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  |   Videos -January 31st. 2017- Receptacles for Residential Occupancy -January 31st. 2017- Receptacles for Residential Occupancy

Receptacles for Residential Occupancy

Based on 2015 CEC (Section 26-700)


Receptacle Location AFCI GFCI
Bedroom YES NO
Living Room YES NO
Hallways YES NO
Dining /Kitchenette YES NO
Outdoor Receptacle YES YES
Cord Connected Appliances Garbage disposal/dishwasher) YES NO
Kitchen Counter NO If within 1.5m of sink
Kitchen Island NO If within 1.5m of sink
Sump Pump (Only) NO NO
Refrigerator NO NO
Outdoors YES YES
Buit-in Microwave YES NO
Bathroom/Washroom NO YES
Gas Range YES NO
Block heater if installed as per Rule 8-400 NO NO
Washing Machine YES NO
Laundry Room YES NO
Utility Room YES NO
Unfinished basement YES NO
Central Vac YES NO
Dryer NO NO
Electric Range NO NO
Attached Garage/Carport YES NO


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