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  |   Videos – April 1st, 2021. 10 more have passed their electrical licence exam. Up to 2440 have their licence now. – April 1st, 2021. 10 more have passed their electrical licence exam. Up to 2440 have their licence now.





Sept. 12th 2020 classes for success

Sept. 12th, 2020 graduating class. Soon to be electricians. Congrats to all.

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2 have passed with the industrial electrical licence and 8 more have passed the 309A Construction and Maintenance electrical licence exam.




Here is what Mr. Michael K..said “I passed. Thank you very much and I referred 5 more people. Thank you again.

Here is what Mr. Kevin M. said:”Wrote and passed thank you. 78%.”

Here what Mr. Alex C. said:”Thank you for helping build my confidence. This has helped me move forward in my career. Keep up the good work with this course. Such a confidence booster. Felt 100 percent comfortable in the exam as a lot of these question where structured/ worded the same.

Here what Mr. Kevin C. said:”I passed and found your program very helpful. Thank you so much. Love the program you did a very nice job with it. God bless and stay safe my friend.”

Here what Mr. Christopher T. said:”I passed with an 84. Thanks Sam appreciate all your help.”

Here what Mr. Kevin H. said:”Good afternoon Sam. I passed my exam. I want to Thank-you for all the help you gave me. I feel very confident. As for telling my friends. I will. Plus the guys at work have recommended your course. That’s how I found you.”

Here is what Mr. Kyle L. said:”87%. I have gotten two guys at work to hop on this and they say it’s helping them a lot. Thanks for the extra help.”

Here is what Mr. Luc C. said:”I passed with a 79%. Your App really helped. Thank you.”

Here is the list of companies that we helped succeed. Plan, Oconnor Electric, Dofasco, Girard Electric, Speedy, Chrysler, Homelight Electric and IBEW586.

Congragulations to all. You all derseve it. Enjoy.


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