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Welcome to the Canadian Electrical Licence
pre-exam course.

13 more students have passed the electrical exam. 12 have passed the Construction & Maintenance electrician licence exam and 1 has passed the industrial electrical licence exam. Congrats to all.

Antonio  R
Brodie H
Andrew H
Graham J
Jason  M
Greg  P J
Jose  P
Robin (Rob)
Paolo  V
Peter  B  



This is what Mr. Andrew had to say:"Thank you very much for your help.  Your course has been instrumental in my success. I passed. 81%- First Time."

This is what Mr. Jeff had to say:"I got my marks back finally!! I got 84%!! Your course was definitely a huge part of that mark! Thank you for all your help and having the patients to respond to all of my questions! I will keep recommending your course to every apprentice I talk to. Take care of yourself! Keep up the amazing help! It's one thing to just give answers and memorize but I learned a lot in your course! Thank you very much! Yes, it definitely was a lot of hard work and it feels great! I definitely will tell everyone!"

This is what Mr. Graham had to say:"thanks for everything. Just got my results 77% on the c of q. I will recommend your course to everyone coming up."

This is what Mr. Rob had to say:"I am a journeyman now. Thank you so much. I could not have done it without your. Your support and teaching were excellent."

This is what Mr. Brett had to say:"I just wanted to let you know I just got the results of my IP and I passed. I just wanted to say thanks for the use of your app it helped me tremendously. Thanks again. I've told anybody I know who is writing the IP about your app"

Excellent effort and well deserved. We are really happy for you. Enjoy your licences & the extra. We will be sending you a gift in the mail. Thank you for your trust & please tell more of your friends.

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13 more students have passed the electrical exam. All have passed the Construction & Maintenance electrician licence exam. Congrats to all.

Josh  D
Robert  M
Gregory O
Cody P
Blake  B
Garry  F
Justin H
Chris R
Ivan C
Mitchell  M
Josh M
Daniel k


This is what Mr. Ivan had to say:" Just got an email that I

passed my electrical exam. Thanks for everything. All the best to you ! :)


Excellent effort and well deserved. We are really happy for you. Enjoy your licences & the extra. We will be sending you a gift in the mail. Thank you for your trust & please tell more of your friends.

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10 more students have passed the electrical exam. All have passed the Construction & Maintenance electrician licence exam. Congrats to all.



Jason W
Connor  B
Ryan  L
Travis P
Michael C
Daniel C
David C
Jason E
Harry D


This is what Mr. Jason had to say:"I found out I passed my exam today. I was in your March class 2017. Thank you."

This is what Mr. Mike had to say:"I passed my C of Q exam based on your material and classes- 78% - First Time. I was in your January class. Your class was fantastic and I have recommended it to others. Thanks for all your help."

This is what Mr. Jason E. had to say:"Thanks for the help on passing my 309A red seal exam in February. I feel I would have failed if I did not get through most of your exercise questions. Thanks again."


Excellent effort and well deserved. We are really happy for you. Enjoy your licences & the extra. We will be sending you a gift in the mail. Thank you for your trust & please tell more of your friends.

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The operational and energy efficiency of lamps and their longevity depend to a large extent on the type of ballast that has been fitted to the light. The ballast is an electrical component that controls the amount of electric current flowing through the lamp, when the latter is switched on and while it is running.

The ballast provides adequate voltage to establish an arc between the two electrodes to switch on the lamp. It then reduces and regulates the voltage to a steady amount as the electrodes are heated to keep the lamp powered on and make it emit light at a consistent level of brightness. When a lamp is hooked directly to a source of electrical power without a ballast to regulate the flow, there is always the risk of the lamp becoming overheated and burning out.

Must be Compatible

There are many different types of ballast. Each type is suited to the specific operational patterns of various different lamps. For instance, some ballasts are not suitable for lamps that are switched on and off frequently. When the ballast and the lamp are not compatible, you can end up reducing the operational efficiency and longevity of the lamp.

Frequent lamp replacement eats into your savings, and you cannot optimize the returns on your infrastructural investment. That is why, business owners should know about the principal types of lamp ballasts—instant and programmed start ballasts—to ensure that they make the right choice for the lamps at their commercial premises.

What are Instant Start Ballasts?

