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  |   Videos -March 3rd, 2016- Over 1021 students have passed their electrical exam with our Full Support -March 3rd, 2016- Over 1021 students have passed their electrical exam with our Full Support

21 more students have passed their Canadian electrical exam. 5 have passed the 442A electrical industrial exam and 16 more have passed their Construction & Maintenance electrical exam with Full support.


Here is what Mr. Jake had to say:”I did yes and I passed my first time I kept meaning to email to thank you. Couldn’t of done it without your help. Thanks a bunch”

Here is what Mr. Gaige had to say:”Yes i have. I passed. “

Here is what Mr. Clayton had to say:”Thank you very much and I actually told a few people about your course. I passed the first time.”

Here is what Mr. Derek had to say:”Yes I have and I passed with 79! Thanks a lot Sam. You have a great program. I wouldn’t have passed without it!”

Here is what Mr. Don had to say:”Just wanted to let you know that I passed the 309A exam. Thank you for the information that the course is comprised of.Once again,thank you.”

Here is what Mr. Marc had to say:”I passed the first time with a 77%. Thank you so much. It was fantastic.”

Here is what Mr. Rob had to say:”I did pass my test. I was really impressed with your service and I have already recommended it to a guy at work.”

Here is what Mr. Salwan had to say:”Just want to let you know I wrote and passed the electrical exam the first time. Thank you for your help.”

Here is what Mr. Kurt had to say:”Thanks for everything. I am now licensed. Thank you for your help and good luck to you in the future.”

Here is what Mr. Robert had to say:”It was fantastic. I passed my electrical exam. I enjoyed your class. It worked. I am now licensed.”

Here is what Mr. Arthur had to say:”I wrote on the 17th and my status was changed on the 20th to JP. Thanks for all your help, great study information with the 3rd steps.”

Excellent effort and well deserved to all. We are really happy for you. Enjoy your licences & the extra. We will be sending you a gift in the mail. Thank you for your trust & please tell more of your friends.

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