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  |   Videos – Nov. 3rd, 2020. 10 more have passed their electrical licence exam. Up to 2250 have their licence now. – Nov. 3rd, 2020. 10 more have passed their electrical licence exam. Up to 2250 have their licence now.





Sept. 12th 2020 classes for success

Sept. 12th, 2020 graduating class. Soon to be electricians. Congrats to all.

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10 more have passed the 309A construction and maintenance electrical licence.




Here is what Mrs. Jessica M. had to say:”I wrote and I passed. Thank you. I will tell people.”

Here is what Mr. Michael K. had to say:”I passed. Thank you very much and I referred 5 more people. Thank you again.

Here is what Mr. Chris B. had to say:”I wrote and passed first time with a 78%. Thank you for the help as your class was very helpful to my success.” 

Here is what Mr. Lucas K. had to say:”I passed with an 82%. Thank you for your help.

Here is what Mr. Jonathan M. had to say:”Good day to you! Once again, I would like to thank you for your support, your module and questionnaire are very well explained and the word that you are using is like, it is talking to me personally and very well selected to understand easily and so practical. I got 81% in the inter-provincial construction electrician exam. Again, thank you so much and more power!

Here is what Mr. Michael H. had to say:”Your course is fantastic. You’re definitely a great teacher: not an easy thing to be – I thank you for the clarity of the structure of your course and the patience with which you communicate it. I am happy to say that I passed on the first attempt. You’ve heard this before and you will hear this many many more times, but I couldn’t have done it without you. I will recommend your course to everyone. All the best!”


Here is the list of companies that we helped succeed. Western Electrical Management (Edmonton, Alberta), Black & mac, Rogol Electric, Jay Electric, Fortis Electrical, Symmtech Innovations, Westview Electric & Tam Electric.


Congragulations to all. You all derseve it. Enjoy.


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