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  |   Videos – May 24, 2019. Over 1880 students have passed their electrical exam with our Full Support – May 24,  2019. Over 1880 students have passed their electrical exam with our Full Support

April 27th 2019 class picture

April 27th 2019 graduating class. Soon to be electricians. Some already have.

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10 more students have passed the electrical exam. 9 have passed the 309A Construction & Maintenance electrician licence exam and 1 has passed the industrial 442A. Congrats to all.



Platinum, Leighton, Speedy
, Nortown Electric and Frontline Electrical Services are just some of the companies that we have added/relisted to our list of companies that we helped succeed. Congrats.


Here is what Mr. Tommy C. had to say:”I passed my CofQ! Thank you so much for the prep course. You’re doing us all a favor for providing this service. Thanks. I’ve already recommended you to many apprentice co-workers. Keep up the great work!


 Here is what Mr. Jason F. had to say:”I feeling good, I go through all your material, it very helpful, plus I use all 5 hours, thank you. I passed 80%. Thank you again. 


Here is what Mr. Fransesco C. had to say:Your course was 100% worth every penny! I passed my CofQ on my FIRST TRY! BUT as per your instructions I ate/breathed/& slept this course every day for 2 months before I wrote.


Your explanations and break down of the material is so much easier to understand and absorb! Not like that useless 11th week at humber, boy am I happy I did not waste my $$ on their book. I now understand why you have a 95% success rate! I DEFINITELY will be spreading the word about your course to all the trades guys I know!

Thanks again and all the best!


Excellent effort and well deserved. We are really happy for you. Enjoy your licences & the extra. Thank you for your trust & please tell more of your friends.


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