Instant start ballasts are ideal for use with fluorescent lamps that are not switched on and off frequently. Such a type of ballast provides a high amount of voltage to the lamp when it is switched on, but without pre-heating the cathodes either during the start or while the lamp is lighted.

The ballast provides this high mount of voltage to all parts of the lamp, and this usually has the lamp emitting light within about 50 milliseconds. Instant start ballasts do not heat the cathodes of the lamp, so emissive material is released to keep the lamp powered and emitting light.

The greatest advantage of the instant start ballast is that it consumes far less amount of energy than any other type of lamp ballast. In fact, it is considered to be the most energy-efficient ballast solution for most types of fluorescent lamps. This ballast is commonly used by business owners in spaces like restrooms, reception areas, and retail exhibition areas where the lights are not frequently switched on and off. However, this ballast reduces the life span of lamps if fitted on lighting devices that have frequent on/off cycles.

What are Programmed Start Ballasts?

The programmed start ballast is markedly different from the instant start ballast in that the former applies heat to the cathodes of a lamp to switch it on. Also unlike the instant start ballast, the programmed start ballast triggers a specific sequence of events to ultimately power on the light. The steps initiated by the programmed start ballast are listed below.

1.     Application of Low-Degree of Heat to the Cathodes or Pre-Heating of the Cathodes

The programmed start ballast reduces the amount of voltage across the lamp before supplying voltage to pre-heat the cathodes. The ballast is programmed to continue supplying voltage till the cathodes reach a temperature of at least 700-degree Celsius. The time until the cathodes are being pre-heated is called the preheat interval.

The voltage across the lamp is kept low during the preheat interval to reduce the amount of glow current. Glow current is the actual electrical current that flows across the cathodes. The more the amount of glow current flowing across the body of the lamp, the more is the blackening of the lamp body. What is more, a large amount of glow current passing between the cathodes results in greater loss of the emissive material. These two developments reduce lamp life significantly. So by doing away with these occurrences, programmed start ballasts prolong the life span of lamps with frequent on/off cycles.


After the above-mentioned first step is complete, the programmed start ballast automatically proceeds to the second step, which is applying voltage across the lamp to establish an arc. The completion of this step results in the lamp emitting light. There is minimal loss of emissive material while voltage is being applied throughout the lamp, and this prolongs the life span of the lighting device.

2.     Application of Voltage Across the Lamp

Most sophisticated programmed start ballasts move on from pre-heating the cathodes to supplying voltage across the lamp within 30 milliseconds. This fast transition time minimizes the loss of cathode emissive material that, in turn, increases the life span and improves the operational efficiency of the lamp. Although the instant start ballasts are more energy-efficient, some varieties of programmed start ballasts can reduce the amount of voltage supplied to the cathode to save more electricity. However, the most prolific advantage of programmed start ballasts is that they can facilitate 40,000 starts without degrading the lamp quality.

The above-mentioned differences between instant and programmed start ballasts will help you analyze the lighting operational conditions at your workplace and buy ballasts accordingly.

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Am I required to pass an examination to qualify for a Certificate of Qualification in my trade?

Not all trades in Ontario are subject to a Certificate of Qualification (C of Q) examination. For a list of trades with C of Q examinations, click here. If your trade is not subject to a C of Q exam and you have a Certificate of Apprenticeship or an approved Trade Equivalency Assessment, you are eligible to apply directly for a C of Q and membership in the Journeypersons Class.

Am I eligible to take a C of Q examination in Ontario?

You are eligible to take the C of Q examination for your trade if:

  • You have a Certificate of Apprenticeship for your trade; or
  • You have applied for the Journeypersons Class and your Trade Equivalency Assessment application has been approved.

Once you have determined your eligibility to take the exam, here are the steps you’ll need to follow to prepare and schedule an exam:

Step 1
Contact the Ontario College of Trades’ Client Services at 1-855-299-0028 (toll-free) or 647-847-3000 (in the GTA) to pay your exam fee (of $150 +HST); Payment can be made by: credit card over the phone, cheque or in person, using Debit.

Step 2
Now that you have paid your exam fee you can begin preparing. To help you, the College has developed a helpful Exam Preparation Guide that provides you with a wealth of information including but not limited to; specialized supports, exam preparation resources, information on study plans and study schedules, exam day tips and requirements, self-assessment checklists, getting your results and more. Click here to download the GuideClick here to download the entire package (Guide and additional resources).

