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Feedback from the October 15, 2022, Classes For Success:

Feedback October 15, 2022. Classes for success.

Classes for Success Oct. 15, 2022

“I searched Google and found this course. I like the fact that it’s on the weekend and we went through everything from scratch and a lot of the material was repeated over and over again. I was able to successfully answer 100 plus questions on my own and I like the focus on the exam itself and I would recommend this course to my friends.”” I came to Canada from the United Kingdom and joined the Canadian workforce in electrical field but struggled with general trade knowledge as my electrical training was in the UK and now, I have a better understanding of the general trade knowledge in Canada and the application of certain tables within the codebook after taking this course. I asked my small circle of friends about a pre-exam course, and they recommended this course. I was recommended from everybody I’ve met in the field. I like the assurance from people I knew who highly recommend this course and the pass rate after participating in this course. I was happy with my progress of understanding certain general trade knowledge questions and my correct application of certain tables that were troubling me. After completing the class, I was able to understand electrical trade in Canada as a whole and improve my general trade knowledge. Now I recommend the course myself and I like the availability of around the clock contact service offered for any assistance and the addition of the support material provided online as well as in person. I like the quick hourly breaks and the number of students in the class.”” I wanted to come to class to improve my question-and-answer skills and search skills in the code book. I was recommended by my colleagues that both went to classes and did the online course. I would definitely recommend this course. I came to improve my skills and have a better chance at passing the first time around. Now, I have more knowledge and a better understanding on how to navigate the codebook and how to answer the questions using the codebook and general trade knowledge. I like the way the class is set up. The teacher is excellent.”” I came to understand the lawyer talk and unwritten rules that’s supposed to be in the codebook but they’re not. I like the positive approach and wise words from the best in the West my teacher and yes I do recommend the course heard from other professionals in the industry about the course. it was basically the word of mouth that did it to me. I felt empowered with the knowledge that I was taught. Now I have a more positive outlook on writing the CFQ and I recommend this course to anyone who’s writing the exam 309A.”” Before I came to class, I was discouraged learning on my own. I wanted to get better at the code. I searched on the Internet. I like the organization of this course and it put me back on the right track and feeling more confident about writing the real exam. I am now more confident in my calculations and searching the code and I like the amount of material and organization involved and I would recommend this course.”” I was referred to this course by my friends and it taught me how to find the keywords in the index so I can find information in the codebook using an exclusive technique that is only taught in this course. I like the passing rate. Now I can navigate through the code book with no problems and I learned more than I thought I would. The material was clear. The teaching was clear. It’s a great course and I would recommend it.”” I wrote the exam before and I didn’t make it. I had a hard time with the wording of the questions so I searched the Internet and I found this proper training. I now understand the wording of the questions and I can find information in the codebook. I can do some calculations and use the proper tables. I recommend this course to anyone out there. I made an excellent choice so I’m grateful.”” I searched everywhere and I was having difficulty with Transformers and motor calculations and the types. This course met my expectations. I tried the rest but you are the best and nothing prevented me from coming to this class and I really had a breakthrough with motors now I understand. The teacher’s vast knowledge was very impressive. I recommend this course to everybody out there.” “I came to class, but I wasn’t very sure about code requirements.  After coming to class, I managed to gain confidence. I was recommended from people from class who went to the course before. I like the in person learning and the amount of content offered so now I have a better understanding of the code and the course is well worth the money since it has a good quality content. It’s a great course I wouldn’t change a thing.”” I felt ill prepared for the CFQ examination and I wanted a course that works. I wasn’t willing to change or take any chances on courses that don’t work. Am I glad that I chose the right course. I like the quality of learning and the thoroughness of the Course. Thank you for putting out a great course. No time wasted and top notch.”” I had trouble passing my exam, so I asked my peers who recommended this course. Although I was 2 hours away from the location of the class, but it was well worth it. I had positive feedback from peers who attended the course. The instructor’s knowledge provided to us is nothing comparable to any other teacher I’ve ever had best teacher to date. I recommend this course and I wouldn’t change anything about this course it’s perfect.”” Before I came to class, I was nervous and unsure of where to start prepping for the exams. I like the way the instructor explained each question and familiarize myself again with the Canadian electrical code and the index. The lectures were quality, and the general trade knowledge is 60% of my test is not specified in the code book, so we learned all that. Excellent course and I recommended.”” Before I came to class, I was a little distressed, So I took this course. It was excellent. I gained confidence to get the answers I needed to my questions, and I wanted to be accurate. I like the relaxed atmosphere and the ease of learning. The instructor was great with the ways he gets the information to you stress free and I’d liked how much and how fast things stick in your head. Highly recommended best of the best.”” I usually lean on my coworkers for answers, and I wanted to be able to use the code book properly and study file alarm Transformers and motors and I was recommended by a classmate to take this course. It was the word-of-mouth and the popularity of the course that had me decide on coming here. I like the access to the online material. Now I have more confidence in my level of knowledge. The teacher’s track record speaks for itself. Best candidate to teach the scores. I’m happy.””. Before coming to this class, I was feeling like there’s no way I will pass. This course has changed my confidence. I feel way more prepared. I watched my friends succeed so I followed their path. The learning was nonstop and some information I had to memorize, and the teacher had a good spirit. Now I remember things I have forgotten and found better ways to answer questions quickly And I was impressed about my improvement as to how fast I can answer the questions now. It was all learning no time wasted and no complaints.” 

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