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Construction & Maintenance Electrical Licence pre-exam course using the 2015 Canadian Electrical Code book.  ($600 taxes included). Early Bird Registration Bonus until September 15th, 2015 includes General trade module (309A 2015) and the 2015 Canadian Electrical Code Book Changes Explained module which will be included in this course and will be added automatically to your online access. To Learn more, Click Here


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Get prepared with our electrician practice exam.

An Effective Three Step System For Success :

Step 1: Review 12 modules, which will teach new techniques on how to use the Canadian electrical code book effectively, motors, transformers, hazardous locations, fire alarm, troubleshooting and much much more.

Step 2: Review updated questions complete with answers and diagrams.

Step 3: Review the ESAT (Electrician Self Assessment Tool) to verify independently your exam preparation before you write the real exam. Once you score 90% or better on the ESAT, you are ready to write. Always verify with support at (416) 841-1399 that you have all the updated questions.


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Need clearance to write the electrical exam? Google ``apprenticeship office``. Locate the appropriate test office near you and give them a call.

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Here is what Kevin F. had to say:`` I received my score for the C of Q today. My mark was 93. Thanks for the help. I was not going to take the course because I felt that I was ready to challenge the electrical exam and that my trade school training would have been enough. I took the course in class because I needed the hours to complete my apprenticeship. I am glad that I did.``

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Here is what Dan had to say:

"I just want to let you know that I passed my electrical exam with a 90%- the first time. My friend have taken other courses and wasted their time and money with extra material and books they did not need. Your course is focused on what is needed to pass and no extras. I really appreciated that. Thank you for your guidance and help. It was really worth it."

Here is what Blair had to say:

I just wanted to say thank you very much for allowing me to access the site to prepare for the C of Q. I wouldn’t have known a few of the answers on the test if I hadn’t gone over the new questions that you added. I ended up with an 85%.

Thanks again,


 Here is what Steve had to say:

I really want to thank you very much for helping me clarify many of my questions and supporting me. You were always there to answer any of my questions. Your pre-exam course is an excellent one. I am happy. My counsellor today from the JAC called me to let me know that I passed the Cfq with an 87%. My advice to everybody is to take the course and be calm when writing the electrical exam. I highly recommend your course and would tell all my friends. Thank you again.

Here is what Ian had to say:

It was a very intimidating exam to write. The largest problem I had was with all the bubbles on that damn scantron card. I also received more high voltage questions than I was expecting, let me tell you that made me a bit excited.I spent 3h 15m in the exam room and was excited for the rest of the day. In the end I walked away with a score of 87. I found your class to be fantastic and properly understanding what the ministry was asking in it's questions was likely the difference between a 67 and and 87. I'm grateful for the assistance that you gave me, and always recommend your class to all the 5th term apprentices I meet. I can only hope that they listen.

Here is what Chris had to say:

I'm licensed now. 442A industrial. My score was 81%. I already convinced three of my college friends to get the same online course I did.

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List of locations for the MTCU test centres in Ontario

Written by Administrator


Following is the list of locations for the MTCU test centres in Ontario only. If you need to get a clearance to write the electrical exam (309A or 442A), google ( apprenticeship office ). When you write your exam, below is the list of such centres. Call them a week ahead to book your test date.

MTCU apprenticeship offices in Ontario

Location Address Office phone Toll-free phone Fax

Barrie 55 Cedar Pointe Dr Unit 609, Barrie, ON L4N 5R7 705-737-1431 From 705 and 905 area codes 1-800-560-3821 705-737-5684

Belleville 135 North Front St, Belleville, ON K8P 3B5 613-968-5558 1-800-953-6885 613-968-2364

Brantford 505 Park Rd North Suite 201, Brantford, ON N3R 7K8 519-756-5197 Hamilton – 1-800-668-4479 519-756-0724

Chatham 870 Richmond St West, Chatham, ON N7M 5J5 519-354-2766 1-800-214-8284 ext 519 519-354-3094

Cornwall 132 Second St East Ste 202, Cornwall, ON K6H 1Y4 613-938-9702 1-877-668-6604 613-938-6627

Hamilton Central Ellen Fairclough Bldg, 119 King St West 8th Flr, Hamilton, ON L8P 4Y7 905-521-7764 1-800-668-4479 905-521-7701

Kenora 227 1/2 Second St South, Kenora, ON P9N 1G4 807-468-2879 1-800-734-9572 807-468-2881

Kingston Cornell Corporate Centre, 299 Concession St Ste 201, Kingston, ON K7K 2B9 613-548-1151 1-866-973-4043 * Employment Ontario Hotline 1-800-387-5656 613-548-4120

Kitchener 4275 King St East Ste 200, Kitchener, ON N2P 2E9 (519) 653-5758 1-866-877-0099 (519) 653-2460

London 217 York St Ste 201, London, ON N6A 5P9 519-675-7788 1-800-265-1050 519-675-7795

Mississauga (City of) The Emerald Centre, 10 Kingsbridge Garden Cir Ste 404, Mississauga, ON L5R 3K6 905-279-7333 1-800-736-5520 905-279-7332

