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September 21, 2015- Over 959 students have passed their electrical exam with our Full Support

September 21, 2015- Over 959 students have passed their electrical exam with our Full Support

6 more students have passed their Canadian electrical exam. 2 students have passed their Industrial 442A electrical exam and 4 more have passed their Construction & Maintenance electrical exam with Full support.


Here is what Mr. Jason had to say:” I passed 80%. Thx a lot. “

Here is what Mr. John had to say:” Thank you for helping me. I passed “

Here is what Mr. Steve had to say:” I am currently preparing to write my IP red seal 442A electrical industrial exam by taking your course. I just to let you know that it is a fantastic prep course. I appreciate your own experience that you added to the course, general trade knowledge and the advanced techniques to be familiar with the exam material. It is a fantastic read. Thank you.

Now I am back to say thank you for helping me pass the industrial electrical licence. The support has been great and I sharpened my skills. I am getting back to the trade and starting my new job soon. Thank you. “


Here is what Mr. Richard had to say:” I thank you for your help and guidance. Your support was excellent. I passed and a cloud hanging over my head is now gone. Now I can concentrate on taking care of my family and my career. Thank you. “

Here is what Mr. Adam had to say:” Thank you so much. I passed. I’m a lucky guy because I found you and I listened to you. It wasn’t easy with English being a second language but I did it. I will offer for everyone who wants to become an electrician.Thank again

Adam (electrician). “

Here is what Mr. Owen had to say:”I passed that exam. Thanks a lot. “


Excellent effort and well deserved to all. We are really happy for you. Enjoy your licences & the extra. We will be sending you a gift in the mail. Thank you for your trust & please tell more of your friends.

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