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  |   Videos – March 20th, 2019. Over 1830 students have passed their electrical exam with our Full Support – March 20th,  2019. Over 1830 students have passed their electrical exam with our Full Support

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10 more students have passed the electrical exam. All have passed the Construction & Maintenance electrician licence exam. Congrats to all.



 Fame Electric, ALB Electric, Apmere, Plan, Ozz, Moore Electric, Smith & Long, Beacon Utility Contractors, Jay Electric and Linamar are just some of the companies that we have added/relisted to our list of companies that we helped succeed. Congrats.

Here is what Mr. Robert C. had to say:”I have successfully completed my Certificate of Qualification. Your course was excellent and well orientated, I will happily refer you to anyone I know looking to enroll in a pre-exam course for their C of Q. Thank you for all your help once again.


Here is what Mr. Bryan F. had to say:”I passed my exam thanks a lot for all the help man and all the guys at Humber also u guys r awesome. I got 82 percent I was getting higher in the practice but I guess it’s the nerves.


Here is what Mr. Mike O. had to say:“I passed my exam first attempt thank you for the course it was really helpful.


Here is what Mr. Keegan R. had to say:”from the December class sessions , just wanted to let you know I passed with a 79% , thanks again for all the help !! Awesome thank you Sam , I will be sure to pass this course info on to anyone who needs it !

Here is what Mr. Daniel M. had to say:”Yes I wrote the IP. Using the tools you provided really helped me with the exam. I passed with a 77. I was very happy with that result.”

Here is what Mr. Patrick N. had to say:”Yes I passed the first time I wrote on December 7th. Thank you for your course. I got a 96%.”

Here is what Mr. Andrew N. had to say:”I have written and passed.Thank you, I will tell those going through to check you out before deciding on any other pre exam course.”

Here is what Mr. Ronald E. had to say:”Just to let you know that I passed the 309A exam @ 78%. Thank you.”

Excellent effort and well deserved. We are really happy for you. Enjoy your licences & the extra. Thank you for your trust & please tell more of your friends.


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