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Feedback from the September 3rd, 2022, Classes For Success:

Feedback September 3rd, 2022. Classes for success.

“The approach and the reasoning on why things are the way they are to get the solutions using the index tables and rules. I’d like to find that the ink class comes with the online courses support. I was able to achieve confidence in being asserted on the approach to the questions. I really now how to approach the exam. I like the support the lecture over all the material. High quality and everything was good so please don’t change your approach to teaching. Was done right I recommend it.” “I wrote the first time before taking this course and I didn’t make the exam so I came here and I learned how to build self-confidence and study properly. I learned the skill to solve questions. I now know how to study. No complain. Very satisfied. It’s a great course and I recommend it.”

I was trying to solve the general trade knowledge problem and I did some in depth search what stopped me from joining is covid and work life balance and yes I would recommend this course to my friends and family. I like the weekend option; it gave me more knowledge and confidence about challenging the exam. What exceeded my expectation is understanding the general trade knowledge, it covered key test questions. I didn’t have any dislikes. I’m not sure how this course can be improved.

I came to class to learn how to use the code book. I found out about the course from my friends. Yes I do recommend this course to my friends. I like the fact that I now know how to use the code book properly and understand it much better. I liked how friendly this class is. This is the right system that’s going to help me pass. No need to improve the course everything is good.

Before I came to this class, I needed help navigate to code book properly. I want to know about motors Transformers questions and how to be solved. I start online search I found this course. This really prepared me for the exam questions. I would recommend this course. I like the questions and answer online and I’m happiest when we learned different ways of answering the questions. I learned a lot of general trade knowledge. It is a professional course with proper guidance.

Before I came to this class, I struggled using the code book. I wanted to learn about conduit fill motor calculation and ampacity. I searched Google and found this course with lots of material and it’s very interesting. Yes I would recommend it to my friends. I like the fact that it’s an in class sessions, being able to comprehend the questions and being a critical thinker. Easy explanations all the material is right to the point.

Before coming to class, I want to learn how to use the code book and learn keywords that will help me on the real exam and since I only work low rise, the general trade knowledge of other sectors is lacking so I wanted to learn about diagrams, easy navigation of the code book. Talked to my peers and checked the website and what brought me to this class is the word in mouth. Yes I will be recommending this course. I had a lot of positive feedback from peers knowing that my apprenticeship was almost complete. I like the Peace of Mind knowing I’m leaving with general trade knowledge for sectors I don’t work in. I learned how to navigate the code book, become more fluid in it. This course was thorough, lots of information for three weeks but it’s good information. I’m 100% satisfied with this course.

Before I came to this class, I was struggling to find the right resources. I wanted to learn about motors signaling and controls, fuse sizing. I searched some apps, talk to my coworkers and I liked the support, a positive experience with this class and great results. I like being back in a positive nurturing environment the issues I’ve been having have been cleared up. The support is always available. There’s a positive atmosphere with the right information. I don’t really have any room for improvement for this course. I enjoyed the course thoroughly.

I was 20% confident before I came to class. I want to learn how to use the code book. Did Google search and found this course and the information is repeat it from different angles. 100% recommend it to other people. Simplified the code book, lots of practice. The teacher has a mastery of the course the course is very condensed. I really enjoyed it.

Before I came to class, I lacked confidence in writing the real exam. Wasn’t ready to write. I want to learn about conduits fill, motor calculations and transformers. The instructor was my teacher in high school and he was always in mind. Referred to me by my counselor and prior knowledge heard it was the best course still having to complete my apprenticeship but not knowing when I’ll write didn’t have enough hours and what sold me on this class is the feedback from people who did the course and pass the CFQ. I like how well everything was explained. more confident answering and better results on the self assessment tool. Sam is the best in the code game. I wish I had him in trade school. I like going through all the questions together learning how to use the code book with ease.

