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Feedback July 14th, 2019, Classes For Success.

class picture July 14th 2019 new

“Before I came to class, I was trying to read/calculate motors, transformers, motor operation. I was stumped/frustrated. This class clarified any problems that I had. I was trying to prep for the journeyman exam and clarify questions about some calculations. This course is structured with 95% success rate. I would definitely recommend this course to my friends. I advise everyone not to prolong taking the exam which is a weight on your shoulders and take this course and finish it and move on. The class is engaging and interactive by answering all your questions. I am able to remember the code sections which I don’t use daily such as transformers, motors, conduit fill and etc. . The class notes were emailed to us and I liked the help and support provided after class. I like going through multiple choice questions-real help.” “Before the class, I did not know what to expect. I needed to become better at answering questions. My counsellor told me about this course. It is a great class- result oriented. I was happiest in finding tips and tricks to find the answers faster. I was able to quickly navigate the code book and answer the questions. I liked everything about this course.” “I was looking to increase my knowledge base and my chances of passing the first time. Also using the index for conductors, cables & hazardous locations. No search required, many people are constantly recommending this course. This course stands out from what I heard and having Sam as my instructor in the past. I was sold on passing the first time. I was happy that it was offered on the weekend and only takes 3 weeks. I like the amount of general trade knowledge (GTK) in this course. I liked the fact that you were there to answer the questions anytime- that is HUGE. There is nothing that you can do to improve this course. It was a great course for many reasons and you have a great attitude.”

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