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Feedback from the Feb. 5th 2022 Classes For Success:

“Before I came to class, I was looking for answers to my questions specifically about motors and Transformers and this class opened my mind to what I’m missing. I would recommend this course to anyone who’s looking to prepare for the electrical license exam properly. When I came to class, I found the answers to what I was looking for. I learned more about motors and Transformers which I can use not only on my exam but also on the job site and what exceeded my expectation is the confidence that I built to be able to tackle any question on the exam. I love the support and I wouldn’t change anything about the course.” “Before I came to class, I wanted to have a clear understanding on using Table 2 breaker size and conductor sizing calculations. Many of my friends had good reviews for this course and recommended it. After I came to class, I felt very confident in the areas that I was weak at only three weeks ago. The instructor and teaching methods were totally original, and I liked the style of teaching- very clear and concise.”” I wanted to come to class to update my knowledge on the code book and get a better understanding how to manage time and navigate the code book for the exam. I asked my friends at work, and they highly recommended this course because they had their own success in the past by taking this course. I liked the teaching methods, the enthusiasm. Now I have a better understanding of the techniques to effectively use the codebook. The teacher’s knowledge and how to get the best out of his students was phenomenal. I like the techniques that I’ve learned and the knowledge that I have gained, and I would definitely recommend this course to anyone needing his/her electrical license.” “A lot of people that I asked, recommended this course and I would definitely do the same now. I have more understanding of the code every time I come to class. I like the way the instructor explained and passed on the information clearly. I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to prepare properly to pass their electrical license exam” “it would take me months to prepare for this challenging exam. So, I decided to efficiently prepare and invest in myself properly since I was recommended to this course by my colleagues at work and I would recommend to anyone to take this course without hesitation since it’s worth every penny. I cleared a lot of issues that I had with using the use of the codebook. Along the way, I learned advanced techniques on how to handle my time management and difference issues that I had and managed to resolve. Excellent course.” “I wanted to learn how to use the codebook properly and there was a lot of information that we learned in this class that we didn’t learn on the job or in trade school. I like the amount of question that are relevant to my success and the amount of beneficial information that I received from this course. This course is very unique in its style and workload and I want to thank the instructor for doing an excellent effort to help us out clear any issues that we had with understanding motors, Transformers, fire alarm, troubleshooting anything else that we needed from an exam point of view- very comprehensive and beneficial course. It exceeded my expectations.”” I came to class to tie some loose ends and close my knowledge gaps that I had about motors and Transformers fire alarm and troubleshooting. The class settings were excellent the instructor was thorough and knowledgeable about every aspect of this course. I was recommended to this course by my friends who came to this course, did what they supposed to do and passed with flying colours. I did my research and I came to this course for the instructor Sam Mallak. I really appreciate the amount of knowledge that is beneficial and no time wasted. This course is very easy to understand. No room for improvement. It’s an excellent course and I really enjoyed it.”” There’s a lot of general trade knowledge that you don’t learn on the job or in trade school that you need for the exam and this is the place to come and get it so I managed to increase my general trade knowledge and experience that I never learned in trade school or on the job. I was referred to this class by my friends who took it before me and enjoying the results now. This course is highly recommended by the IEBW353 members and I would recommend the course to any apprentice out there that is looking for a really good electrical exam preparation course with no hassle and a high success rate attached to it. This course is top notch uninstall it properly by professional- Sam Mallak. I came to class, I learned a lot, I got answers to my questions and most of the concepts that I had problems with are clear now and I’m ready for the next step of writing my exam and looking forward the results.”” I passed my exam since I wrote one week before the course is over. I passed so I filled this survey after I wrote. I liked coming to class because of the great content in the website, the fair price. I would definitely recommend this class. I like to have a face-to-face interaction with the instructor to have the opportunity to clear all my doubts.  I learned a lot and refreshed some of the theory from past trade school.  What exceeded my expectations is the great content in the website and The availability of the instructor 24/7 for any question. Everything is very well put together to get you ready for the Exam. But you really need to put time to study as well.”

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