Feedback November 24th, 2019, Classes For Success.

Class pic December 2018

“Before I came to class, it was very difficult for me to find the proper study material with great reviews and that would do the job and the approach to proper preparation. This class solved my problems. The method of my instructor was excellent. I find the CEC very complicated but this class made me like study it. The happiest time about coming to class is the instructor. This class exceeded my expectations. I liked how  the instructor was.” 
“I had trouble with motors. I was recommended by a friend at work. I find the course with all its potential for success very reasonably priced. I was happiest when we went through motors/generators material. Now I understand. What exceeded my expectations is the instructors knowledge of the code and the in class notes- very effective.”
“I wanted to be more familiar with the code. I searched online and I liked the quick response and 24/7 support. I would recommend this course, yes of course. It comes with a 95% success. Now I am more familiar with using the code book properly and what is expected of me as a general trade knowledge for the exam and work. What exceeded my expectations is the amount of extra help if needed and the amount of questions. I liked everything about the course- it was done right and there was nothing that I did not like.”
“Before I came to class, my knowledge was broad and not laser focused and I was not motivated. This course helped me with what is important and motivated me. I liked the references/openness to support. I liked the interactive sessions and the road map to study for the exam. What exceeded my expectations is the step by step guidance”
“The fact that this course is trusted by the IBEW has motivated me. I like the in class sessions and how they helped me improve my general trade knowledge. I would not change anything about this course. It is perfect.”
“Before I came to class, I felt like I am missing a lot of important information for the exam. I wanted to learn how to dissect the code book. I searched online and I liked the success rate. I am glad that I came to class and I was impressed with the knowledge that I have gained. I was surprised of how well this course prepared me for the Cfq. I liked the instructor and his simplistic approach to teaching.”
“Before I came to class, I had issues with diagrams. I was recommended by friends who took this course before.I was happiest when I learned about the small details of some rules. Now I can answer questions quicker, can answer general trade knowledge questions from memory and quickly find information in the code book- what a difference. I would improve this course by teaching it in trade school. It is excellent.”
“Before I came to class, trade school was a year ago and I did not understand trade school very well. Sam is the man. He was my STC teacher and he is teaching this course with a 95% success rate and I was not surprised. He is wired for teaching. This class makes you want to learn more. I was able to understand questions and code more. I liked everything about the course and there is no way to improve it.”
“Before I came to class, preparation was difficult and I needed a refresher. I was trying to learn the basics. This course has great reviews. I like to go to a course that works and teaches me how to prepare and pass right- the first time. I was able to get back to the books and gain the know how to pass. What exceeded my expectations is the great outline for success. The course was right to the point, I am glad that I came to class and I would not change a thing.”
“Before I came to class, I was trying to avoid writing the exam more than once. I was trying to find a proper pre-exam course that does the job. The 11th week course at trade school was a waste of time for me. I liked the black Friday sale. The course is very informative and there are new tricks and short cuts to learn. I managed to build my confidence to write the electrical exam. The excellent teaching methods helped me and the way the code was interpreted.”
“Before I came to class, I wanted to cover the topics/areas that I have not been exposed to in the field. Now I overcame that and can navigate the code book easier & more confidently.”
“Before I came to class, I was trying to increase my knowledge and confidence to write the electrician exam. The course was excellent and I am fully satisfied overall. I was trying to avoid online scams and people online getting your money and teaching you nothing. I would recommend this course to my friends. I liked the 48 duration of the course. I liked the explanation on every style and format of possible questions that we could face on the exam. There are 5 versions of the exam and this course prepares well for that. I was able to build confidence to face the real exam. Class notes were very knowledgeable and informative. I liked the online material, diagrams, key knowledge and important points.”
“I liked coming to class for the individual attention. Knowing when and how to derate and when not to derate and service factors was a big plus for me. What has exceeded my expectations is the quality of the online questions/answers. The instructor took time to teach us the course.’
“Before I came to class I was nervous and lacked the knowledge to write and pass the electrician exam.I wanted to learn how to use the code book. My friends recommended this course. All of them were vouching for Sam with a 95% success rate. I was sold on the fact that Sam Mallak was teaching the class. I liked the frequent breaks, GTK knowledge and lots of material to study. This is a serious course. I managed to increase my knowledge exponentially both general and code related. What exceeded my expectations is the way the material was explained and the amount of knowledge that is exam related. All the people in the class were super nice.”
