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Feedback April 29, 2023. Classes for success. :

Feedback April 29, 2023. Classes for success.


“Before I came to class, I asked my coworkers who had high praises for this course. After taking the course, I would definitely recommend the course. I liked the knowledge and confidence moving forward with the Canadian electrical code and the clarity of the presentation. I was surprised about how fast the classes went by. I gained a lot of general trade knowledge tips and tricks and how to pass the real exam. There’s no room for improvement. It’s an excellent course.” “My best friend recommended this course to me. I definitely recommend this course. It is very friendly and easy to understand. I learned a lot. I managed to learn how to use the code book properly and effectively and techniques that are easy to understand. I liked the focus on the course outline.” “Before I came to the course I was not confident and efficient in searching for information in the Canadian electrical code. After taking the course I have improved tremendously with the code book and general trade knowledge. The ibew recommended this course and we had a choice to take it online or in class mix. Yes I do recommend this course. I like the combination of the online for extra support and the in class. What I like the most is how I managed to absorb new material and techniques which are exclusive to this course. I like the amount of useful information and techniques offered in this course. It was straight to the point no fluff. Overall great prep course.” “This is an excellent course and I would recommend it to anybody who is preparing to write their certification of qualification electrical exam. What exceeded my expectation is my teacher he’s very knowledgeable and interactive and I managed to have a better knowledge of what to expect on the CFQ. The course was very informative.” “This course was much more straightforward than trade school 11th week. I like the in class and the online extra support. I gained quite a bit of knowledge. It was well worth the price. You get good value for your money. Now, I’m very confident in searching the codebook and understanding what to expect on the real exam. I liked how the teacher was clear and precise and how compact the course was.” “This course is very informative it was recommended by my friends. I like the in class sessions and the online modules and the fact that it was available on the weekends period now I understand how to work with the code book and the valuable information from the course.” “Before I came to class I was lost in the sauce. I had problems with calculations in navigating the codebook. I like the success rate of 95% and yes I would recommend this course to my friends out there. I was progressively learning overtime. I now understand calculation questions and code rules. I like the teaching method and feel more confident with approaching the exam. I like the simplicity in teaching which cleared up a lot of frustrations for me.” “I was recommended by my co-worker to come to this course. I was impressed with the amount of material the course is focused exactly on what we need. Nothing more nothing less. Now I have a better skill in navigating the codebook. The course was very organized and there’s nothing to improve.” “I came to class to clear up some concepts that I didn’t understand and after the class I managed to learn how to navigate the code book and reading the questions carefully. I liked how well the teacher explains sections and rules and general trade stuff. Yes, I would recommend this course to my friends. 95% success rate.” “I took this course based on the feedback that I received from my peers. I wanted to have one-on-one with the instructor. Now I’m more familiar with the codes and their rules. I like the way the instructor delivered the material. It was exceptional. I liked everything about the course. The course is perfect.” “After taking this course I managed to be able to learn with confidence and complete questions more quickly. The material was very relevant to the real exam and I highly recommend this course.” “I heard that this was the best course to take to help with the CFQ. The the price is worth every penny. I like the in person learning and quick tips on how to navigate the codebook. Learning the tricks about the codebook and getting clarification on things that i did not understand period now I am more confident with writing the exam and knowing what to expect on the exam. Some words on the exam can trip you up. It was taught very well and great explanation of how to get the correct answers. Remember only the meat and potatoes are taught in this course- no fill.” “I took this course because the teacher was very impressive. I now have more confidence in trying to pass. I like the teacher and the material and I recommend discourse to everyone out there.”


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