Before class it was not clear for me. I want to learn about calculations and the certain general trade knowledge questions. I started my search on this course’s website. Second time taking the course. Very well done. Excellent explanation about having the confidence toward the exam for the third time. The teacher is excellent. full explanation, good communication, clarity confidence in teaching ability. have been able to relearn important code changes and use code book effectively over again. The understanding of certain general technology. Clarity of the outline of what is been asked has exceeded my expectations. What I liked is the understanding of how and what they are asking me from an exam point of view. It’s a great course. Thank you, kindly Sam best regards.

Before the class I was very much in need of this excellent course. I was trying to solve too many problems. I like this course for providing better description of how to use the code book with 95% success rate. Actually, learning how to properly use the code book. I liked the transparency. I liked everything about this course.

Before I get to class, I failed the exam three times. I want to learn what I was doing wrong. My friends from Chrysler use this course. It stands out. I liked Sam’s support when I purchased the online course last year. I traveled from Windsor. I like how many people passed. With Sam’s support, I learned to read the code better and keywords. I like the techniques to remember everything and hope to learn the code book better and how my eyes were open to see keywords and how it ties my experience of the code.

Before I came to class, I was stressed out running around looking for codes in the code book, wasting time. So, I’m trying to solve time efficiency and general trade knowledge. I looked online and I heard through the word of mouth about this course. I liked the high passing great. S

Super excited and happy that we started this course and learned a lot. I like the passing average of people who took the course. Learned how to move and navigate through the code book, motor calculations and derating. Building confidence in working on motor calculations. I like having the ability to come to class and learn in a classroom and online.

Before I came to class, I was struggling what they asked me when I read the question. I want to understand the CFQ. This course is very informative and direct no waste of time. I’d like to guarantee you for my pass. feeling I can pass exceeded my expectation is direct information. Excellent instructor in this course.

Before I came to class, I had no confidence and always anxious. I want to learn I understand the code book most of my journeyman friends suggested this course. What sold me is the good quality of the information I learned from this course. I was forced to learn from somebody who actually knows what they’re talking about, motivation to study and learning again and what exceeded my expectation is the amount of exposure to using the code book and I love all the courses take up through my weekends and I understand why though of course was perfect.

Before I came to the class, I was full of confusion no idea about the exam I want to clear the calculations in the general trade knowledge I heard from my colleagues that this is a good course with good material excellent instructor I receive the answers to my questions now I understand the concepts all the CFQ the structure is good material is useful.

Before I came to class not knowing the electrical code I want to learn conduit, box fill, voltage drop motors Transformers. I start searching online. I like the fact that Sam is the instructor. Good information. Yes I would recommend this course. I was happiest when I received good quality information calculate conduit fill cable sizes. I like the group interaction.

It’s really exciting after postponing a few times the dates but finally came to class since last year because of the pandemic so far I’m trying my best effort to achieve my electrical license with the help of this course this is my second time attending a class. I would recommend this course to my family and friends I was happy to get the opportunity to get some good knowledge and I managed to achieve devotion to get the license I was motivated to prepare for the test. This course makes you practice and field related examples.

I talk to my friends any recommended discourse so lot of good information in depth details of questions and answers I learn different techniques I don’t answer questions and understand the question I know what they’re thinking when they ask me the question I learned how to study more effectively, and this course broke down the material for me.

Before I came to class, I was having trouble with schematics, box fill, transformer calculations and the electrician self assessment tool. It’s a good tool. You cannot just do the self-assessment tool (cepe). This course has excellent reviews. My friends took this course and passed CFQ. The explanation has been very thorough broken down to the level which is easier to understand while learning a lot of new tips and tricks to navigate the code book.

I heard about this course from my friends. I would recommend it to my friends. I was happiest enhancing my knowledge whether understanding how to use the code book properly, learning about the missing information from the code book and the assumptions.


I liked coming to class because of the great content in the website, the fair price. I would definitely recommend this class. I like to have a face-to-face interaction with the instructor to have the opportunity to clear all my doubts.  I learned a lot and refreshed some of the theory from past trade school.  What exceeded my expectations is the great content in the website and The availability of the instructor 24/7 for any question. Everything is very well put together to get you ready for the Exam. But you really need to put time to study as well.

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