“Before coming to class, I need to know how to do conduit fill, trying to look for keywords and needed help navigating the code book. I searched online and liked the 95% success rate. I had no problem joining the course- it was very easy. I like the fact that I will be learning everything about the code plus everything that code can not teach since not everything is in the code book. I have increased my willingness to learn, the ability to find things faster, the amount of knowledge learned and how much I am expected to know as a journeyman. I liked everything about this course and would not change a thing.”
“Before I came to class, I was lacking general trade knowledge not taught in trade school. I wanted to better navigate the code book so I searched online and liked the success rate of past students passing the c of q. I like the fact that I can come to class and ask questions and get feedback. I was happiest learning new material. I was able to improve on being able to understand what the question is asking for and what they were thinking when they asked me a certain question- assumptions. what exceeded my expectations is the amount of information that are given and made available. I liked the easy going atmosphere. I would not change anything about the course. Course is excellent as is.”
“Before I came to class, I thought that I will fail the first time, but now I am confident that I will pass the first time and get my $650 from the JAC. I was referred to this course by google and friends. This course stands out from the rest by its teaching methods of trying to find the answers and finding them as simple as possible. I would recommend this course to every person that I come across. The fact that someone will guide me and help me 24/7 forces me to study. I was happy to study and get prepared for the exam. I can now find information memorized and from the code book the fastest way and simplest way. What exceeded my expectations is that I have to use my code book more often at the job site. I liked the fact that the teacher is very knowledgeable and helpful. 
“Before the class, I was totally lost as to what to study for the C of Q. I was trying know what to study and how to save time on the exam. The JAC recommended this course and my friends at work. I was always better off learning in class and the JAC highly recommended this course. I liked the guarantee to pass and the 95% success rate. Everything exceeded my expectations. This class helped the most, very organized, great support in and outside the class, very straight forward, pin point exactly what to study and faster ways to solve problems. I had to give up my weekends- no complain :). 
“Before I came to class, I was trying to understand fire alarm, motors and transformers. I did not search for this class- friends told me about it. References from people made my mind up. There was no obstacle that prevented me from coming to class. I have friends in the same class. The teacher made me the happiest about coming to class. Since I came to class, I have increased my knowledge tremendously and the understanding of the code rules. I liked everything about this course and would not change a thing.”
“Before I came to class, it was bad. I am trying to pass the cfq. I searched on google and liked the logo. I would recommend this course- matter of fact, I recommend it to my boss. I liked coming to class because of the teacher. This course is good the way it is- keep it up.”
“Before coming to class, I was confused. I was trying to eliminate my confusion about this electrical exam. I was very happy with receiving the knowledge that I was seeking. I was able to understand where and how to find answers to questions. What exceeded my expectations is the training provided- very simple and easy to digest.”
“Before coming to class, I did not know what to expect- felt slightly overwhelmed. I was trying to build my confidence as my deadline to write the C of Q approaches and as well being proficient in the use of the code book. I was referred to from trade school. I liked the positive reviews- two acquaintances who took the course prior to writing and passed on first attempt. The course was very thorough and well presented. I liked the convenient location, free parking and positive reviews. The comfortable environment, easy to follow along and participate were the best times. I was able to have a greater sense of motivation to study and prepare myself to write the exam. I have increased my confidence in using the code book. The course is situated well. Sam is a great and knowledgeable instructor.”
“Before coming to class, I was 100% lost as to what to study and which practice exam to use. I was trying to solve the problem of what to expect and how to properly do calculations for a variety of topics. This course has helped others from my company pass their c of q. I was sold on the course after I read how in depth is the online notes were. Now I feel less intimidated about the type of questions they ask and the strategy you develop to clearly see what they are asking for and how to effectively find the answers. I was able to build a solid strategy for studying and writing my test. What has exceeded my expectations is how much practice we get answering questions together. I liked about the course of how simple it is using the index of the code book can be, how much time we spent reviewing vital lessons from trade school and of course the GTK section.”

Companies We Helped to Succeed.
canadian flag
  • 179 Contracting.
  • 2103350 Ontario Ltd.
  • 848 Tech Corp.
  • ABA Controls
  • ABB Bermac.
  • ABB Group.
  • ABM Electric.
  • Absolute Trades
  • Absolute Interior.
  • Accel Electric
  • AC Electrical.
  • Acciona Energy.
  • A C Contracting Inc.
  • Ace Construction.
  • Accurate Glass & Mirror.
  • Action Electric.
  • Active Electrical Solutions Inc.
  • Aecon
  • A Group.
  • ADI.
