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Welcome to the Canadian Electrical Licence
pre-exam course.

25 more students have passed the electrical exam. 5 have passed the 442A industrial electrician licence exam and 20 more have passed the Construction & Maintenance electrician licence exam. Congrats to all.



Steve C
Samuel  T
Mihalj  K
Kevin  G
Theepen  L
Dan  B
mario  M
Bentley  H
Trevor  M
John  U
Jerry  M
Josh  K
Peter  R
Dan J
Paul  T
Timothy  W
Roberllann  C
Stephen  G
Andrew  W
Kevin  J
sam  C
Reza  M
Mike  V
Vince M
Robin  M
Adrian L
Alexander  M
Nicholas  M
Andrew  A
Robin  O
Paul  T
Dan J
Shaun P


This is what Mr. Stephen had to say:"Yes I have and passed with a 78%. First Time. Thank you."

This is what Mr. Reza had to say:"I got the licence. And I am working as a electrician. Your classes was so useful and I appreciate it. Thank you so much. My score was 80%-First Time. I studied a lot. Your teaching was great and you are sophisticated. Thanks."
This is what Mr. Stephen had to say:"Yes I have and passed with a 78%. First Time. Thank you."


This is what Mr. Andy had to say:"Thanks I got 92% was really happy with he results."

This is what Mr. Tim had to say:"I finished class with you last saturday, wrote my exam Monday and passed."

This is what Mr. Paul had to say:"I sat my exam last Tuesday and passed. Thanks for your help and your awesome course."

This is what Mr. Dan had to say:"I passed with a 75% - the first time after attending your class in March. Thank you. It feels good to be successful and you in class course helped me a lot. Without your teaching, I would not have finished in time. My general trade knowledge helped me answer the simple questions faster and the navigation through the code book was a HUGE deal breaker. Thank you very much. I will surely recommend your course as it helped me greatly."

This is what Mr. Rob had to say:"I have written my CFQ today. Thank you.. your course was quite helpfull. I passed with an %85. found the test way easier then the CSA mock exam program. Your course helped a lot... thank you again!.."

This is what Mr. John had to say: "I have passed my industrial Electrician Exam using your materials. I got 75. The matrials were very helpful. Add me to sucess stories in your website. I am very greateful."

This is what Mr. Trevor had to say:"I passed 87%- First Time. Thanks again."

This is what Mr. Mario had to say:"I got 87% on my Exam. Thank you."

This is what Mr. Marcus had to say:"Just wanted to let you know that I passed my exam after taking your class-78%. Thank you for helping me."

This is what Mr. Kevin had to say:"I passed my c of q thanks a lot for the pre exam course.I will tell everyone writing about your course as well."


Excellent effort and well deserved. We are really happy for you. Enjoy your licences & the extra. We will be sending you a gift in the mail. Thank you for your trust & please tell more of your friends.

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$75 Off Of The $600 if you sign up for Classes For Success before April 15th, 2017

Welcome Back Spring Monthly Discounts Until April 15th, 2017. Enter this Coupon Code:  SUCCESS309A2015 or SUCCESS442A2015 at the Checkout Page for 30% off of the 299.95 or 50% off today of the 299.95 on 309A 442A online full membership when you call in (416) 841-1399 or do nothing and you will get 3 bonuses ($60) value for the 309A and 4 bonuses ($80) value for the 442A. Ask for details.


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Advanced In-Class Sessions for Success


I hope all is well. This is a general broadcast message to all our friends. Now you can access the online courses from any device including cell phones, tablets, laptops & desktops, any browser and any Operating System. We would like to remind you of:
  1. Classes For Success are starting 3 weeks from now on March 9th, 2017. Seats are still available. Please tell your friends. 
  2. We have updated the 309A  2015 Construction & Maintenance Electrician Exam preparation Course For Success.
  3. We have updated the 442A  2015 Industrial Electrician Course For Success.
  4. If you have written and passed your electrical exam, we would like to hear from you. Please email us at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  or text us at (416) 841-1399
  5. We would like to offer a Free Access to a module called 2015 Canadian Electrical Code Changes Explained . All that needs to be done is go to and Click Register & Pay from the top right corner of your screen and Click on the FREE tab- Register for instant FREE access. Happy Valentine's Month Discounts Until February 28, 2017. Enter this Coupon Code:  SUCCESS at the Checkout Page for 15% off of the 299.95 or 40% off today of the 299.95 on 309A 442A online full membership when you call in (416) 841-1399 or do nothing and you will get 3 bonuses ($60) value. Ask for details.
We offer you Advanced In-class sessions for Success in 2017:
March, May, July, September, November 2017: Every 2 months. 
Click here for more information
Thank you for your support and have a great week.
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Receptacles for Residential Occupancy

