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Feedback Feb. 9th, 2019, Classes For Success.

Oct. 5th 2019 class

“Before coming to class, I was had a feeling of uncertainty and lacked confidence in writing the exam. This course showed me advanced techniques on how to navigate the code book which were original and now I have a better understanding of what is being asked of me on the real exam. This course was recommended by my multiple friends and a their experiences when they took this course in previous classes. I liked that this course was a recommended course. There was no obstacle that prevented me from joining this course. It went without a hitch. It is very informative, I learned a lot important info that I did not learn in trade school. I am a better electrician for taking this course. I like the fact that I can use class hours toward my apprenticeship hours. What made me the happiest is learning advanced techniques and the tricks of the trade. I was able to learn about the general trade knowledge for an exam point of view and the quarter rule. I love the fact that it comes with full expert support and that I can get the answer to every question that I have and that the online course with 8 bonuses comes with the in class sessions. This course support you all the way until you write and pass.” “By taking this class, I was trying to find out general information about the real exam. My classmates and co-workers recommended this course to me. There were not any obstacles that prevented me from coming to class. I would definitely recommend this course. Best advice that was given to me by the JAC office.” ” Before I came to class, I had limited knowledge of the code. This course hepled me get clarity on how to navigate the code book along with easier methods in finding calculations and sections in general. I liked the CFQ pass rate of students who took the class before. All the ones that I knew, passed. I would definitely recommend this course.” “After taking this course, I quickly gained general knowledge. This course was recommended by my friends in the industry. I liked the time committment and the amount of knowledge covered. Work is slow now so I capitalized on the down time at work to get my licence. I would highly recommend this course.”

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