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  |   Videos – October 18th 2020 FT4 VS FT6 – October 18th 2020 FT4 VS FT6

August 8th 2020 classes for success

 August 8th 2020 graduation class for success. Soon to be electricians.  Congratulations to all from all of us.

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FT4 and FT6 are Canadian fire code standards related to the fire and smoke retardancy characteristics of communications cable. FT4 is roughly equivalent to USA CMR(riser) rating and FT6 is equivalent to CMP (plenum) rating in the USA. FT4 rated cables are suitable to be run in building risers and residential environments where the cable routes are not within general air handling plenum spaces (area above drop ceiling that is used as a return air path for HVAC systems). FT6 is required when running cables in the plenum air space.

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