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Feedback from the last class that ended in February 2015.

Feedback from the last class that ended in February 2015.

The students were asked about what they liked about the course and here is what they had to say:

“The instructor was very clear. He was fantastic. Thanks for the lessons and the T-Shirt.”

“Great refresher. A lot of material covered focused on Cfq material only.”

“Clear, concise and to the point.”

” It gets to the point of exactly what we need to learn for Cfq. Also that there is a 24/7 support.”

“I like that it was clear on how to read the questions carefully.”

“Over 800 questions and explanations.”

“The way the information was presented. Easy to understand wire sizing. Better methods of learning and preparing for the Cfq than other places that offer it.”

“Learning the easier and simpler ways of answering certain questions.”

“To the point – what you need to know. Advanced techniques to the use of the code book. Knowledgeable instructor who keeps the class interesting.”

“A lot of material was explained clearly.”

“I liked everything about the course. No complaints”

“Everything was great. Mostly teacher.”

We would like to thank each and everyone who attended the in class sessions. It was our pleasure having you as our students. Please tell all your friends and family. We always appreciate that.


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