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Feedback from the Nov. 20th 2021 Classes For Success:

Feedback Nov. 20th 2021. Classes for success.

“I knew the basics but not the details I was trying to understand strategies to pass the exam. Trade school recommended this course. Ron Graneli from Humber College recommended this course. I wanted to get up to speed on my preparation for my electrical license exam since I had hardly any time to study. I like the fact that it’s a three-weekend course on the weekends. This course was well structured, and we had a great instructor who knew what he was doing. We did a lot of court questions for practice. The instructor is very knowledgeable and we received support from him. I liked everything about the course and I wouldn’t do anything to change it. Thanks for putting this course for us. It was an excellent help.”” before this course I was shocked that I wrote exam and failed with 65% and I thought without preparation I can pass it. One of my friends told me about this course and they came to the same classes before and they prepared and passed and they were convinced that this would not have happened without this course so I joined. I like the fact that you can contact support personally and that all the course material would be accessible until I write and pass. I like the little tips and tricks that were taught in the class. Now my general trade knowledge has increased, and I was surprised how much knowledge Sam had. Sam’s patience with the classmates and his methods for solving the questions had made this course very special. A quick update on my licensing status is that I managed to pass my real exam after taking this class and thank you to everyone who helped me period now. I’m a journey person and fully licensed.”” I wanted to come to class to find out what it takes to pass the electrical license exam. I want to figure out the problem solving the questions properly then all the guys at work all said to take this course it was always highly recommended. Nothing stop me from taking this course my career comes first. I like the fact that the instructor went through all the material from scratch and we were taught properly with honesty. We learned a lot including how to find the conductor size for motors hermetic capacitors Transformers heating lighting. Again so much knowledge. This course was worth my time and money and I thank everyone involved for putting this together. It was an excellent experience.”” before I came to class I needed a direction, a guide and boy am I glad I did come to class. Sam was very dedicated and helped us as much as he could and yes I would recommend this course. Sam and his knowledge is what sold me on this course. I learned quite a new things in different ways. Now I feel more confident and my knowledge of my trade has accelerated in a short period of time compared to what it was before three weeks ago. The atmosphere is very friendly. The instructor is very knowledgeable and I wouldn’t change a thing.”” before I came to class, there was a lot of knowledge to catch up to. A matter of fact, it was a mountain’s worth of knowledge to catch up to so I set up a plan to do the right thing and rely on the experts to guide me and I signed up for this class and I’m glad that I did. I managed to increase my knowledge and learned how to read the questions and answer properly given different scenarios and I’m sure after all this that I would pass my test. Update to my status, I passed my real exam. Thank you all for your help.”” before coming to class, I was not ready for anything or any tests. I heard from by word of mouth from other people I work with and my foreman. The class schedule and the great reviews that I received from my friends helped me decide. I had a great learning experience and communicating with others and getting to meet more people and learning in person. The course was detailed and comprehensive. The course is great. Don’t change anything.”” before I came to class I wanted to improve my electrical theory. I searched the Internet and talked to other electricians and they recommended this course. Other electricians passed the exam after taking this course and that’s what sold me on this course. I learned a lot and now I have a better understanding of electrical theory and learn the important material is what exceeded my expectations. Thank you very much for everything.”” before this class I failed my exam and I need to feel confident in passing the second time so I decided to come this class and improve my motors, services and distribution skills. This course is reputable by others so is the instructor. I like the in class learning experience. It made me feel more confident in my knowledge and abilities to pass the next time. I liked the amount information presented and how things are were made clear to me and being able to interact with classmates with problems and questions.”” After coming to class now I’m able to navigate the codebook better and look out problems a lot easier. I like how the information best class stress free. The material was delivered in a way that made it easier to understand.”” get the glass to be well prepared for my electrical license exam and I was surprised how good this course is. It gives me an excellent guide to what do we expected I don’t like the fact that the English would be online course and full support. The online course is well organized. I learned to study and not to give up and this class was a good motivator. What exceeded my expectations was the instructor Sam. He was excellent. I liked everything about the course. The explanations were great, and the notes were taken and emailed to us by the instructor, and they were very good. I drove from Ottawa for this. I recommend this course to anyone who needs help, and I wouldn’t change anything do it before she like this it’s perfect.”” before coming to class I leave forgot my formulas and I wanted to learn how to apply them for the right application and how to properly do service calculations for feeders and group of motors single phase and three phase Transformers. I asked around on my job site and this course was the only one recommended out there doing this course after taking it to my friends. I wanted to pass and be in class but don’t want the same. After the course I mentioned regulate service feeders’ motors and transformer banks. I like the getting outside of the classroom since the course comes with 24/7 support. Thank you for putting on an excellent course and I’d like to thank the instructor, Sam Mallak. It was great.”” I received great reviews from my coworkers about this course and I need to find a scheduled time to commit to do this preparation for my exam. I am a hands-on learner. I wanted to learn how to use the codebook properly and prepare in a structured way for my real example. The teacher gave it a personal touch. It was an excellent course, and I would recommend it and won’t change anything. Excellent work. Thank you.”” I friend of mine told me about this course. I like the course outline of what this course is based on so I figured if I put all the effort and time into this course, it will be worth it. Everything exceeded the learning experience the knowledge of the teacher and the way the information was conveyed to us and thank you for that.”” I came to class so I can focus on my studying and exam preparation. I was surprised that the material in the course and the instructions very easy to take in and to learn. I wouldn’t change anything about this course, and I highly recommend it.”” The in-class environment is very productive, and I managed to learn a lot specially how to use the codebook properly. I like the fact that it was in depth and comprehensive and detailed. Thank you. I would not change a thing.”” before coming to class I struggled with certain sections of the real exam. The instructor has made the codebook into a much simpler book. It’s an excellent course and I highly recommend it and I wouldn’t change anything about it. It helped me increase my confidence in writing the real exam. I wanted to come to class to prove that I can pass the real exam and run practice tests and understand the rules more. I liked that it was great. I managed to pass the real exam successfully and thank Sam for that and for putting on an excellent course.”” before I came to class, I wanted to have answers to a lot of my questions and Sam has a very good track record of students passing his classes. After reading Sam’s credentials and a friend of mine attended and he passed his exam, I wanted to join. I like the volume of study material and Sam is a great teacher.””

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