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Here is some of the feedback from students who attended classes-May 3rd 2018. “I learned about this course from a co-worker who took this course. Lots to remember but very clear, helped me remember the code, 100% satisfied and recommend this incredible course, always learned new techniques, very informative, lots of pointers, great tricks to finding the right code. Only 3 weeks and I learned so much. I would not change anything about this course. It was incredible.” “Information given was very clear, I liked how the instructor shows us how to use the code book.” “Excellent instructor- so so knowledgeable, I have learned a lot and yes totally satisfied and recommend this course. All is excellent.” “I recommend this course to every apprentice, course evaluation was clear, I was motivated in every session, I liked how this course was very involved and easy to follow. Really helps use the code book and understand it better.” “I learned about this course from a previous student. I learned much more than trade school. I would recommend it to anyone who is struggling in code. I liked the navigating of the code book efficiently and picking keywords out of questions. The entire course was positive. I would not improve this course since it covers the material well.” ” The instructor was very energetic, clear and knowledgeable. I would not change anything about the instructor or the course.” “Very detailed, you take tie to fully explain certain material instead of making it complicated, you show us the easy way to answer questions.” “It was very to the point. The instructor did a very good job explaining only the things we needed for success.” “The notes, how we were walked through each step if we did not understand & the small tricks of making things easier. Enjoyed the course.” “I was satisfied above expectation and have already recommended the course to my friends, I liked the explanation of the basic material- very simple and easy to understand.” “The information provided was helpful in preparing me for my cfq. Material was to the point and clear.” “I liked how we went through the questions in the package and the code book.” “I am confident in passing the cfq. Simplifies the code and what to look for. Would not change a thing”, I liked how the instructor explains everything until we understand the topic.” “I liked the in class discussions on questions, helps a lot to clear general confusion and make us better to avoid silly mistakes in exam specially GTK questions and moreover your way of explaining the questions and 24/7 active support. Really appreciable and very helpful. Everything is perfect about this course. “

Date of Posting: 31 May 2018
Posted By: Administrator
Here is some of the feedback from students who attended classes-May 3rd 2018., Brampton, Ontario

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