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Feedback from the Sept. 11 2021 Classes For Success:

“I would recommend this course to my friends. I was sold on the heavy knowledge overload (3 weekends) of exam prep. It would have taken way longer to prep for the exam trying to do it on my own. Finally having the confidence to write the exam. Now I am able to solve questions confidently. It’s pretty much what I expected.” “I liked the over 800 questions and the explanations of each question. I was happy learning how simple using the code book, with keywords on the questions. I was able to do calculations better, use the code book better and reading the questions properly. This course is straight to the point and explanations about the questions. I liked the explanation of each question. The course is good as it is ! No need to improve.”” What stands out about this course is a great teacher, good material. I would recommend this course to my friends. What sold me on coming to class is the in-class teaching. I was happiest when I learned a lot. I was able to find things much easier in the code book and more confident. What has exceeded my expectations since I started was the style of teaching. I liked the method of teaching. I would not change anything about this course. Nothing to improve!”” Before I came to class, I had failed my first attempt at the c of q with a 60%. I was trying to find where to find answers and how to read questions. I asked my friends. I was referred to this course by my friends. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone. I felt I learned more here than in school for exam prep. I liked the friendly teacher with good teaching skills. I have an easier time finding stuff in the code book and understanding questions. I was able to climb the learning curve to know how to search my book. Everything was great.”” I was trying to understand the exam questions. I asked my friends, and they recommended this course. I heard good stuff about it. I wanted to learn how to use the code book effectively. I liked how to look for information in the code book. I was able to know how to use the code book. This course gives me confidence about the electrical licence exam. The professor is very knowledgeable.”” Before the class, it was frustrating/Confusing studying on my own with no sort of guidance. I wanted to learn about transformers/Box Fill/Conduit/Fire Alarm/Voltage Drop. This course is most recommended from friends/co-workers. I wanted to attempt the exam as quick as possible, but I did want to make that mistake without preparation. I want to know how to use the code book. I was to learn more & more each class. Sam is very helpful. I am able now to break down questions better using logic. This course is way better than expected. I liked everything about this course. It’s extremely helpful.”” Before class, I was excited to attend and learn more stuff for the exam. I had questions about motors. I liked the in-class sessions. I had a busy schedule. I would recommend this course to my friends. I liked the sample questions and other printout for better understanding. I grabbed much more knowledge than I had before I started the class. What exceeded my expectation is the way of teaching. Extra knowledge and smarts ways to solve the problem.”” Before coming to class, I finished advanced trade school in April. I am trying to solve General trade knowledge and refreshing electrical knowledge. This course was mentioned by several people I work with. I find Marvin Rosenberg’s course kind of hard to follow and the reviews for this course were good! I was sold on the support offered. I liked that studying was guaranteed. I Feel more comfortable navigating the code book. Feeling more confident now.”” The teacher is always ready to answer any questions.”” Before class, I was confused. I wanted to learn motor calculations. I was able to achieve that. Teacher is great.”” Sam made the course interesting and easy to follow along.”” Before class it was stressful wanted to be more knowledgeable on what to expect on the exam. I started at trade school with my search. I like the success rate and friends reviews. I liked understanding areas I didn’t feel strongly in. I now have a greater knowledge of all areas on the exam. I liked the number of questions given to go over prior to writing exam. I liked everything about the course.”” I got recommended from other people other friends who took the course. I like the success rate on this course and how much it helps other electricians. I liked the learning and explaining of different rules and making things clearer. I learned the code book better and found the answers the easy way. I was able to find rules and codes better. Sam is a fantastic teacher and knows his stuff really well which made it a lot easier on us to figure out the code. I liked the in-person learning, I don’t do well with online courses. I like everything nothing to complain about.”” The course is detailed, and I love the interaction Sam, he take the time to explain. I need to pass the exam. I liked the simplicity of the material. This course allows you to interface and ask question.”” Great teacher. Good direct teacher. I now have a better understanding. This course is direct.”” I learned about this course from word of mouth. I liked the teacher’s ways he related the information to us.”” I like how simple you made the process of finding answers. Lots of information structured in a way that is not overwhelming.”” Heard from a friend that took the course and it worked for him. I liked the level of professionalism and intelligence. I learned a lot and the available help online and in class. I am now able to score much higher on my practice tests and memorizing trade knowledge. Great teaching.”” A lot of great remarks from people who have taken this. Sam really drills the questions into us nonstop which is great for my way of learning.”” Recommended highly from other electricians.”

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