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  |   Videos – Here is some of the feedback from students who attended classes on July 2017 –  Here is some of the feedback from students who attended classes on July 2017

“Concise topics, thourough explanation of each code rule covered. Instructor slowed things down and made it easy to start analyzing a question effectively and quickly.” “Instructor was nice & patient because I have stupid questions sometimes.” “Easy navigation of questions and code book.” I liked the process of getting the answer, shows how to search & destroy the questions, GTK (General Trade Knowledge), Calculations- question (methods) and WHAT DO THEY WANT FROM ME when they ask the question.” I liked how complicated questions are simplified and all the GTK tricks to save time on the exam. Instructor extremely patient & supportive.” “Everything was Great.” “This course provided me with information that I did not pick up through my apprenticeship. Cleared up information that I was not clear on.” “Lots of information.” “I liked learning the little tricks about the Cfq and also clearing up stuff I was unclear about.” “Instructor was very organized, very well spoken and clear in his delivery of the material.” “I liked how the course was divided and taught. It was very helpful and clear and gave me much better knowledge.” “The course covered all the GTK that should have been learned over an apprenticeship but have been missed. Also gave great tips and tricks when navigating the code book.” “I liked the information quality.” “Each question went in depth.” “I liked the pace. Instructor was very informative and concise. Cleared up a lot of issues around GTK.” “I liked the repetition and practice to make sure that I knew the material, that I could listen and not worry about taking notes and they were emailed to me after every class.” “I learned how to use the code book, gained knowledgeabout diagrams and working space, able to identify pictorial view and components and grasped electrical calculations.” Easy to learn and well presented.” “The amount of knowledge I obtained in 3 weeks increased dramatically. Many tips and tricks. I liked how to properly read test questions.” “Very well presented, perfect amount of breaks and keeps you motivated.” “Everything about the course is well done.” “I loved everything about the course.” “I cannot think of anything else to improve the course. I think you are doing a well done job and keep doing it all the time. Thank you.” “Do it more often :).” “I would not improve this course. Good enough for Canada.” “The course is 100%. No need to improve anything. Thank you so much for your help & support.” “No improvement needed.” “The course was clear & to the point. Keep up the great work.” “Class environment is very motivating.” “I learned more than I thought.” “I have recommended this course to my friends.” smart instructor.” “My foreman was a previous student.” “I learned about this course from a family friend who attended.” 


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