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Worth Knowing-June 24th, 2014- What does the Red Seal mean in Canada for trades persons?

Worth Knowing-June 24th, 2014- What does the Red Seal mean in Canada for trades persons?

The Red Seal was established in 1959 and represents a standard of excellence for industry. Through the program, tradespersons are able to obtain a Red Seal endorsement on their provincial/territorial certificates by successfully completing an inter-provincial Red Seal examination.

There are currently 55 trades included in the Red Seal Program on a national basis, including Boilermakers, Carpenter’s, Construction Electricians, Heavy Duty Equipment Technicians, Heavy Equipment Operators, Industrial Electricians, Industrial Mechanics (Millwrights), Instrumentation and Control Technicians, Machinists, Metal Fabricators (Fitters), Mobile Crane Operators, Welders, Sheet Metal workers, amongst others.

What is an Apprenticeship?

An Apprenticeship is an agreement between an apprentice who wants to learn a skill and an employer who needs a skilled worker, i.e. the person will be earning whilst leaning. An Apprentice will combine on the job experience with technical training, with the aim of producing a certified journeyman. Once the Apprentice has completed the necessary training and acquired the necessary skills, the Apprentice will receive a Certificate of Qualification.

So where does the Red Seal Program fit in here?

The Red Seal Program represents the industry’s recognition of an inter-provincial standard of excellence for the skilled trades. Apprentices who have completed their training and become certified journeypersons are able to obtain a Red Seal endorsement on their provincial or territorial certificates of Qualification and Apprenticeship, once they have successfully completed the Inter-provincial Red Seal examination.

Should you be doing the Red Seal Program? And what are its benefits?

The Red Seal provides reassurance and absolute certainty that the tradesman is qualified to a standard of knowledge and competency that has been defined by Industry, and which involves a rigorous vetting process within industry from coast to coast. It means that the Inter-provincial Standards Red Seal Program acknowledges their competence through Canada without further examination. The Red Seal basically provides a stamp of approval on the tradesman’s capabilities and provides greater mobility for skilled workers across Canada. The Red Seal program allows qualified tradespeople to practice their trade anywhere in Canada where the trade is designated.

Tradespeople who hold a Red Seal can also work anywhere in Canada, including Alberta without further training or additional testing.

What do you need to qualify for a Red Seal?

In order to qualify for a Red Seal, you have to hold a valid certificate in a trade that participates in the Inter-provincial Standards Red Seal Program. You would also need to ensure you submit the correct application form and fees applicable, and also will need to successfully pass the Red Seal exam.


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