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Feedback October 5th, 2019, Classes For Success.

Oct. 5th 2019 class

“Before I came to class, I thought that I knew how to use the code book effectively until I found out how many things I was taught incorrectly. I came to this class trying to increase my knowledge of the 2018 code book and general trade knowledge. I liked the good feedback from others who took the course. I would recommend this course- of course yes. My friends joined this course as well. I was happiest learning how to use the code book properly. I was impressed with the amount of information I actually took away from the course. I liked everything about the course.” “Before I came to class, I had a lot of questions about calculating motors’ conductors, overload, overcurrent, transformers, box fill, wireway and conduit fill. My boss told me about the class. The course is pretty focused and in detail. I liked the information and presentation. This class answered all my questions. What exceeded my expectations that all the questions in mind have been answered. I like mastering techniques on how to answer questions. This course is complete.” ”   The JAC has referred me to this course. They guarantee your pass. Very informative. “

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