Based on 2015 CEC (Section 26-700)


Receptacle Location   AFCI   GFCI
Bedroom   YES   NO
Living Room   YES   NO
Hallways   YES   NO
Dining /Kitchenette   YES   NO
Outdoor Receptacle   YES   YES
Cord Connected Appliances Garbage disposal/dishwasher)   YES   NO
Kitchen Counter   NO   If within 1.5m of sink
Kitchen Island   NO   If within 1.5m of sink
Sump Pump (Only)   NO   NO
Refrigerator   NO   NO
Outdoors   YES   YES
Buit-in Microwave   YES   NO
Bathroom/Washroom   NO   YES
Gas Range   YES   NO
Block heater if installed as per Rule 8-400   NO   NO
Washing Machine   YES   NO
Laundry Room   YES   NO
Utility Room   YES   NO
Unfinished basement   YES   NO
Central Vac   YES   NO
Dryer   NO   NO
Electric Range   NO   NO
Attached Garage/Carport   YES   NO
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26 more students have passed their electrical exam. 24 have passed the 309A Construction & Maintenance Canadian electrical exam with Full support and 2 more have passed the industrial electrician exam.

Matthew S
Erik  M
Adam  R
Matthew  P
Raymond D
Greg C
Eric  F
Michael  M
Resdeep K
Ehab H
Nicholas C
Richard  B
Kevin J
Joseph D
Ian A
Jasdeep S
Darren R
Bill G
Wavel  W
Franco D
Jonathan F

This is what Mr. Stephane had to say:"Ty very much for everything passed my exam awesome site very helpfull."

This is what Mr. Erik had to say:"Thanks. I got the results and I got 81%- First Time. I am pretty happy. Thanks a lot for the help and I will be sure to promote your course to others."

This is what Mr. Anthony had to say:"Thank you very much. I passed with a 92%- the first time because of your excellent training."

This is what Mr. Brian had to say:"I just found out my results, I scored an 83! Very excited about it. Thought I would let you know and thanks again I've been recommending your course to friends"

This is what Mr. Adam had to say:"I got my mark back. I passed with an 82%. Thank you so much for your help."

This is what Mr. Michael had to say:"I passed the Cfq. My friends signed up for your classes and my other friend is meeting with you on the weekends. I passed with 75%. Thanks again. I really appreciate the help and everything you do for electricians. Thanks again. I will stop by your classes to personally thank you."


Excellent effort and well deserved. We are really happy for you. Enjoy your licences & the extra. We will be sending you a gift in the mail. Thank you for your trust & please tell more of your friends.


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44 more students have passed their electrical exam. 30 have passed the 309A Construction & Maintenance Canadian electrical exam with Full support and 14 more have passed the industrial electrician exam.

Marc  S
Matthew M
James  C
Paul  M
Martin S
imran S
 John H
Taralynn C
michael D
Jose M
Rathod D
Jatinder S
Michael T
 Anthony M
Colin M
Colin  M
Derek D
Patrick D
Michael V
Resdeep K
Sheikh F
Matthew P
Seyedhossein K
Aaron G
Luigi P
Daniel F
Jagadesh K
Manouchehr A
Malcolm P
Andrew  S
Greg  I
Shafqat H
Nasir A
Brian D
Samir  D
Imad P
Stephane N

This is what Mr. Imran had to say:"I am happy to tell you that I passed my electrical exam industrial - the first time with 85% using your course and support. Thank you so much. Your course was really good and easy to follow. Thank you."

