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  |   Videos -May 27th, 2016- Class survey feedback -May 27th, 2016- Class survey feedback

Here is some of the feedback from students who registered for the May 11, 2016 class.
“Well organized, lots of the right information, well explained and taught. I was motivated all the time. Loved the course and would not improve a thing. “

“It is the best $600 that I ever spent. Worth every penny.” “Instructor amazing.”

“The teacher was very knowledgeable.”

“The class further helped with my knowledge of the code and taught in a simple way that was easy to understand. Also the teacher was very helpful as well.”

“What I liked about the course is the fact the teacher encouraged you to come to class.”

“I liked how the course was presented and topics were explained.”

“Down to business. Not a lot of chatter. Great pace.”

“I liked the questions and Answers.”

“I liked the method of teaching and breaking everything down to simple answers.”

“Clear instructions, plenty of notes, fast tracked schedule, lots of GTKs (General Trade Knowledge).”




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