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November 5th. 2013-The class surveys are in. Here are the results.

November 5th. 2013-The class surveys are in. Here are the results.

September 23 course:


Following is the feedback that we received from our students after they came to class and experienced our electrician certification of qualification course.


“I  liked how we took up the homework and the practice questions”

“That any concern was taken up and explained. How you could text, call Sam himself and he would answer back right away”

“The way the course broke down the electrical code book for me to understand it better. I like the General Trade Knowledge notes that were made”

“Trick how to use the Canadian Electrical code book and keywords that are present in the question to easily solve the question asked”

“Straight forward and informative. The focus is always on writing the Cfq and passing. Builds confidence”

“The fact that I learned a lot and much more prepared to pass the CFQ”

“The teacher Sam is excellent-more than willing to help”

“All the General Trade answers not found in the code book”

“Tips and short cuts throughout the electrical code book”

“The techniques on how to use the code book, formulas and prepare for the exam overall”

“Was given a lot of quick tips and easy methods of completing questions, methods were easy to learn and use. I am more confident now”

“Knowledge of electrical preparation for the exam”

“It taught me to do calculations in a clear and precise manner”

“Very informative. Excellent summation of trade school knowledge”

“Very knowledgeable instructor”

“Very focused. Only learn about what you need to know. Lots of hints or strategies to help remember”

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