This is what Mr. John had to say:"I wrote my CofQ last Monday. Got marks back and scored an 83%. Thanks a lot. Your program really helped and I'll be telling people about it for sure. Much appreciated."

This is what Mr. Michael had to say:"Thanks. I certainly will recommend that anyone writing take your course as I found a large portion of the test not based on what was learned in trade school. Definitely worth the investment.I passed with 83%- the first time."

This is what Mr. Jatinder had to say:"Just want to thank you for your great teaching and help because of you I passed my electrical exam with 86/100.Thanks again."

This is what Mr. Elias had to say:"I already passed the exam. Thank you very much for your course."

This is what Mr. Stephane had to say:"Ty very much for everything passed my exam awesome site very helpfull."

Excellent effort and well deserved. We are really happy for you. Enjoy your licences & the extra. We will be sending you a gift in the mail. Thank you for your trust & please tell more of your friends.


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Provincial and Territorial Apprenticeship and Certification Authorities

The Red Seal Program is administered in each province and territory by the apprenticeship and certification authorities. As such, please direct your inquiries to your respective provincial or territorial authority.


Apprenticeship and Industry Training
10th Floor, Commerce Place
10155 - 102 St NW
Edmonton, Alberta  T5J 4L5
Telephone: 1-800-248-4823
Fax: 780-422-3734
Direct Contact

British Columbia

Industry Training Authority
800 - 8100 Granville Avenue
Richmond, British Columbia  V6Y 3T6
Telephone: 778-328-8700
Toll Free: 1-866-660-6011 (within BC)
Fax: 778-328-8701
Direct Contact


Apprenticeship Manitoba
100 - 111 Lombard Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba  R3B 0T4
Telephone: 204-945-3337
Toll Free: 1-877-978-7233 (1-877-97-TRADE)
Fax: 204-948-2539
Direct Contact

New Brunswick

Apprenticeship and Occupational Certification Branch
Dept. of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour
470 York Street, Room 100
Chestnut Complex, 1st floor
P.O. Box 6000
Fredericton, New Brunswick  E3B 5H1
Telephone: 506-453-2260
Fax: 506-453-5317
Direct Contact

Newfoundland and Labrador

Apprenticeship and Trades Certification Division
Department of Advanced Education and Skills
P.O. Box 8700, Basement Floor
Confederation Building, West Block
Prince Philip Drive
St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador  A1B 4J6
Toll Free: 1-877-771-3737
Fax: 709-729-5878
Direct Contact

Northwest Territories

Apprenticeship, Trades and Occupations
Government of the Northwest Territories
P.O. Box 1320
Yellowknife, Northwest Territories  X1A 2L9
Telephone: 867-873-7552
Fax: 867-873-0200
Direct Contact

Nova Scotia

Apprenticeship Training and Skill Development
Labour and Advanced Education
2021 Brunswick Street
P.O. Box 578
Halifax, Nova Scotia  B3J 2S9
Telephone: 902-424-5651
Fax: 902-424-0717
Direct Contact


Apprenticeship, Trade and Occupations Certification
Department of Family Services
P.O. Box 1000, Stn 920
Iqaluit, Nunavut  X0A 0H0
Telephone: 867-975-5280
Fax: 867-975-5295
Direct Contact


Ontario College of Trades
655 Bay Street, Suite 600
Toronto, Ontario  M5G 2K4
Telephone: 647-847-3000
Toll Free: 1-855-299-0028
Fax: 866-398-0368
Direct Contact

Prince Edward Island

Apprenticeship Section
Department of Innovation and Advanced Learning
Post-Secondary and Continuing Education
Atlantic Technology Centre, Suite 212
90 University Avenue
P.O. Box 2000
Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island  C1A 7N8
Telephone: 902-368-4460
Fax: 902-368-6144
Direct Contact


Centre administratif de la qualification professionnelle
Ministère du Travail, de l'Emploi et de la Solidarité sociale (MTESS)
P.O. Box 100
Victoriaville, Quebec  G6P 6S4
Toll Free: 1-866-393-0067
Direct Contact


Apprenticeship & Trade Certification Commission
2140 Hamilton Street
Regina, Saskatchewan  S4P 2E3
Telephone: 306-787-2444
Toll Free: 1-877-363-0536
Fax: 306-787-5105
Direct Contact


