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 Here is some of the feedback from students who attended classes-Feb. 15th 2018.

“The course was open and comfortable, instructor was straight to the point and relates the material to jobsite”, “I liked the instructor, online material and location, on time, focused on the exam and nothing else”, “I liked the GTK (General Trade Knowledge) and good explanation”, “Teaches you what you need”, “I like the way the instructor teaches the material, how straight forward he is when teaching and his support for you”, “I liked the tricks to the code and getting rid of useless info”, “I liked motors’ and conductors’ sizing explanations”, “I liked this course because it was at a pace where I am comfortable. You taught me tricks on how to tackle the question and I feel much more comfortable”, “Accurate information, every question was explained in detail”, “Very good manner of teaching, friendly, explains things in a clear way, effective techniques and instructor is very knowledgeable”, “Condenses & simplifies the content I need to know to pass the CFQ”, “Very simplistic approach”, “I liked the teacher, questions & delivery”, “I liked how it was taught, a lot of info and explained very well”, “No improvement of this course needed- it was good as is. Instructor was on top of everything.”


500 ($100 off of the 600) taxes included plus the online course for success that you can start in 10 minutes plus 8 bonuses if you sign up today for the class sessions starting July 12th, 2018

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The speed and the expertise of our support team are legendary. They provide help with any questions and ongoing assistance at any time. No wonder, we consistently achieve 100% customer satisfaction rates.

I passed my 442A electrical exam with an 87%- First Time. Thanks again.

Over 1460 have their licence.

“I passed with a 91%. Thank you for all the resources and your continued support throughout the entire preparation process. Much appreciated. I will spread the word about your course.”


Electrical IP Red Seal Challenge Exam refresher courses

IP RED SEAL Electrical refresher course with Journeyman ticket on evenings/weekends/8 day Intensive DO NOT WORK-

Learn at your own pace stress free.

Classes are available 24/7 with full expert support that fit your schedule.

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ELECTRICALEXAM.CA wants to let you know that there are no short cuts to writing and passing the 309A or 442A Canadian electrical exams. Take the first step in the right direction by registering at ELECTRICALEXAM.CA. When making a decision on where to take your pre-exam course, it is important to have a peace of mind and satisfaction. ELECTRICALEXAM.CA is here to help.

ELECTRICALEXAM.CA is committed to your success and future. ELECTRICALEXAM.CA understands that this is a life changing experience for you and we want to help. We will work with you and your schedule and get you the help that you need. So we have designed a successful pre-exam refresher course with 95% success rate and over 1460 students are already licensed. This is an excellent course designed to:

1) Build and expand your knowledge base.

2) Answer common questions that you would have.

3) Take your basic knowledge from trade school and on the job to a whole new level.

4) Increase your general trade knowledge-very important for the exam.

5) Sharpen your questions/answer skills.

6) Create a winning exam preparation strategy.

Register now-Pay Now-Start now.

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