North Bay 200 First Ave West, North Bay, ON P1B 3B9 705-495-8515 1-800-236-0744 705-495-8517

Ottawa Preston Square, 347 Preston St 3rd Floor, Ottawa, ON K1S 3H8 613-731-7100 1-877-221-1220 Apprenticeship 613-731-4160

Employment Benefits and Support Measures 613-239-0411

Owen Sound ServiceOntario Building, 1400 1st Ave West Suite 4, Owen Sound, ON N4K 6Z9 519-376-5790 1-800-838-9468 519-376-4843

Pembroke 400 Pembroke St East, Pembroke, ON K8A 3K8 613-735-3911 1-800-807-0227 613-732-8819

Peterborough (City of) 901 Lansdowne St West, Peterborough, ON K9J 1Z5 705-745-1918 1-877-433-6555 705-745-1926

Pickering (City of) 1420 Bayly St Unit 1, Pickering, ON L1W 3R4 905-837-7721 1-800-461-4608 905-837-6726 * Toll Free Fax 1-800-461-5385

Sarnia Bayside Mall, 150 Christina St North, Sarnia, ON N7T 7W5 519-542-7705 1-800-363-8453 519-542-3391

Sault Ste Marie 70 Foster Dr Ste 150, Sault Ste Marie, ON P6A 6V4 705-945-6815 1-800-236-8817 705-945-6818

St Catharines Garden City Tower, 301 St Paul St 10th Flr, St Catharines, ON L2R 7R4 905-704-2991 1-800-263-4475 905-704-2985

Sudbury 159 Cedar St Ste 506, Sudbury, ON P3E 6A5 705-564-3030 1-800-603-5999 705-564-3033

Thunder Bay 189 Red River Rd Suite 103, Thunder Bay, ON P7B 1A2 807-346-1550 1-800-439-5493 807-346-1583

Timmins 5520 Highway 101 East Wing C, South Porcupine, ON P0N 1H0 705-235-1950 1-877-275-5139 705-235-1955

Toronto Central 625 Church St 1st Fl, Toronto, ON M7A 2B5 416-326-5800 416-326-5799

Windsor Central Roundhouse Centre, 3155 Howard Ave 2nd Fl, Ste 200, Windsor, ON N8X 4Y8 519-973-1441 1-800-663-5609 519-973-1415

Make sure you go to Register & Pay and add the General Trade for the Construction and Maintenace or the General Trade for the Industrial electrical exam (1 of 2 and 2 of 2) & the Common Occupational Skills modules for an additional 19.95 each. Students who review those modules score higher on the electrician exam. We look forward to seeing you with your licence.



Safety requirements are constantly changing. We often see this with the new car ads that come out every model year with manufacturers claiming their vehicle is the safest in its class. Does the same hold true for electrical codes and standards? Committees work under increasing pressure as a publication deadline approaches, only to finalize safety requirements in a revised document to be “put out there for use by the industry.” Some codes and standards have a history and are expected, while others are new and have yet to be accepted. In both cases these documents are put forward with the anticipation they will contribute to a safer environment. In June 2015, the Canadian Advisory Council on Electrical Safety (CACES) met at its annual meeting. This council is an influential body regarding electrical safety, and comprises regulatory members representing every province and territory, as well as representatives of certification bodies, Inspection…
27 more students have passed their Canadian electrical exam. 6 students have passed their Industrial 442A electrical exam and 21 more have passed their Construction & Maintenance electrical exam with Full support. Basi P marc T Nestor L sean T Milan H Dylan B Jack S Johnathan H Jonathan C Silvano D Chian D Carl R Luke C Hendrik B Paul M bruce B Rick I Jay F Brett C Kyle B Michael J Peter P Robert G Michael K Lucas M Brett P Aaron G Here is what Mr. Nestor had to say:" I have passed the exam 442A Industrial Electrician. The review was a great help, I got a score of 80%." Here is what Mr. Milan had to say:"Score was 92, I already passed you to other people, thanks again." Here is what Mr. Dylan had to say:"Thank you guys again for a wonderful program. It really…
If you are planning to write your 309A Construction & Maintenance electrical exam after September 2015, we have just published a new electrical exam preparation course. It is called Full Membership (309a-Construction and Maintenance)-(Using 2015 Code Book). Click Here to purchase. Coming soon- Full Membership (442a-Industrial)-(Using 2015 Code Book). If you have any questions, Help Is Here 24/7. Call, text or email.
13 more students have passed their Canadian electrical exam. 10 students have passed their Construction & Maintenance electrical exam and 3 more have passed their Industrial electrical exam with Full support. Ivan S Igor B James D Roy W James G Jason W Conway C Dalton O Roy T Adam B Spencer M Reza Y Reynante T Basi P Marc T Here is what Mr. Igor had to say:" Thank you for helping, I passed the exam!!" Here is what Mr. James had to say:"Yes I have passed with a 74 mark." Here is what Mr. Dalton had to say:"Yes I have and passed. Thank you very much. Your service was indispensable in my success." Here is what Mr. Roy had to say:"Yeah I wrote and passed first try after doing your online course. Was very helpful. I passed with an 87%." Here is what Mr. Adam had to say:"Yes,…
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