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  |   Videos – December 19th, 2019. Feedback from students who attended the June 29th 2019 Classes For Success – December 19th,  2019. Feedback from students who attended the June 29th 2019 Classes For Success


Class picture day July 14 2019

 Soon to be electricians. Congragulations to all. 


Here is the feedback on the 309A Construction & Maintenance classes- June 29th,2019.


“Before I came to class, I was trying to read/calculate motors, transformers, motor operation. I was stumped/frustrated. This class clarified any problems that I had. I was trying to prep for the journeyman exam and clarify questions about some calculations. This course is structured with 95% success rate. I would definitely recommend this course to my friends. I advise everyone not to prolong taking the exam which is a weight on your shoulders and take this course and finish it and move on. The class is engaging and interactive by answering all your questions. I am able to remember the code sections which I don’t use daily such as transformers, motors, conduit fill and etc. . The class notes were emailed to us and I liked the help and support provided after class. I like going through multiple choice questions-real help.” “Before the class, I did not know what to expect. I needed to become better at answering questions. My counsellor told me about this course. It is a great class- result oriented. I was happiest in finding tips and tricks to find the answers faster. I was able to quickly navigate the code book and answer the questions. I liked everything about this course.” “I was looking to increase my knowledge base and my chances of passing the first time. Also using the index for conductors, cables & hazardous locations. No search required, many people are constantly recommending this course. This course stands out from what I heard and having Sam as my instructor in the past. I was sold on passing the first time. I was happy that it was offered on the weekend and only takes 3 weeks. I like the amount of general trade knowledge (GTK) in this course. I liked the fact that you were there to answer the questions anytime- that is HUGE. There is nothing that you can do to improve this course. It was a great course for many reasons and you have a great attitude.” “Before I came to class, I thought that I knew how to use the code book effectively until I found out how many things I was taught incorrectly. I came to this class trying to increase my knowledge of the 2018 code book and general trade knowledge. I liked the good feedback from others who took the course. I would recommend this course- of course yes. My friends joined this course as well. I was happiest learning how to use the code book properly. I was impressed with the amount of information I actually took away from the course. I liked everything about the course.” “Before I came to class, I had a lot of questions about calculating motors’ conductors, overload, overcurrent, transformers, box fill, wireway and conduit fill. My boss told me about the class. The course is pretty focused and in detail. I liked the information and presentation. This class answered all my questions. What exceeded my expectations that all the questions in mind have been answered. I like mastering techniques on how to answer questions. This course is complete.” ”   The JAC has referred me to this course. They guarantee your pass. Very informative. “ “ Before coming to class, I was stressed out. The wording of the questions is often confusing- trying to figure out what they are asking. Friends who took this course before highly recommended it and the JAC. I highly recommend this course and I needed it. My buddy and 95% success rate have sold me on it. My stress level dropped significantly and areas were clarified. I have deciding if what I am looking for is in the code book or general trade knowledge. Everything is to the point and directly related to the exam. Not sure if I can improve this course. Its success speaks for itself. I am glad that I enrolled.” “ I wanted to understand the code book, rules and diagrams. I started my research at the JAC. A lot of people recommend it to me. I liked the class (having a teacher). I expanded my knowledge, I learned how to properly use the index, simplified calculations and retained the GTK. I liked the quality of the explanations. The teacher took our notes and emailed them to us to give us better time to concentrate on what he was explaining.” “Before I came to class, it was difficult for me. I searched online. I have better knowledge of the exam and learned easier way of learning and answering questions faster. I can find answers to the questions more efficiently. Sam is an excellent teacher.” “Before the class, I wanted to learn how to use the code book properly and be exam ready. I learned about this course from the JAC and trade school. It was highly recommended by everyone that I talked to. There was no obstacle to coming to class. I was looking forward to learn. There was a lot of good quality practice questions- just the meat and potatoes of what we needed.” “Before the class, I was full of doubt. I needed to know how to use the tables. I had the same code teacher in trade school when the code was 2015. I managed to dedicate 8 hours to studying with no distractions. Now I am confident in using the tables and faster at answering questions.” “Before the class, I wanted to get my licence. I searched Google. This course has a lot of information, questions and 24/7 help. I managed to answer questions now that I could not answer before. I liked the course outline and the course was very informative. “ “Before the class, I was not focused. I wanted to learn techniques to answer the questions, commit to studying and attend class. I had a personal problem with allocating time to study. I was referred to this course. This course help me allocate the time needed to succeed on the real exam and added value of instructor led class. I learned advanced techniques to answer the questions from the code and general trade knowledge.” “Before I came to class, I was overwhelmed by the amount of knowledge that I had to master. I was trying to prep for the Cfq. This course was very well organized and clearly taught. I highly recommend it.” “I searched on Google. The course is very relative to the C of Q. I highly recommend it. The class schedule did not interfere with my work. This is the proper way to get ready for the real exam. Advanced tricks and tips and interpretation of the questions. I have learned the code as applied to the cfq. Very advanced and effective teaching techniques relative to the real exam.” “ Before the class, I had little GTK not related to my field of custom home residential. I uped my knowledge of the GTK an reaffirmed my knowledge from advanced. I heard about this course from a classmate. This course is fairly on par with any university lecture that you must pay for so my expectations were, for the most part, met. I would recommend it. “ “Before the class, It took me a while to answer questions from the code and general trade. Now I am faster at finding answers in the code. This class was recommended by others. Yes, I would recommend this course since I like the 24/7 support, friends recommended. I have gained confidence after each class, expanded my knowledge and information related to my exam. I liked the amount of questions covered- not too many and not too little.” “Before the class, I needed to understand the questions being asked and understand what is being asked and what they are thinking when they asked me that question. I searched online and I am glad that I did. Excellent course. ””Before the class, I was confused. I needed to know the difference between single phase, three phase, calculations with capacitors and learning tables. I have heard about this course from word of mouth. I was told that the teacher would make the content clear and manageable. I told 5 other guys who joined the course. I needed to pass the real exam and now I am feeling more confident with content and actually being able to understand what they want from me. I am surprised how fast the support is and instant answers to my questions.” “ Before this class, I was not familiar with the exam course outline and handling of the questions and what is expected of me. Co-workers recommended this course and now I would recommend it with great pleasure. Very friendly environment and now feeling confident about writing the cfq. I managed to sharpen up my answering skills by using the instructor’s skill and knowledge. “ “Before I came to class, I was going to lose my job if I do not get my licence. My friends took this class. I was surprised of how quick that I can find info in the code book. I liked how the teacher was right to the point.” “ Very foggy with code and needed a refresher top to bottom. Jac recommended it but a buddy told me great things about it. I liked the success rate. Now I have refreshed and enhanced all that I have known about electrical. I learned to navigate the code book. I liked the thorough explanations, the environment, the way the material was taught and Sam’s extensive knowledge of the subject.”




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