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The speed and the expertise of our support team are legendary. They provide help with any questions and ongoing assistance at any time. No wonder, we consistently achieve 100% customer satisfaction rates.


If you have 10 or more employees who need in class training at your office, please give us a call to make arrangements (416) 841-1399. Alternatively, they can take the course online or in our classroom and receive free support 24/7. Do you need to update your electricians on the 2021 electrical code book changes? Call, text  or email us anytime.

Companies that we have helped succeed include Chrysler Canada, Unicco Lighting, Maple Stamping Magna, Linamar.


Tips before your exam day.

Please make sure that you sleep good the night before the exam. Have a big breakfast in the morning since you will need the energy. When you go to the exam, take as many scrap pieces of paper as you can from The Examiner and write down 1 to 100 on one of them. Go through the whole test first and answer the Gtk (General Trade knowledge) questions first on the scrap piece of paper and the ones you skip you circle then you go around then make a decision on the ones you circled. Quadruple check everything – all questions all answers all options and make the smart decisions. When you transfer the answers from the scrap piece of paper to the scantron card, triple check every 25 questions that your answers line up on both sheets.Naturally your eye does not pick up the words OR, NOT, AND or INCORRECT. Please pay close attention to those. Every word counts. Every question counts. It’s a very tough exam to pass so you need to get 90% or better on the electrician Construction & Maintenance or industrial self-assessment tool before you write and make sure that you use all four hours for the exam, read to the question mark and answer your questions based on the options given. If you need extra time, please ask the apprenticeship office ahead of time. We are here to support you all the way. Please keep us posted on your progress. Thank you.

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