  • Adduco Electrical Solutions Ltd.
  • Adrenaline.
  • Advanced Electrical Controls.
  • Aecon Mining.
  • Aire One Heating and Cooling.
  • Airwise Electrical.
  • Airo Electric.
  • Airon HVAC and Control.
  • A.K.Electric.
  • AJ Electric.
  • Aman homes Inc.
  • Anglo Eastren Ship Management Inc.
  • AR company.
  • Arclin
  • Arrow Plumbing and Heating Inc. Ltd.
  • Aristi Contracting.
  • Atlas Electric
  • Arthur Electric
  • Alberta Inc.
  • All Regions Electric
  • All trade Industrial Inc.
  • Allied Projects LTD.
  • Allied Electrical Services.
  • Alectra
  • Alpha Marathon.
  • Aemada Electrical Contracting Corp.
  • Ambient Mechanical Ltd.
  • Amptrak Electric.
  • Amp-Trak Controls.
  • Amp Pro Electric
  • Ampower Electric.
  • Ampere Ltd.
  • AM PM Electric.
  • AMW.
  • Ancaster Electric
  • Anchor.
  • Apni.
  • Applied Electrical LTD.
  • Armature Electric.
  • APS Electric
  • Aplus Electric.
  • Artex Electrical 1984 Ltd.
  • Arbit Electric.
  • Arbon Rite-hite.
  • Arc Electric
    Arcamm Electrical Ltd.
  • Arcelor
  • Mittal
  • Dofasco.
  • Army Electric.
  • Artessa.
  • Adam Electrical Services Inc.
  • AE Arcco Electric Inc.
  • Ainsworth Inc.
  • Al Electric.
  • Alliance Lighting
    Alltrade Industrial Contractors, Electrical.
  • Alltype Electric.
  • Altec Electric.
  • Alltech electrical systems.
  • Alltech Contracting.
  • AMP Electric
  • Amptrol Electric.
  • Ampere Limited.
  • ANC Electrical Contractors.
  • Arcamm Electrical Services Ltd.
  • Arbitrary Electric
  • Arva Industries
  • Ascent solutions.
  • Asco Power Technology.
  • Astra Electric.
  • ATS electrical.
  • ATS Automation
  • A to Zee Engineering Services.
  • Atomic Energy Canada ( AECL).
  • Avira Industries
  • Avison Electrical
  • AVON Electric .Co. Ltd.
  • AXYZ.
  • AZAP Electrical.
  • Ezratek
  • Babcock
  • Backerhaus
  • Veit
  • B A International Ltd.
  • Balcan
  • Plastic (QC)
  • Barton Electric.
  • Baseview Electric.
  • Baycoat Pvt ltd.
  • Bay Electric
  • Bayview Electric.
  • B&B Climate Care.
  • Beacon Utility Contractors
  • Beckett Electrical.
  • Berg chilling systems
  • Bestech.
  • BC Hydro.
  • Belyea Bros.
  • Heating & Cooling
  • Technical Solutions.
  • Bell Con Electric.
  • Belle-Pak Packing Inc.
  • Benson Cabinetry & Millwork.
  • Bermic Inc.
  • Best Buy
  • BFG Enterprises.
  • Bimbo Bakehouse
  • Birnie Electrical Limited.
  • Blue
  • Mountain Plastics Inc.
  • Black & McDonald Limited
  • BMG project consultants Inc.
  • Bradco Electric
  • Bramwood Electrical
  • Brian Little Electric shop
  • Brooklyn Electrical.
  • B-Safe Electric.
  • Bombardier
  • Bonduell.
  • Boston Electric.
  • Bowman Electric.
  • Bute Electric Inc.
  • Burman & Fellows Group Inc.
  • Burnie Electric.
  • Buston & Dawe Ltd
  • Brennan’s Consulting.
  • Bryant Electric Inc.
  • Brotec Electrical.
  • Brothers Electrical Works.
  • Buzzbolt Electric Ltd.
  • CCA
  • CC Electrical Contracting
    CEC Services Ltd.
  • CIE.
  • C. Hunter electrical.
  • Canada Power
  • Products
  • Bread
  • Canadian Armed Forces.
  • Canadian Tire.
  • Canadian General Tower Ltd.
  • Canadian Crane
  • Cannon Automotive Solutions.
  • CBRE.
  • C.R.I. Electric.
  • Callisto Construction Ltd.
  • Campbell and Kennedy Electrical Communications.
  • Campoli Electric Ltd.