The College has also created Examination Counselling Sheets that outline the details of the Certificate of Qualification examination. For Ontario Provincial Certificate of Qualification examinations, the counselling sheet specifically details the percentage of questions for each Skill Set (key topic area). These Skill Sets are broken down into further detail in the trade’s Apprenticeship Training Standard Log Book. These are important tools to assist writers in their preparation for their examination. To locate an examination counselling sheet for one of Ontario’s provincial trades, click here(hyperlink to Training Standards page) then select the sector and trade you are seeking. Exam Counselling Sheets for trades with Interprovincial (Red Seal) examinations can be found on the Red Seal website at

Step 3 
Once you think you’re prepared to take the exam, you have to contact the nearest Employment Ontario Apprenticeship Office to schedule your exam. Click here to see the list of locations. If you require any accommodations under the Human Rights Code that may assist you in writing the exam, they can be scheduled when you book a time.
Good luck.

Step 4
Once your exam has been scored, the College will contact you to inform you of your status, and next steps.

For more information, see Frequently Asked Questions – Certificate of Qualification Exam.

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25 more students have passed the electrical exam. 5 have passed the 442A industrial electrician licence exam and 20 more have passed the Construction & Maintenance electrician licence exam. Congrats to all.



Steve C
Samuel  T
Mihalj  K
Kevin  G
Theepen  L
Dan  B
mario  M
Bentley  H
Trevor  M
John  U
Jerry  M
Josh  K
Peter  R
Dan J
Paul  T
Timothy  W
Roberllann  C
Stephen  G
Andrew  W
Kevin  J
sam  C
Reza  M
Mike  V
Vince M
Robin  M
Adrian L
Alexander  M
Nicholas  M
Andrew  A
Robin  O
Paul  T
Dan J
Shaun P


This is what Mr. Stephen had to say:"Yes I have and passed with a 78%. First Time. Thank you."

This is what Mr. Reza had to say:"I got the licence. And I am working as a electrician. Your classes was so useful and I appreciate it. Thank you so much. My score was 80%-First Time. I studied a lot. Your teaching was great and you are sophisticated. Thanks."
This is what Mr. Stephen had to say:"Yes I have and passed with a 78%. First Time. Thank you."


This is what Mr. Andy had to say:"Thanks I got 92% was really happy with he results."

This is what Mr. Tim had to say:"I finished class with you last saturday, wrote my exam Monday and passed."

This is what Mr. Paul had to say:"I sat my exam last Tuesday and passed. Thanks for your help and your awesome course."

This is what Mr. Dan had to say:"I passed with a 75% - the first time after attending your class in March. Thank you. It feels good to be successful and you in class course helped me a lot. Without your teaching, I would not have finished in time. My general trade knowledge helped me answer the simple questions faster and the navigation through the code book was a HUGE deal breaker. Thank you very much. I will surely recommend your course as it helped me greatly."

This is what Mr. Rob had to say:"I have written my CFQ today. Thank you.. your course was quite helpfull. I passed with an %85. found the test way easier then the CSA mock exam program. Your course helped a lot... thank you again!.."

This is what Mr. John had to say: "I have passed my industrial Electrician Exam using your materials. I got 75. The matrials were very helpful. Add me to sucess stories in your website. I am very greateful."

This is what Mr. Trevor had to say:"I passed 87%- First Time. Thanks again."

This is what Mr. Mario had to say:"I got 87% on my Exam. Thank you."

This is what Mr. Marcus had to say:"Just wanted to let you know that I passed my exam after taking your class-78%. Thank you for helping me."

This is what Mr. Kevin had to say:"I passed my c of q thanks a lot for the pre exam course.I will tell everyone writing about your course as well."


Excellent effort and well deserved. We are really happy for you. Enjoy your licences & the extra. We will be sending you a gift in the mail. Thank you for your trust & please tell more of your friends.

