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Feedback Feb. 15th, 2018, Classes For Success.

“The course was open and comfortable, instructor was straight to the point and relates the material to jobsite”, “I liked the instructor, online material and location, on time, focused on the exam and nothing else”, “I liked the GTK (General Trade Knowledge) and good explanation”, “Teaches you what you need”, “I like the way the instructor teaches the material, how straight forward he is when teaching and his support for you”, “I liked the tricks to the code and getting rid of useless info”, “I liked motors’ and conductors’ sizing explanations”, “I liked this course because it was at a pace where I am comfortable. You taught me tricks on how to tackle the question and I feel much more comfortable”, “Accurate information, every question was explained in detail”, “Very good manner of teaching, friendly, explains things in a clear way, effective techniques and instructor is very knowledgeable”,”Condenses & simplifies the content I need to know to pass the CFQ”, “Very simplistic approach”, “I liked the teacher, questions & delivery”, “I liked how it was taught, a lot of info and explained very well”, “No improvement of this course needed- it was good as is. Instructor was on top of everything.” 

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