  • Camtac
    Canada Power
  • Products.
  • Canada Post.
  • Canatom Electric
  • Canem Systems Ltd.
  • Alberta, Canada.
  • Capital.
  • Caribbean
  • Producers
  • Jamaica td.
  • Cargill Meat Solutions.
  • Carter Georgian Electric Ltd.
  • Cascade Process Controls.
  • Castlemore Electric.
  • Cavanagh Electric.
  • CEC Services Ltd.
  • CEG Inc.
  • Centennial Electric
  • Century Electrical Contractors.
  • Cgc.
  • City Of Toronto
  • City Of Winnipeg.
  • Chambers Electric.
  • Chrysler Canada
  • CLAC union
  • Clayton Electric
  • CLI Electric.
  • CMS Electric.
    CN Rail
  • Cobra Power
    Code 3 Electric.
  • Cola Cola Weston.
  • Cold Storage.
  • Complete Electrical Services
  • Component element.
  • Com-plex Systems Ltd.
  • Comstock Canada Ltd.
  • Consilium Electrical.
  • Constrel.
    Con’s Electric.
  • ConServices.
    Controlled Electric.
  • Convergint Technologies Ltd.
  • Cogent Power Burlington.
  • Copperclad Systems.
  • Corlan Electric.
  • COT Electric.
  • Cpu Electrical.
  • Crimson Electrical.
  • CRS crane systems Inc.
  • Crotech Electric Ltd.
  • CTL Electrical.
  • CUSW.
  • Current Electrical Solutions.
  • Currier Power.
  • Culleton Electrical Services
  • CW-services (contract for Fedex Canada)
  • Damass
  • Danmar Electric.
  • Dani.
  • Danik Electric.
  • D.A.R.T Electric Ltd.
  • Defence
  • Construction Canada.
  • Dental Mart.
  • Diageo Inc.
  • Discovery Electric.
  • D. Sayers Electric.
  • D.D.MAC Electric.
  • DDSPL.
  • Deerbrook Electric.
  • Deerfield Electric.
  • Deerhurst Resort.
  • Delmarc Electric.
  • Deno Electric.
  • Dennis Eden Electrical Contracting
  • Department Of Defence.
  • Dependable Mechanical Systems Inc.
  • Dependable Group Of Companies
  • DMJ Distributors, Australia.
  • Deman Construction.
  • Defran Electric.
  • Descon Conveyor Solutions.
  • Diamond Electric.
  • Direct Power Electrical Inc.
  • Distinttech.
  • Construction Corp.
  • DK Plus Electrical
  • Dorval Electric.
  • DoFasco.
  • DP Electric
  • DSL Solutions.
  • DTK Automations.
  • Delat
    Deville Electric.
  • Dragon Electric Inc.
  • Durock Electric.
  • Ducon Contractors and Homes.
  • Duplex Electric.
  • DYNA MIG, A Division of F&P Mfg., Inc.
  • DW Inc.
    Eagle Press and Equipment.
  • EC power and Lighting Ltd.
  • Edge Automation.
  • Edson Packaging Machinery Ltd.
  • Egar Tool and Dir
  • Hydro.
  • Energy Alliance.
  • Energy Network Services.
  • Engie Multitech.
  • Enriam Dynamics.
  • EnWin Utilities.
  • Electricians To Go
    Electric By Nature.
  • Electric Ltd.
  • Electrical Services- Alberta
  • Electrical smart services.
  • Electrical System Integration and Maintenance
  • Electrical Mechanical Innovations.
  • Electric Group Ltd.
  • Electrostar.
  • Electrotech Inc.
  • Elephas Control Systems
  • Elko Elecrtic.
  • Elkonor Electrical.
    Eltor Electrical.
  • Elite Electric
    EMR Inc.
  • Emer Electric
  • Enek Electrical.
  • Encore
  • EPI Electric Contractors.
    E.S Fox.
  • Ess plus masters.
  • East lighting and electrical
  • Eston Mfg.
  • Etech Electrical.
  • Eva Electrical.
  • Everbite Industries.
  • Everready Electrical Ltd.
  • Expertech
  • Extreme Electric.
  • Extrudex Aluminum Corp.
  • Fairway electrical.
  • Fame Electric
  • FCA Canada.
  • Fellmore Electric.
  • Ferrara Candy Co. Ltd
  • Fiedler Electric.
  • Finning Electric
  • Fisher Electric.
  • Fitzpatrick
  • Electric Contractors
  • FH Automation
  • Flakeboard Ltd.