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$75 Off Of The $600 if you sign up for Classes For Success before April 15th, 2017

Welcome Back Spring Monthly Discounts Until April 15th, 2017. Enter this Coupon Code:  SUCCESS309A2015 or SUCCESS442A2015 at the Checkout Page for 30% off of the 299.95 or 50% off today of the 299.95 on 309A 442A online full membership when you call in (416) 841-1399 or do nothing and you will get 3 bonuses ($60) value for the 309A and 4 bonuses ($80) value for the 442A. Ask for details.


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Advanced In-Class Sessions for Success


I hope all is well. This is a general broadcast message to all our friends. Now you can access the online courses from any device including cell phones, tablets, laptops & desktops, any browser and any Operating System. We would like to remind you of:
  1. Classes For Success are starting 3 weeks from now on March 9th, 2017. Seats are still available. Please tell your friends. 
  2. We have updated the 309A  2015 Construction & Maintenance Electrician Exam preparation Course For Success.
  3. We have updated the 442A  2015 Industrial Electrician Course For Success.
  4. If you have written and passed your electrical exam, we would like to hear from you. Please email us at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  or text us at (416) 841-1399
  5. We would like to offer a Free Access to a module called 2015 Canadian Electrical Code Changes Explained . All that needs to be done is go to and Click Register & Pay from the top right corner of your screen and Click on the FREE tab- Register for instant FREE access. Happy Valentine's Month Discounts Until February 28, 2017. Enter this Coupon Code:  SUCCESS at the Checkout Page for 15% off of the 299.95 or 40% off today of the 299.95 on 309A 442A online full membership when you call in (416) 841-1399 or do nothing and you will get 3 bonuses ($60) value. Ask for details.
We offer you Advanced In-class sessions for Success in 2017:
March, May, July, September, November 2017: Every 2 months. 
Click here for more information
Thank you for your support and have a great week.
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Receptacles for Residential Occupancy

Based on 2015 CEC (Section 26-700)


Receptacle Location   AFCI   GFCI
Bedroom   YES   NO
Living Room   YES   NO
Hallways   YES   NO
Dining /Kitchenette   YES   NO
Outdoor Receptacle   YES   YES
Cord Connected Appliances Garbage disposal/dishwasher)   YES   NO
Kitchen Counter   NO   If within 1.5m of sink
Kitchen Island   NO   If within 1.5m of sink
Sump Pump (Only)   NO   NO
Refrigerator   NO   NO
Outdoors   YES   YES
Buit-in Microwave   YES   NO
Bathroom/Washroom   NO   YES
Gas Range   YES   NO
Block heater if installed as per Rule 8-400   NO   NO
Washing Machine   YES   NO
Laundry Room   YES   NO
Utility Room   YES   NO
Unfinished basement   YES   NO
Central Vac   YES   NO
Dryer   NO   NO
Electric Range   NO   NO
Attached Garage/Carport   YES   NO
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26 more students have passed their electrical exam. 24 have passed the 309A Construction & Maintenance Canadian electrical exam with Full support and 2 more have passed the industrial electrician exam.

Matthew S
Erik  M
Adam  R
Matthew  P
Raymond D
Greg C
Eric  F
Michael  M
Resdeep K
Ehab H
Nicholas C
Richard  B
Kevin J
Joseph D
Ian A
Jasdeep S
Darren R
Bill G
Wavel  W
Franco D
Jonathan F

This is what Mr. Stephane had to say:"Ty very much for everything passed my exam awesome site very helpfull."

This is what Mr. Erik had to say:"Thanks. I got the results and I got 81%- First Time. I am pretty happy. Thanks a lot for the help and I will be sure to promote your course to others."

This is what Mr. Anthony had to say:"Thank you very much. I passed with a 92%- the first time because of your excellent training."

This is what Mr. Brian had to say:"I just found out my results, I scored an 83! Very excited about it. Thought I would let you know and thanks again I've been recommending your course to friends"

This is what Mr. Adam had to say:"I got my mark back. I passed with an 82%. Thank you so much for your help."

This is what Mr. Michael had to say:"I passed the Cfq. My friends signed up for your classes and my other friend is meeting with you on the weekends. I passed with 75%. Thanks again. I really appreciate the help and everything you do for electricians. Thanks again. I will stop by your classes to personally thank you."


Excellent effort and well deserved. We are really happy for you. Enjoy your licences & the extra. We will be sending you a gift in the mail. Thank you for your trust & please tell more of your friends.


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