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Feedback from the July 23rd 2022 Classes For Success:

Feedback July 23rd, 2022. Classes for success.

“I like this course with the high success rate. The instructor was great and very efficient in his methods to understanding and general trade knowledge. I like the learning and teaching strategies. It was straight to the point and focused on only what is necessary.” “ this course is great and it was available for me to do immediately after receiving my results from my last test. This course was very detailed and went through everything that we need for the exam. I got the opportunity to further my knowledge that I didn’t have before. I like the different ways of looking and answering questions to make it easier and quicker to answer. I like the fact that I’ve gained more knowledge. I recommend this course.” “This course was recommended to me from other students who took it before. I was impressed with the success rate from other students who took the same course and passed. I managed to increase my confidence and find information using the code book a lot easier than before. I like the way the instructor explained the material. Way of explaining from SAM is perfect. The course is very easy to understand and learn. I would highly recommend it.” “I was searching for a good course to take to prepare for the electrical license exam and I asked my friends. One of my friends passed because of this course. I like the learning experience and now I am good at navigating the code book and be able to look at the question and analyze what they want from me when they ask me the question and what the assumptions are. I would recommend this course. I liked everything about it and there’s nothing to change.” “I took this course to get answers to my questions and to get better at answering questions and finding information from the code book. The instructor was really good at explaining everything. yes I would recommend this course since I was able to learn a lot and I was able to achieve what is needed for the exam and learn new and easy ways to solve problems.” “I like the fact that the in class comes with the online course for extra support and 24/7 support. I managed to build confidence in answering the practice questions correctly. I like the in-class interaction and explanation of the codes. Highly recommend it.” “After coming to class, I managed to exponentially increase my knowledge of the material and the use of the code book. It was recommended to me by my friends, and I would like to recommend it to anybody who is thinking about writing electrical license exam.” “I heard about this course from a friend I found that most of my trade school teachers were not good at teaching so I did not want to spend time and money just to sit through six long classes with such teachers. Trade school friends did recent sessions with this course, and they all recommend it. I was learning to answer more questions every class. It was a huge confidence booster. I am now able to answer many more questions after studying the general trade knowledge of practicing the questions in the booklet. The teacher delivery of the material was excellent. He was very good at explaining speaking and repeating important keywords. I like the structure and the breakdown of the content in the amount of practice questions that were presented, and I wouldn’t change much about the course.” “

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