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Feedback April 30th, 2022, Classes For Success.

“I like the in-class learning. 60% of my test is general trade knowledge which I gained from this course and I recommend this to my friends. Now I feel more confident about writing the real exam. This course was all good.”” Before I came to class, I asked my co-workers about a good pre- exam course and this course was recommended highly and after coming to class I will recommend this course myself. I like the price and the in person and the online learning. I liked the quality class material and the instructor was good. I was able to score perfect on calculation questions and now I am better at navigating the Canadian electrical code.” before coming to class I have seen a video review from someone I knew so I trusted it more than others. I like the success rate and the support that I get from this course and the interaction we had and the time taken to answer questions. I achieved more understanding of what I should study and what doesn’t matter. The course material was easy to follow and understand and I like the fact that everything was taught was clear and simple and I would recommend this course.” ” I learned interesting ways to remember the calculations and navigate the codebook, some key points about broad topics, firearm, solid approach to thinking like the CSA when making choices with regards to test answers. I was impressed with the instructor’s broad and in-depth knowledge of so many aspects of the trade in theory. The instructor with limited time was able to dig deep into topics quite thoroughly. I like to techniques to remember key calculations and measurements and getting better at electrical code navigation, and I recommend this course.” “The instructor really took the stress out and made studying clear. I was able to find keywords in the question and be able to find the right answers in the code book. The instructor explained everything in a clear way. It was an excellent course and there’s nothing to change about it.”” I was trying to solve a lot of motor and transformer calculations which the instructor helped thoroughly explain the steps needed to solve them. This course was recommended by a lot of co-workers who had also taken the course in the past and I was told that this is definitely the best pre-exam course I could look for. My friends had nothing but good things to say about this course. It was all positive comments, and everyone was telling me at work that it was worth it. I like the in-person communication and being able to work closely with my peers. I knew that everyone that attended the class before was guaranteed to learn something new. After taking the course I was able to successfully use the index effectively and learn how to answer code questions in a timely manner. I think the entire delivery of the course was just hands down amazing. I think it was a great pace that we were taught and such a great variety of questions and notes to study from. I love that it actually made me feel a lot more confident about being able to answer code questions that I once never thought I would be able to teach myself. I think everything is about this course is delivered and handled in a timely manner to help benefit each student and I wouldn’t change anything. Don’t fix what’s not broken.”” I managed to learn about motor calculations, transformers, box fill, conduit fill and a lot more. I was able to understand the material easier. I felt like as if I was getting smarter by the hour. Now I have more confidence for my exam and what exceeded my expectation is the way I was able to understand so much material in only six classes.”” I liked the 24/7 support that comes with the course. I got recommended from someone who took the course did well on the exam. I knew almost everyone in the room is there to pass the same test and become a journeyperson. I was able to get through questions without taking a break after answering. I can not believe how fast the day went. The structure of the course is excellent and I liked how the teacher gave lessons behind questions to understand the material and I would recommend this course.”” I liked how the course material was made easy and simple to understand. There were no obstacles for me to join the course. I would highly recommend it and I like the guarantee to pass. I learned and managed to find new ways to find information in the code book. I liked the general trade knowledge and the pace that was kept in class. There’s no need for improvement. Excellent work.”” It was a friend’s recommendation. I discovered different methods of learning and better study habits then I realized how little they teach you in trade school. The teacher was very good teacher and explained things very well and I recommend this course.”” My uncle took this course and said it really helped him. I have learned new things I’ve never seen before or heard about. This course made it easier and motivated me to study and gave me a direction and a plan to see this through. I like the way the teacher explained concepts and material in plain simple English.”” I thought I was prepared correct my exam but after taking this course I realized that I wasn’t. I learned a lot especially general trade knowledge and how to navigate the codebook quickly. I learned about the course from my friends from work. The teacher’s attitude and the knowledge he brought to the course were excellent. I have learned how to easily navigate the codebook and the general trade knowledge that I need for my job and exam and the fact that the extra help is available and the learning environment that was created, that was something. I like the way the teacher taught us the content very direct, no beating around the bush. Giving up three weekends was definitely worth it. The course is pretty solid. I highly recommend if you are serious about getting the best of the best.”” I finally found an efficient way to answer questions so that time would not be an issue on the real exam. Guys from work have taken the course they highly recommend it and I decided to take it because it helped them to write their exam and the fact that the teacher has credentials and also hearing positive feedback from other people who took this course had made me follow the right advice and make a decision to enroll in this course. I like how efficient the teacher was with the class. There was no waste of time and the focus was always on the topic. Good methods to remember certain tips and tricks on using the codebook. My confidence to write the exam was a lot better now than before when I first started the preparation for the course. Having the binder ready with all the diagrams and actually referring to the material, the course is exactly what it advertised; confidence to write the exam and the teacher did an amazing job through the weeks to bring people confidence up and teach them how to navigate effectively 2021 code book.”” The class was exactly what I expected, and I’m satisfied so I recommend this course.”


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