Apprenticeship Training
Yukon Education
P.O. Box 2703
Whitehorse, Yukon  Y1A 2C6
Telephone: 867-667-5298
Toll Free: 1-800-661-0408 ext. 5298
Fax: 867-667-8555
Direct Contact

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Good News- You can access the courses on and from any device (cell phone, Ipad, Mac, Windows etc.) and any web browser (IE, Chrome, Firefox etc.) The module called 2015 Canadian Electrical Code Book Explained is available for a FREE access anytime. Go to and Click Register and Pay and Choose 2015 Canadian Electrical Code Book Explained. We are excited to announce the start of classes every 2 months throughout the years 2016 and 2017 for the 309A Construction & Maintenance electrical exam prep course. The next class is Nov. 10th, 2016 which is 4 weeks from now. If you like to join us, please call to register. If you are a current member and would like to come to class, we can accommodate you. You pay only 300 taxes included. Full details at If you have already signed up, welcome aboard and you are on your way to success. If you have not, please visit us now at and and tell your friends. We are thrilled to welcome you and we will be adding 3 bonuses to any new full membership purchase this month. Please let us know of your current status whether you have written the electrical exam or not or if you need help in any way. We are here for you 24/7-at your service. Thank you.

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Electrical Apprentices & electrical exam challengers- There are many great reasons to incorporate’s 3 Step System For Success in your plans to earn your electrical licence in Canada and around the world. Thankfully, when it comes to shopping for choices of electrical pre-exam courses, Canadian residents have a great number of options available to them.

Electricalexam’s course options of electrician exam preparation includes choices for all your pre-exam needs – whether it be One on One tutoring, In class, Online, Corporate Training or Trade School Help, we have the knowledge and the skill to prepare you to write and pass the Certification Of Qualification electrician exam that is designed for Success- The First Time. We offer our 3 Step System For Success across Canada and around the world except for Quebec:

Barrie, Brampton, Burlington, Cambridge, Greater Sudbury, Guelph, Hamilton, Kingston, Kitchener, London, Markham, Mississauga, Niagara Falls, Oshawa, Ottawa, St. Catherine’s, Thunder Bay, Toronto, Vaughan, Waterloo, Windsor.

Call us and get a FREE quote! Contact us today at 416-841-1399!

Electrical Certification Of Qualification in Canada and around the world

Choose one of the following services to get a FREE quote!

Why choose over others for your Electrical Certification Of Qualification needs? offers:

  • Straight Forward Approach
  • 95% Success Rate
  • Accelerated Complete Electrical pre-exam
  • Prep course with Full Expert Support 24/7
  • Record Breaking Results
  • 3 hours a day For 16 days- You Can Finish The Course. 48 HOURS
  • Online Course Does Not Expire Until You Write and Pass
  • Full Training Program

  • Take The Course That your Friends and Family Take With Proven Results.
  • Trust Your Electrical Exam Preparation To The Experts
  • Electrical IP Red Seal Challenge Exam refresher courses
  • Trusted by the IBEW, JAC, CLAC, CUSW and over 200 Reputable Electrical Contractors

Save money and time on buying outdated books, manuals, Pdfs.

Knowledge & Skill come first when it comes to passing the electrical exam! offers electrical exam preparation tools that are not only very simple to use and easier to understand, but are accessible from any device and any web browser. There are no extras that you need to learn. The 3 step system is a focused course and the best of the best- hands down. can meet almost all electrical exam preparation budgets. We offer a guarantee on all of our options no matter which option that you choose. We will give you Full 24/7 Expert Support and your full membership does not expire until you write and pass your electrical exam. We are rated #1 in customer service by over 1111 students who are already licensed. The knowledge and the skill that you will develop after you train with us has no match. All of our techniques are original and specific to our courses only. We will give you the best in knowledge and training for the exam and the field. Register Now, Pay Now, Start Now.

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Are you looking for the Apprenticeship Training Standard (PDF) for the Construction & Maintenance electrician from the Ontario College of Trades? Download your copy now. Open, edit, print and submit to the Ontario College of Trades.

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