  • Fleetwood Metal Industries.
  • Flex-n-gate Electric.
  • Flo.
  • Fluor – Alberta
  • IBEW
    FM Sylan
  • FMS Electrical Ltd.
  • Force Automation.
  • Ford Canada
  • Foretech Electric.
  • Fortis Electric Ltd.
  • FOS Electric systems.
  • Foxwood Electric.
  • Frontier Kemper ULC
  • Frontline Electrical Services.
  • Future Electric
  • Future Tech.
  • FULL Service Electric.
  • FULL Scale Electric.
  • Galmar Electrical Contr. Inc.
  • GAK Technology Ltd.
  • Genco Electric.
  • Gengroup.
  • Genuine Electric
  • Gidds.
  • Girard Electric.
  • Give & Go.
  • Giessler Electric.
  • Guaranteed Electric.
  • Grande Cache Coal Ltd (Alberta)
  • Grande Electric.
  • GTA Electrical Enterprises Inc.
  • GTAA
  • GE Water & Process Technologies.
  • Generac Power Systems.
  • Gem Tech Systems.
  • Georgian Shores Electric
  • Georgia pacific Canada Inc.
  • GGE Services.
  • Gibraltar Electric.
  • GM motors Canada
  • GMZ Electrical Inc.
  • Gobbo Systems Inc.
  • Go Green TTC.
  • Goldcorp Inc.
  • Goldgen Co.
  • Golddome Electric.
  • Grantek
  • Goodman Construction
  • Great Canadian wiring co.
  • Grayley Electrical.
  • Grand Cache Coal Corp.
  • Grand River Enterprises.
  • Graywood Electric Ltd.
  • GR Electric.
  • GRT Electric.
  • Guild Electrich
  • G&W Canada Corporation.
  • HFX Solar.
  • H&G Control Company.
  • Hammer Electric.
  • Hamilton Electric.
  • Hamilton School Board.
  • Handling Specialty.
  • Hanson safe electrical solutions Inc.
  • Handy Andy Lett Contracting.
  • Hartwell Electrical.
  • Hart-well Electrical Company limited
  • Heritage Electric Contracting ltd.
  • Hi-Lite Electric Inc.
  • Hilario Electrical.
    HLS Linen Services.
  • Homelight Electrical.
  • Holley Electric.
  • Honda of Canada Mfg.
  • Houle Electric.
  • Hotwire Electric.
  • Horowitz Development.
  • Humber College.
  • Hubbell Canada.
  • Hunsingers
  • H&R Electric.
  • Hydro
  • H&P Electrical
  • Hydro One Corporation.
  • Hydroform Solutions.
  • IB Electrics.
  • Ibew 353 North.
  • IBEW 115 (Brockville).
  • IBEW 151.
  • Ibew2085.
  • IBEW424
  • IBEW Local 586.
  • Ibew773.
    IBEW 804.
  • Iconic.
    ICS lumber.
  • IBI Group.
  • IG Electric
    IGPC Electric
    Igman Electric Ltd.
  • Illumilight.
  • Impact Electric.
  • IMTT-Newfoundland, Ltd.
  • Impact Electrical & Mechanical Ltd.
  • Indoc Cranes (Saskachewan).
  • Industrial Electrical Contrators Ltd.
  • Industrial Contracting Solutions (ICS)
  • Ingram.
  • Innowave Electric Inc.
  • Inner-Phase electric .
  • Inner quest services.
    Intact Electric.
  • Integrity Tool and Mold.
  • Intergal Energy Services Ltd.
  • Internazionale Electrical Contractors.
  • International Electric
  • IPE Canada.
  • IRIS Power.
  • ISS Facility.
  • Infinite Electric.
  • Innovative Automation
  • Internazional Electrical Contractors.
  • Integrity Fire
  • Invista.
  • Innowave Electric
  • IPE Canada.
  • Ippolito Fruit and Produce.
  • Izek
    Jacobs Industrial Services.
  • J & W Electric.
  • Jade Taylor
  • Electric Ltd.
  • Jake Electric.
  • Jan K Overweel.
  • Janick Electric Ltd.
  • Jay Electric.
  • Jesstec Industries Inc
  • JD Electric.
  • JD Irving Ltd.
  • JG Rogers Corp.
  • JFM Inc.
  • Joe-Tech Electric.
  • Joint Apprenticeship Council.
  • JP Power Ltd
  • Jselectric Inc.
  • JYD
  • JW Morris.
  • J&W Electric
  • K & K Reno Services Inc.
