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Feedback December 15th, 2019, Classes For Success.

“Before I came to class, the code book was my problem. I was trying to solve the problem of navigating the code book efficiently without reading all of it from start to finish. I was recommended this course by my co-workers and their experience that they gained from this course. There was no obstacle for me in taking this course. I highly recommend this course.””Before I came to this class, I had minimal information about the exam. I was trying to understand the way the exam is setup and the knowledge required from me as a minimum so I can pass. I knew about these classes from basic trade school. It is well recommended by co-workers and has a good reputation. The obstacle that almost prevented me from coming to class was the cost but now I know that it was worth every penny and I would highly recommend it. ” “Before I came to class, I had limited knowledge of the code and the ability to reference codes quickly. I managed to solve this issue. I came to this course on my friends’ recommendations and I would recommend it myself.” ” Before coming to class, I was not very knowledgeable of certain areas of my trade. After attending classes, I became more aware of what the Cfq is based on and developed more knowledge for future situation. I learned about this class from trade school and word of mouth. I woud recommend this course- highly.” “Before I came to class, I had a lot of confusion about Cfq questions. I found it hard to find keywords in the code book. This class taught me time management with the code book and where to find the answers. This course has a 95% success rate and highly recommended from my peers in class. The cost and the rush for time has almost prevented me from coming to class,but now I am realizing the value this course teaches you and how effective its preparaation for the electrical exam. Yes. Of Course. I would recommend this course. I liked the step by step method on how to tackle questions on the exam. What made me the happiest is becoming more confident in answering questions from the practice. Since I took this course, I was able to navigate the code book better and answer questions without using the code book. I liked how easily it is to understand the step by step way of answering questions that normally would be difficult to answer. I liked the easy/quick learning tricks to help you pass the real exam.” ” Before I came to class, I had a lot of unanswered questions and confusion with code rules. I was trying to solve time management of looking up codes and overall the use of the code book plus the type of questions that will be asked. What made this course stand out is the great recommendations and the reviews with 95% success rate. Nothing could have prevented me from coming to class. I have already recommended this course to my friends. I liked coming to class and have a face to face talk about problems that I have. I liked coming to class to get answers to my questions and learn new advanced techniques for work through the questions and code book. I gained the knowledge about topics never taught in trade school. I liked the amount of quality material that was presented.

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