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Feedback April 27th, 2019, Classes For Success.

April 27th 2019 class picture

“I learned about your course from a friend. I learned a lot from this course and satisfied. I would recommend it to my friends; the evaluation was clear and I was motivated to learn. The instructor taught me when I entered my apprenticeship. “” The content was well described and informative in detail about the CEC.  A lot of misunderstood information was cleared up. I can easily recommend this course to my peers. It was very foecused on the main blocks of the exam.  The instructor kept the class engaged and made sure learning was being done. The teacher was full of energy with simplified short cuts- visual and verbal explanations and electronically sent notes after every class. “”I was impressed with how well things were explained.  I liked the knowledge that I gained.””The course outline summarized what I learned in trade school, on the job and prepared me for my CFQ exam. The course was very informative and great pace. I would recommend it to anyone preparing to become an electrician. Sam is very versed on the subject. His pace and interaction with the class were great. ” “I was impressed with how clear the content was.””I heard about you from friends and co-workers. I liked that it simplified the use of the code book, offered useful information and steps to easier use of formulas. I would not do anything to improve the course. It works..””The course is clear and easy to understand. The instructor was patient. There is nothing to dislike about this course.  It was well planned and covered all the relevant areas. Please keep up the good work and I will  tell all my friends about this course. “”Questions were accurate with what we will be tested on. Learning material is amazing.  


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