  • Kanata Utilities Ltd.
  • Kamnik Electric.
  • Karmax Heavy Stamping.
  • Kelloggs Canada.
  • KEI
    Ken Keeler Electric.
  • Kennedy Electric.
  • K O Electric Power and Control Inc.
  • Kiewit: Construction, Engineering and Mining Services.
  • Kinder Electromechanical.
  • King’s Electrical Ltd.
  • Kirsch Electric contracting Inc.
  • Kitchen Safe Fire Protection Services.
  • KLA Labrotories.
  • KL Products.
  • KPC Power.
  • Khokha Moya Electrical
  • Komatsu.
  • Kudlak Baird Electric.
  • Kraun Electric.
  • Kruger Packaging.
  • LaBelle Electric Ltd.
  • Lancor Electric
  • Land Mark Electric Inc.
  • Langen Electric Ltd.
  • Langguth America.
    Larlin Electric.
  • Lariviere Electric
  • Lasco Electric Inc.
  • Lazer Electrical Solutions.
  • Lemco Electric
  • Les Services administratif Cominar Inc.
  • Leslie Electric Company
  • Leslie Electrical.
  • Lexsan Electrical.
  • Leitner Poma
  • Leighton Electric.
  • Liebherr Electric.
  • Linamar
  • Line Electrical Ltd.
  • Lincoln Electric Company Of Canada.
  • Lite On Site.
    Lighting Contracting.
  • Lightron Site Electric.
  • Linex Manufacturing~Linamar.
  • Linergy Manufacturing.
  • Lion Electric.
  • Listowel Technologies Inc.
  • Lobar Const..
  • Local 1687.
  • Local 530.
  • Lockerbie and hole Co Ltd.
  • London Airport YXU
  • London Spark Electric Services.
  • Locus Electrical
  • Contractors Ltd.
  • Lorik Tools.
  • Lovett Electrical.
  • Canada.
    Lucid Electric.
  • McEachern Electric Ltd.
  • Maclean Engineering.
  • Mafna Air technology Inc.
  • Magna International
    Mag Electric.
  • Malton Electric
  • Manctor Brampton Branch.
  • Manny’s Electrical
  • Maple Stamping
    Maple ridge power and light.
  • Mapleview Electric Co Ltd.
  • Mars Wrigley Confectionary.
  • Marlen Technical Services Ltd.
  • Martinrea O/A Rollstar Metal Forming.
  • Mass Electric.
  • Masse electric.
  • Massi Automated Systems.
  • Mastercard
  • Master Electric.
  • Mayfair Electric.
  • Max Aicher North America.
  • McAdoo Electric.
  • McCormick Canada.
  • Melitron Corp.
  • Mellon.
    Merge Electric.
  • Meridian Housing Foundation.
  • Merlin Plastics.
  • Metro Wide Electric.
  • Metrican Stamping Inc.
  • Messina Electric
  • Mainway Electrical.
  • Masse
  • Electric
    Martin Electric.
  • Martec Construction Services
  • Manav Electrical
  • Meridian.
    Meter City Central.
  • Metric Electric Ltd.
  • Micro Electric.
  • Ming Electric
  • Mikes Electric Ltd.
  • Millennium Electric.
  • Mill Street Brewer.
  • Mitchell Electric.
  • Mitrex.
  • Minelli Maintenance Ltd.
  • M.W.H. Petroleum.
  • M & M HVAC.
  • Montgomery Electric.
  • Modatek Systems (Magna).
  • Modern Niagara Electric.
  • Moldpro
  • Moore Electrical Inc.
  • Morrow Equipment.
  • MTI.
  • MTE Controls.
  • Mott Electric.
  • Motion Electric.
  • Mp Electrical Services Ltd.
  • Mr. Electric.
  • Muddy York Electric.
  • Munger.
    Murray Electric Cont. Ltd.
  • Musashi.
  • Musico Electric Ltd.
  • Multitech Trades Corp.
  • Multitap Electrical Services.
  • MPRO Electrical
  • MWS Solutions.
  • MVJ Electric.
  • MVP Electric.
  • MXX Electrical.
  • Mykon Electric.
  • Nadir Electric.
  • National Steel Car.
  • National Oilwell Varco.
  • Naylor Group Inc.
  • NewLine Electrical Services
  • Net Electric.
  • New Rubber Technologies Canada.
  • New Electric.
  • Narlee Electric.
  • Nathan Electric.
  • New 5 electrical inc.
