understand the questions better. I searched Google and a lot of people are talking about this. I like to do work in class and the 95% success rate. Over 2200 students are already licensed. That is impressive. I was happiest when the class focused on what matters. I was able to understand the questions better. I was impressed with how knowledgeable the teacher was. The course was really good.””I needed help in math and Sam helped me understand it in his special way. I searched online and Sam helped me solve my problem. No obstacles at all to come to class. Sam is THE BEST would recommend 1000%. My collegues recommended the class but I first searched online and then was todl about the class. I wanted to get my cfq and in the process learned more of my math which was weak. I liked everything about the course. Sam is Great. It has to do with the teacher.””Before the class, I had trouble reading wiring diagrams. I like being in class with an instructor. the repetition in this course helped me retain a lot more. The knowledge that I have retained in using the code book has exceeded my expectations. Sam is a nice guy and truly wants to help you pass honestly.””Before the class, I was not clear about some things and wanted to understand the code properly, speed and find things faster & easier. I searched online and by a word of mouth and personal interaction from past classes, I decided to come to class and found a knowledgable teacher. I managed to understand and decifer questions better. I liked the rate at which you can answer a question from what you know and understand the questions being asked.””Before the class, I was too busy to study. Being in class forced me to go through everything and have someone explain how things are to be done. Needed short cuts and tips to get faster. I searched this course via a former employer. I like the 24/7 expert support with the questions. Well worth the time and money and would recommend for sure. The course was well taught and I achieved my goal. thank you.”

Date of Posting: 09 September 2020
Posted By: Admin
Here is the feedback on the 309A Construction & Maintenance classes- August 8th 2020, Brampton, Ontario

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