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Feedback August 18th, 2019, Classes For Success.

Class August 2019 Humber 2 of 2

We were taught what we needed to know to pass- nothing more and nothing less. It was worth the drive to Humber. “”I liked how knowlegable Sam was with the content. He got to the point and helped us not to overthink the questions. I heard about this course from other students talking about it in trade school.””I liked how the instructor showed us simple and easy ways to find things in the code book as well as answering some questions. My foreman to me about this course.””I liked the amount of information, good explanations and the relevance to the CFQ. “”I liked proper communication, keywords and notes and open communication. I liked hw the material was presented and the online aspect is great. I learned about the course from a co-worker. “”I liked the efficiency fo delivery and focus only on the relevant trade knowledge required for the CFQ,  I learned about the course through friends from trade school and my counsellor. “”It is very clear and focused on what I need to know. I learned about this course from my supervisor. “”I learned abou this course from a friend who took this course. It got me back into the math and code after 1 year of being out of school. “”A mutual friend took the course and found it helpful. Everything went well. “”Sam is a great teacher. He explains things very well. Easy ways to remember key points and I am more confident finding stuff in my code book. “”This course has absolutely increased my knowledge exponentially and without it I do not think I have a chance. Sam is an excellent teacher. His method of teaching is the most effective for me personally that I have ever experienced from tips on navigating the code to his GTK stuff. I do not think I could be any more prepared than I am right now. Thank you Sam. There is nothing that I did not like about the course. There is a lot of material covered in a short yime but that’s the idea, so is the test. “”This course is just perfect.”I was refered to this course by an electrician friend.”

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