  • Niagara Electric.
  • Nicholson Electrical Services
  • Nola Electric.
  • Nord Electric.
  • Northern Telecom.
  • North America Construction.
  • Northfield Electric.
  • Northern Transformer Corp.
  • North Country Electric Inc.
  • Novin Electrical.
    North Country Electric.
  • North Star Electric.
  • North Wind Solutions
  • Nortown Electrical Contractors Ltd.
  • Nortex Electric
  • NSW Electric Contractors.
  • Nuforce & Security Co. Ltd.
  • Nexus Electric.
  • Oconnor Electric.
  • OEC Canada Inc.
    O\’Brien LS.
  • Ohmax Electrical Incoporated.
  • Okey Lamp.
  • Olkamar Electric.
  • Omega Electric.
  • On and Off Electric.
  • Ontario Electrical Construction.
  • Ontario Electric.
  • Ontario Power
  • ONR Ontario Northland Rail
  • Orangeville Fire Equipment
  • Orion Electric Ltd.
  • Orlick Industries Ltd.
  • Ontario Power Generation (OPG)
  • Optimal Power Solutions Ltd.
  • Outback Electric.
    OZZ Electric Inc.
  • Onyx-Fire.
  • Optimum Electric
  • Opus Mechanical.
  • Panson Electric.
  • Parmalot
  • Patrick Sparck Electric.
  • Paynel Electrical Contractors.
  • Parkers Tea & Coffee Ltd.
  • Peace River Coal ( Anglo American ).
  • Pearson Electrotechnology Centre-Montreal.
  • Pepsi.
  • Perfect Renovations Group.
  • PCL Construction.
  • PCL energy.
  • PCS electric.
  • Pch Electrical
  • PHE
  • P.N.P Electric
  • Panson Electric Service Ltd.
  • Particular Electric.
  • Phasecorp Electric Ltd.
  • Phazer Electric.
  • Phase 1 Electric.
  • Phase4electric
  • Pine Valley Electric.
  • Pivot Systems
  • Alberta.
  • Pivot Systems Mississauga.
  • PLA Automation
  • Plan Group.
  • Platinum Electrical Contractors.
  • Platinum Electrical – Industrial
  • Plaza Electric.
  • PNP Electric.
  • Poirier Electric.
  • Polar Pak Inc.
  • Polycon Electric.
  • POS Electric Ltd.
  • Potash Corp.
  • Power Works Electrical Services.
  • Power Op.
  • Practical Electric Contracting Inc.
  • Precise Parklink Inc.
  • Presstran.
  • Prime Time Electric.
  • Procter & Gamble.
  • Pro-electric Contractors.
  • Pro-Plus Electric Inc.
  • Prophase Ltd.
  • Prodomax
  • Pro-Tek Electrical.
  • Protrades mechanical
  • Pro-Phase Electric.
  • Pros Electric.
  • Protec Installation Group.
  • PSE Services.
  • Pyramid Corporation.
  • Quartz.
  • Quantech Electric.
  • Quinte Trade Services.
  • Ramboll Appliance Services.
  • Ramalho Electric Ltd.
  • Ramsey Electric.
  • Rand Electric.
  • Randall Industrial Electric
  • Rainbow Electric.
  • Ragno Electric.
    Ramco Electric.
  • Rascan Electric.
  • Rayonier
  • RBI
  • RCN Electrical
  • RCE Electrical Contractors
  • Rectone Electric.
  • Read Controls and Energy Services.
  • Red Line Electric Inc.
  • Red Power Electric Company.
  • Regional Electrical Contractors Ltd.
  • Relamping Services
  • Renew Electric.
  • ResCo Energy.
  • Rexton Electrical Contractors.
  • Reynolds Consumer Products.
  • New Phase Electrical
  • Reid Electric.
  • Richview Electric Inc.
  • Richmount Island Gold.
    Rico Electric.
  • Rider Electric.
  • Riviera Electric.
  • RH Electrical.
  • Rite Solutions Electrical.
  • RPS Electrical.
  • Roberts OnSite.
  • Robertson Bright Inc.
  • Rock Electric.
  • Rockland Electric.
  • ROCKWELL Automation
  • Rockwool
    Rod Stoddart Electrical.
  • Rogol Electric Co Ltd.
  • Romano Brothers.
  • Rondar Inc.
  • Rowley Electric.
  • Roxul Inc.
  • Rran Electrical & Automation Inc.
  • Ryfan electric.
  • Ryman Electric.
  • Rusco Electric.
