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  |   Videos IBEW353 members and JAC apprentices get $250 back.

Important notice from

If you are an IBEW353 member and a JAC apprentice, you can get $250 refund from the IBEW353 for taking the course online

All you need to do is

1) Take the 309A or the 442A course online.

2) Write and pass the 309A or 442A electrical exam with the ministry

3) Take the receipt from the course that you received in the mail with your Cfq from the ministry to the IBEW353 (education committee). You will receive $250 back.

Your total cost is

1) $299.95 for the online course.

2) $250 refund from the IBEW353.

3) The course only costs you $50.

Notice- You must be in good standing with the JAC.


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