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309A and 442A quality education online-tutoring for the Canadian electrical licence.

309A and 442A quality education online-tutoring for the Canadian electrical licence.

There is a misconception among some electrical apprentices that there is a short cut to writing and passing the Canadian electrical exam. This is simply not true. It is a fact that apprentices who take short cuts often short circuit their career in electrical.

There is always a sense of tremendous pride when an electrician is competent. He or she now know that they have the knowledge, the experience, the Canadian electrical code book know how and they can perform their duties. They learn the techniques for the exam and the field.

Les brown, the motivator extraordinaire once said“If I had 8 hours to cut a tree down, I will spend 7 hours sharpening my axe“. This effort and tremendous energy always permeates with our students on a daily basis when they take the time to master the course notes, reviewing the questions and answers and sharpening up their skills on the Csa cd. They don`t mind the effort that they put forth. They pick up the phone, text or email and ask questions. They know support is always there 24/7. They know this is their opportunity to excel and it will be worth it in the end.

Contractors are always looking for sharp and educated electricians who know what they are doing. Like my professor said in trade school `you get paid $10/hr to do what you do and $20 more to know why you do what you do`. These are wise words and investing in quality education online really pays off for ourselves, the contractors and all the stakeholders. It creates a win-win situation. Contractors are always encouraging us to keep doing what we are doing. They are noticing more productive and happy electricians after they take the first step in the right direction and take our online course whether they choose the 309A or the 442A electrical licences.

Exam writing is very stressful but it does not have to be if we are well prepared.  Help is here.

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