  • Scan Electric Limited.
  • Safeway Electrical inc.
  • Sagebrush Environmental Systems.
  • Sandbank Homes.
  • Saundersons Electric.
  • SC Johnson.
  • SeasPan (Victoria Shipyard).
  • Siemens.
  • D.E.C. Systems.
  • Sentry Electric.
  • Set Point Building Automation.
  • SG electrical
    SGI electrical services.
  • Schneider Electric.
  • Signature Electric.
  • Silver Electrical.
  • Simcoe County
  • Contracting.
    Sims Recycling.
  • Simons Electrical & Design.
  • Smith & Long.
  • Sheridan College.
  • Shipman Electric.
  • SHOWTECH Power & Lighting.
  • Snowden Farms
  • Soft Wall.
  • Solda Poolsv
  • Solid Electrical Services.
  • Solo Electric.
  • Somal Construction.
  • Somerville Electric Ltd.
  • Sound Electric.
  • SouthPaw Electric.
  • Southview Electric.
  • Spark power.
  • Speedy Electric.
  • Spinic Manufacturing. (A Division of Linamar Corp.)
  • Star Electricals
  • Starlight Trade.
  • State Electric
  • Stackpole
  • Stevens & Black.
  • Stelco
  • Strak Holding Inc.
  • Strongman Electric.
  • St. Lawrence
  • Seaway Management Corporation.
  • Such Electromuch PVT Ltd.
    Sun Brite.
  • Sungrid Solutions.
  • Superior North Electrical and Communications
  • Shfty Inc.
  • Shockingly Good Electrical Controls
  • Shoreline Casino
  • Symtech Innovations
  • Synchrotech Electric.
  • Swiss Electric.
  • Sparkies Electric
  • Sotawall Electric.
  • Suzlon.
  • Synergy
  • Tam Electric.
  • Tarpon Electric.
  • Tagus electrical contractors
  • Taylor Electric
  • Teague Electric.
  • Tech3
  • Techmast Automation
  • Techelectric automation Inc.
  • Telus
  • Tembec.
  • TES Consulting.
  • TMB
  • TDSB.
  • The Electrical Company.
  • The Namco Group.
  • The wire guy.
  • Tony’s Property Services.
  • Thomson Power Systems.
  • Thorncrest Electric
  • Thor Global Enterprise.
  • TM3 Inc.
  • T.P. Electrical.
  • Top Line Electric.
  • Total Power.
  • Tornado Electric
  • Toronto Hydro Electric System.
  • Toronto Transit Commission (TTC)
  • Toronto Community Housing.
  • Toyota manufacturing Canada (Ontario) (TMMC).
  • Tracer Industries Ltd.
  • Trades Electrical.
    Trade electric DS.
  • TradeMark Indstrial.
  • Tradescope Electric.
  • Traxle Manufacturing.
  • Trench Electric.
  • Tri-City Voltage Inc.
  • Tri-Tech.
  • Tristart Electric.
  • Trini Electric Inc.
  • Trinity Electrical Solutions.
  • Tripple M Metal.
  • Trotter & Morton Group Of Companies
  • Tron Electric.
  • Trydan Systems Inc.
  • TSA Electrical Inc.
  • Tyson Electric.
  • Turnkey Modular Systems Inc.
  • Twiss Electric.
  • VA Electrical.
  • Vale
    Valco Electric.
  • Ventra Plastics
  • Windsor
    VEP Mechanical.
  • Vesco Electric
  • Visca Electric.
  • Vision Profile Extrusion
  • Vic Rempel Electric.
  • Volton Electrical
  • Vuteq Canada.
  • VTR Feeder Solutions.
  • Vytel Electrical Ltd.
  • Waltec Electric
  • Watt’s happening Electrical Services.
  • Westport Paving Inc.
  • Westwood Electric
  • Westmount Electric.
  • Wilmac.
  • Wire Rite Electrical.
  • Wirework
    Wilmac Electrical Contracting.
  • World Wide Electric Inc.
  • WSN Construction
  • W. S. Nicholls.
  • U Barton Mechanical.
  • US Steel Canada (LEW)
  • Unitech
  • Universal cleaning and painting.
  • uno Electric.
  • Urban Electric.
  • URCA Inc.
  • Xbase Electrical & Communication Inc.
  • YVDautomation Service Inc.
  • Yemen Drilling.
  • York Region District School Board.
  • Zap Electric.
  • Zed Electric.
  • Zerem Electric.
  • Zincor Electric inc.