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  |   Videos – January 26, 2019. Over 1790 students have passed their electrical exam with our Full Support – January 26,  2019. Over 1790 students have passed their electrical exam with our Full Support

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10 more students have passed the electrical exam. 7 have passed the Construction & Maintenance electrician licence exam and 3 more have passed the 442A electrical industrial licence exam. Congrats to all.

Cody B
Craig T
Cyrus R
Daniel B


Lucid Electric, Beckett Electrical Inc., Plaza Electric, Orlick Industries Inc., ArcelorMittal, Cascades and Enercon are just some of the companies that we have added/relisted to our list of companies that we helped succeed. Congrats.

Here is what Mr. Daniel M. had to say:”Yes I wrote the IP. Using the tools you provided really helped me with the exam. I passed with a 77. I was very happy with that result.

Here is what Mr. Rodney H. had to say:”I failed twice already and i studied with the program i bought from CSA and orderline, i scored above 80% everytime with it. But on real test i scored 66 and 68%. My next test will be next Thursday. Thank you so much, i really want to pass.

“I passed. The exam was hard. Thank you for all your support. I will tell ppl about the website.” 

Here is what Mr. Daniel B. had to say:”I passed my exam. I have nothing but good reviews for your course as it helped me big time. Thank you so much. I will also be recommending your course to anyone I know who is ready to study and write the CFQ.” 

Excellent effort and well deserved. We are really happy for you. Enjoy your licences & the extra. Thank you for your trust & please tell more of your friends.


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